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How to Download Free Songs from Myspace with the Best Music Downloader

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Myspace, as the largest social network site in the world before 2008 (Facebook is the No.1), still had a significant influence on pop culture and music.

In botched server migration, Myspace lost over 50 million songs, but 490,000 songs was recovered between 2008 and 2010. Still there are loyal users like you are listing to the music on Myspace.

As you know that, not all the songs on MySpace are allowed to buy or download.

Wie man download music from Myspace?

Take the best Mysapce music downloader to download what songs you want to keep, including the missing ones

Myspace Music Downloader

Part 1. Best Myspace Music Downloader

Myspace is not free to download the song, you should pay cost to buy the song and then download it your device. However, the cost of buying the songs is pretty high. So, for getting the free music download from Myspace, you need the Myspace music downloader.

The Myspace music downloaders you found on Google are either disappearing, or not supporiting Myspace song download.

For getting the music downloader working for Myspace successfully, you should take Vidmore Screen Recorder.

Vidmore Screen Recorder is the music capture software to grasp all the music that are playing on your computer. It can capture the audio from the browser of Mysapce, YouTube, SoundCloud, Pandora, Spotify, etc. Moreover, it can record the sound from your microphone to create your own music.

Besides, you can also benefit from the following points:

  1. Save any song, albums and music playlist from Myspace.
  2. Save MP3, M4A, AAC, WMA and CAF music from Myspace.
  3. Save the songs from YouTube, SoundCloud, Pandora, and more sites to find the missing songs on Myspace.
  4. Record your own voice to create music for sharing on Myspace.
  5. Save music videos from Myspace
  6. Stellen Sie die Zeitplanaufgabe ein, um die kostenlose Musik zu speichern, ohne vor dem Computer zu sitzen.

Jetzt downloaden


Jetzt downloaden


Part 2. Download Any Music from Myspace Including Missing

Now, let’s see how to download all the music from Myspace.

Schritt 1. Laden Sie den Vidmore Screen Recorder herunter

Kostenloser Download der Myspace free music downloader to your computer by clicking the following download link. This application supports both Windows and Mac computer, and you can use it on either computer you are using.

Initiate the window after the successful installation, there are 3 tabs you can see, Videorecorder, Audiorecorder und Bildschirmaufnahme. Hier wählen wir Audiorecorder.

Wählen Sie Audiorecorder

Schritt 2. Passen Sie die Ausgabeeinstellungen an

Before grasping the music from Myspace, you should customize the audio settings for the output file.

Zunächst sollten Sie die Audioquelle als auswählen System Sound by toggling on it. Meanwhile, turn off Mikrofon to remove the noise around.

The audio capture software will recognize all the audio from your computer system, so you should not run other programs are playing the audio.

Audioeinstellungen aufzeichnen

After that, you should click the settings icon above the microphone image to enter the window of preferences, where you should select the output format, set the destination for the Myspace music, hotkeys and other settings.


Step 3. Record Myspace music

While all the settings are made well, open your computer browser, and play the song on Myspace that you want to download, and click the REC button to start capture the audio.

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Step 4. Save Myspace music

Click the stop button and you will be directed to the preview window, where you can listen to the music recording and optionally use the clip feature to cut down the unwanted parts. Click sparen um das kostenlose Lied auf diesem Computer zu exportieren.

Audioaufnahme speichern

If the song you want to download from Myspace is missing, you can find the song on other music sites like SoundCloud, Pandora, Spotify, YouTube, etc., and follow the similar steps to download.

In this way, you can easily download all the song from Myspace, including those missing ones.

Part 3. FAQs of Downloading Myspace Music

How do I get my old music from MySpace?

Go to the settings page on Mysapce, and select pics and playlists unter Classic Myspace, klicken Move playlists from Classic Myspace, then click Transfer playlists and you will receive a notification once your playlists are available. If your profile is synced with your old classic Myspace account, your playlists will transfer over and live under mixes.

Can you download music from MySpace?

Yes, you can download music from Myspace. After login your Space page, search the song or playlist that you want to download, hover your mouse over the song, and you will see the Kaufen button. Click it to buy the songs. However, not all songs are available to buy, and only if you see the Buy button, can you buy and download the song.

Why can't I play my songs on MySpace?

MySpace lost the music uploaded to this site between 2003 and 2015 in the server migration, and the tracks are no longer accessible, so you cannot play the music uploaded at that period. Moreover, MySpace's music player is a Flash-based application. If you the songs are not playing on Mypace, you should install the Adobe Flash Player to fix the problem.


It is not a difficult task to download music from Myspace, including the missing items, only if you get the correct tool. Vidmore Screen Recorder is the best audio capture software to download all the music on Myspace, including the missing songs.

Does this post solve your problem?

Any suggestion or question you get, just leave your comments below.

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