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Der beste Rdio-Downloader zum einfachen Aufnehmen oder Herunterladen von Musik von Rdio-Stationen

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Is there a method to download Rdio music? The online music streaming service offers free streaming and subscription streaming services in 85 countries. Besides the radios for music files, you can also access to the news, talks as well as the sports. How do you get the desired music or audio files with ease?

Of course, you can subscribe the Rdio service to extract the music or audio files. What should you do if you want to get massive music files without subscription? Just find the best Rdio downloader to extract and download the music files from the favorite Rdio stations from the article.

Rdio Downloader

Part 1: How to Download Music Files from Rdio Stations

Just similar to the other online music streaming service, Rdio offers on-demand music to mobile devices, and stores the song on the hard drive of the device for offline listening. When you need to download Rdio music offline, you have to subscribe the US$4.95 monthly service for listening on the desktop, or US$9.95 for mobile access.

Once you have subscribed the service, Rdio allows for online and offline playback of songs, and instant search. If you download a single song to a mobile device instead of a complete album or playlist, you might not able to access to the play all button within the Rdio downloader.

What should you do if you do not want to subscribe the Rdio service? If you want to download mass of music for free, you have to use Rdio downloader or music capturer instead.

Rdio Music Download

Part 2: Best Rdio Downloader to Record the Favorite Music

  1. Capture screen, record audio and take snapshots for Rdio files easily.
  2. Download Rdio music to MP3, WMA and more other formats.
  3. Set the audio quality, audio codec, volume and others for recording preset.
  4. Arrange the schedule recording, recording length and more parameters.

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Jetzt downloaden


Schritt 1: Install the Rdio Downloader

Once you have installed the Rdio downloader, you can launch the program on your computer. Different from the online audio downloaders, you can capture any music files from Rdio without any restriction. Just locate the music files from the Rdio website without login the account.

Vidmore Screen Recorder

Schritt 2: Set up the recording preset

Gehe zum Mehr Menü zur Auswahl der Verwalten option, which you can set up the Rdio recording preset. You can tweak the sound volume, audio codec and quality for the Rdio music. If you need to record the music videos, you can also adjust the record area, video format and more.

Voreingestellte Einstellungen

Schritt 3: Select audio recorder parameters


Menü zum Einschalten der System Sound option, which can record the playback Rdio music on your computer. Of course, you can also turn off the Mikrofon to avoid noises from the environment.” /]

Schritt 4: Download Rdio music manually

Danach können Sie auf klicken REC button before you start the Rdio music. When you record the audio files, you can click on the Halt button to preview the recorded Rdio music. You can click the sparen button to export the file to your computer.

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Schritt 5: Trim and edit the Rdio music files

You can click the Recording history option to check the downloaded Rdio music on your computer. You can use the clip feature during the previewing the audio recording to cut unwanted parts from the file or export it to the audio editor for further editing.

Audioaufnahme speichern

Now you can transfer the Rdio music to Android phone or iPhone via social media apps or file transfers. It enables you to download mass music files without any limitation.


When you find some favorite music files from Rdio, how do you download the files to your computer or smartphone? If you have already subscribed the Rdio service, you can download the music files offline directly. Of course, you can also use the Rdio downloader to extract and capture any audio or music from the website with the original quality.