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Le meilleur téléchargeur Yahoo Music pour extraire des fichiers audio de Yahoo Music

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Yahoo Music is an important part of Yahoo entertainment, which provides a variety of music services, such as Internet radio, music videos, news, artist information and original programming. How to download the audio files, music video or even the snapshots from Yahoo Music offline? Just learn more details about the best Yahoo Music downloader to get the desired files from the article.

Yahoo Music Downloader

Part 1: Why is It Difficult to Download Audio from Yahoo Music

You might take it for granted that you can download Yahoo Music just as YouTube, Vimeo or other online streaming sites. But you might not able to find a so-called Yahoo Music downloader from the Internet. You cannot simply copy and paste the URL of the music of Yahoo Music to download the audio file. Why? Actually, Yahoo Music is a channel for music services instead of an online music-streaming site.

There is music information, news, artist information, original programming as well as music videos. The music files are only part of an HTML page of Yahoo Music, which you cannot download or save from the web page. As for the case, you can only capture the music files or the other audio files from the Yahoo Music channel.

What should be the best Yahoo Music downloader to extract the desired audio files? If you want to capture the original audio from Yahoo Music, Vidmore Screen Recorder is the desired Yahoo Music downloader to get the music videos, artist instruction or other audio files with ease.

Yahoo Music

Part 2: The Best Yahoo Music Downloader to Extract Audio Files

Whether you want to download the music videos, or extract the audio files from the Yahoo Music channel, Vidmore Screen Recorder enables you to download music from Yahoo, YouTube, Vimeo or any website with ease. Moreover, you can also set up different downloading presets with the versatile Yahoo Music downloader.

  1. Capture music video, download audio and take snapshot of Yahoo Music.
  2. Download Yahoo Music to MP4, MP3 and other video formats easily.
  3. Save the recorded music video, audio files with the original file quality.
  4. Set up recording presets to capture different files from Yahoo Music simply.





Étape 1: Download and install the Yahoo Music downloader. Launch it on your computer and go to the Plus menu to tweak the preset for the Yahoo Music recording. Click the Gérer button to add a desired preset and select the big plus button to create a new one.

Ajouter un nouveau préréglage

Étape 2: Name the preset task and tweak the different parameters, such as the Record area, Microphone, Video format, Quality, Frame rate, Audio frame, Quality and other parameters. Click the sauver et choisissez le Appliquer option to save the changes.

Paramètres prédéfinis

Étape 3: If you just need to manually record or download Yahoo Music, you can click the Enregistreur audio menu and enable the Son système option to record audio files on your computer. Make sure to turn off the Microphone option to avoid noise from the environment.

Enregistrement des paramètres audio

Note: When you need to record the music videos in Yahoo Music, you can click the Magnétoscope menu to customize the recording area for the video file. Click the Douane option to select the specific window or rectangle area accordingly.

Sélectionnez la zone d'enregistrement

Étape 4: Après cela, vous pouvez cliquer sur le REC button to start the recording. You can playback the audio file within Yahoo Music. During the recording process, you can use the Edit to edit the screen, draw on the video, or even take snapshots of the recording screen.

Enregistrer Audio

Étape 5: Once you have downloaded the Yahoo Music, you can click on the Arrêtez button to preview the recording. Click the sauver button to export the audio or video file. You can also use the clip feature during preview the audio recording to cut unwanted parts from the file.

Enregistrer l'enregistrement audio


What should you do if you cannot find a Yahoo Music downloader from the Internet directly? Is there a method to extract the music video, audio file or even the snapshot from the Yahoo Music? Vidmore Screen Recorder is a versatile screen recorder to record video, capture audio and even take screenshots for Yahoo Music. If you have any query about how to download the desired files from Yahoo, you can share more details in the comments.

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