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5 Easy Ways to Fix Amazon Prime Video Error Code 1060

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Get the Amazon error code 1060 and the Amazon Prime video not playing?

You can easily watch TV series, movies, and other videos on Amazon Prime Video if you are an Amazon Prime member. However, while streaming on Amazon Prime Video, you may easily face the Amazon error code 1060 error due to the insufficient bandwidth. In that case, your video playing screen went blank for a while and then prompted the error code 1060.

Amazon Error Code 1060

Amazon error code 1060 is one kind of common issue caused by low bandwidth. Here in this post, we will tell you some effective tips to fix the Amazon error code 1060, Amazon Prime video not playing and other Amazon instant video streaming problems with ease.


Part 1. Reboot Device to Fix Amazon Error Code 1060

Amazon error code 1060 is mainly caused by network inconsistency or low bandwidth. When you face the Amazon Prime Video not playing issue, you should check your internet connection first. From this part, we like to share 5 effective tips to help you deal with various Amazon instant video streaming problems.

Restarting is a simple and useful method to fix various issues. When you get the Amazon error code 1060 and the video stop playing, you can first try rebooting your device to solve the problem. After you perform a rebooting, your device will re-connect network. Whether you face the bandwidth too low Amazon Prime error on computer, iPhone, iPad or Android device, you can reboot device to get a good internet connection.

Part 2. Reset Network to Fix the Insufficient Bandwidth Issue

To fix the insufficient bandwidth issue, you can also choose to reset the network. You’d turn off the network connection and then re-connect it. On computer, you can disable and remove your Wi-Fi connection. On portable iOS and Android device, you can directly rely on some network resetting feature to re-built a good network connection.

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Part 3. Reset Router to Fix Amazon Prime Video Not Playing

Similar to resetting network above, you can choose to reset your router or modem to fix the Amazon error code 1060 and get more bandwidth. On the router, you can find a reset button. You can press the reset button to re-built the network. Here you should press the reset button for at least 10 seconds and the release it.

Reset Router

If there are too many users under your Wi-Fi network, you may face the Amazon error code 1060, regardless of how fast your internet is. Here you can also switch to a less used channel for the Amazon Prime video playing if you have several wireless channels on your router.

Part 4. Update App to Fix Amazon Instant Video Streaming Problems

When you get the Amazon error code 1060, you can clear the app data to make it work better. If there is an available Amazon app updating version, you should update it to the latest version. You should know that; a new version will always fix many bugs existing in the original version. After updating the Amazon Prime Video app, you can stream a video and check if the problem is solved.

Update Amazon Prime Video

Part 5. Adjust Playback Quality to Fix Amazon Error Code 1060

Amazon Prime Video can give you a fantastic visual experience. Nowadays, you can easily access videos in higher and higher resolution. But in the same time, you are more likely get the insufficient bandwidth problem. Under the circumstance, you need faster network speed to guarantee the high quality.

Amazon Prime video needs a minimum speed of 900 kbps for streaming content. If you don’t have enough bandwidth, you should adjust the video playing quality to get a smooth playback. Amazon Prime Video offers 3 video playing qualities, Good, Better and Best for you to choose from. When the Amazon Prime Video not playing, you can change the video playing to a lower quality.

Adjust Amazon Prime Video Quality

Part 6. FAQs of Amazon Error Code 1060 and Prime Video Not Playing Problems

Question 1. What does insufficient bandwidth mean?

insufficient bandwidth means that you don’t have enough bandwidth and your internet connection isn't fast enough. You may easily face the playing stop or the running program buffer problems.

Question 2. Why does Amazon Prime video keep stopping?

Amazon Prime video keeps stopping issue can be due to various reasons. In some cases, when you have a network connection and insufficient bandwidth, your Amazon video playing will stop.

Question 3. Where to test the bandwidth?

When you want to test your bandwidth, you can rely on some bandwidth testing apps and online services. You can easily get that kind of apps on the internet. They can give you a relatively accurate bandwidth number.


After reading this page, you can get 5 useful tips to fix the Amazon error code 1060 issue. When it prompts insufficient bandwidth and your Amazon Prime Video not playing, you can use these methods to get a good network connection and make your Amazon Prime Video work well. If you still have any questions about the Amazon instant video streaming problems, you can leave us a message.

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