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Top 4 Ways to Download Songs from SoundCloud

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SoundCloud is one of the most popular music sharing and streaming community services which allows users to play, upload, record and download songs. It is primarily designed for the distribution of various audio tracks. You can easily access all types of music on this social media platform. However, you may notice that, you are not allowed to download all audio tracks or songs from SoundCloud, especially for some your favorite music.

Do you want to download songs from SoundCloud and enjoy them offline?

Download From Soundcloud

You can get a great online music streaming experience. Also, you can upload audio tracks in many popular formats like MP3, MP2, AAC, OGG, AIFF, FLAC and more. But SoundCloud doesn’t have offline support. Considering that, here in this post, we like to share 4 simple ways to help you download music from SoundCloud.


Part 1. Official Way to Download Songs from SoundCloud

As it mentioned above, SoundCloud allows users to download an audio track as long as it is permitted by the artist or uploader. In that case, you can see a direct download button available there for you to save the SoundCloud song.

To download an artist-sanctioned song, you should search for and locate it on SoundCloud. Just look below the audio track you are playing. You will find a download button beneath the comment box. During this step, you can click the Download button to directly download from SoundCloud.

Official Way To Download From Soundcloud

Artists and uploaders have the option to allow or disallow the audio track downloading. Download button should be located below the comment box. If you can’t find a download button there, that means this audio track is not marked available for download by the creator or uploader. You are only allowed to download one track at a time. So it becomes quite difficult to download songs from SoundCloud with this method.

Part 2. Free Online Way to Download Music from SoundCloud

SoundCloud offers the download feature for its artists to make their tracks downloadable. But in most cases, the owner/creator of the music prohibit downloading it directly. So typically you are not allowed to download what you want, especially for some popular ones. You need to find another method to download from SoundCloud.

When you Google how to download from SoundCloud, you can see many results are online SoundCloud downloading tools. Here in this part, we like to share a worth-trying free online SoundCloud downloader, KlickAud SoundCloud to MP3 Converter Online. It can work as a powerful SoundCloud audio downloader and converter to help you download SoundCloud music as MP3 file.

Step 1. Open your browser and navigate to This online tool enables you to download high-quality 128 & 320 kbps MP3 audio from SoundCloud with ease.

Step 2. Locate the SoundCloud song you want to download and copy its URL. Then back to the online tool and paste it to the SoundCloud Audio URL box.

Klickaud Soundcloud To Mp3 Downloader Online

Step 3. Click CONVERT button to start analyzing and downloading SoundCloud audio track. After that, you can save the SoundCloud audio track as an MP3 file.

This online downloader/converter tool provides a simple way to turn Soundcloud URL into MP3 audio for you. But you should know that, not all SoundCloud audio tracks can be analyzed and saved by it.

Part 3. Download Songs from SoundCloud with Browser Extension

Similar to online SoundCloud downloader, there are some browser extensions offered on the internet, including free ones that can help you download music from SoundCloud. If you are using Google Chrome browser, you can use SoundCloud Downloader Free extension to get the job done. Now we take this browser extension as an example to show you how to download SoundCloud songs.

Step 1: Open your Google Chrome web browser and search the extension from Chrome Store. Then install and add it to your Google Chrome by clicking the ADD TO CHROME button on the top-right corner of the pop-up window.

Download From Soundcloud With Extension

Step 2: After installing this extension on your Chrome, go to SoundCloud and find the audio track you want to download. Now one Download option will appear beneath the track. You can click on it to download from SoundCloud with ease.The downloaded SoundCloud music will be saved in MP3 format.

Part 4. Best Way to Record Any Music on SoundCloud

With the first 3 methods above, you have a big chance to download your favorite songs from SoundCloud with ease. But you should know that, whether you use a free online SoundCloud downloader or a browser extension, you just can’t download all SoundCloud music without limitation.

In fact, you can turn to an one-for-all recording solution to download any SoundCloud songs. Here we sincerely recommend a professional SoundCloud music recording tool, Screen Recorder to help you record on SoundCloud with high audio quality.

Google Play Music Recorder

  1. Easy record any songs on Google Play Music with high sound quality.
  2. Download songs from Google Play Music as MP3, M4A, AAC, WMA and more.
  3. Capture audio from computer system audio and microphone/speaker.
  4. Record online music/videos, 2D/3D gameplay, video/audio chats and meetings.
  5. Powerful editing features to custom the recorded Google Play audio file.

Download Now

for Free

Download Now

for Free

Step 1. First, you need to free download and install this powerful SoundCloud audio recorder on your computer. It provides you with both Windows and Mac versions for you. That means you can record SoundCloud music on either a PC or Mac. Just ensure you get the right version here.

Step 2. Launch this SoundCloud Music Recorder and choose the Audio Recorder feature at the main interface. As you can see, it also offers the video recording and screenshot functions. If you also have the screen recording need, you can select the Video Recorder option.

Select Audio Recorder

Step 3. When you get to the Audio Recorder interface, you can start to custom the audio recording settings. Here you can toggle on System Sound and off Microphone to make sure you can record SoundCloud song without any noise.

Recording Audio Settings

Moreover, you can click the Settings icon to adjust more settings based on your need. For instance, you can set the audio recording format as MP3. What’s more, you can adjust the audio recording volume and quality.

Step 4. After all these operations, you can capture audio on SoundCloud. Just play the SoundCloud music you want to download and then click REC button to start the recording process.

Record Audio

While the SoundCloud recording, you can easily get the basic information like capture time, file size and more.

Step 5. Click the REC button again when you want to stop the SoundCloud song recording. This SoundCloud Music Recorder is designed with a built-in media player to ensure you can easily preview the captured file and edit it.

Save Audio Recording

After recording, you are able to listen to the captured SoundCloud audio. What’s more, you are allowed to clip it to only save the necessary part. When you are satisfied with the recording, click Save button to download this SoundCloud song on your computer. During this step, you can also choose the Re-Record button to abandon the captured file.

With the adoption of the latest accelerate technology, this SoundCloud Music Recorder guarantees that you can record on SoundCloud smoothly with low CPU, GPU and RAM. Moreover, it ensures that you can get a recorded SoundCloud song with exactly original sound quality. You can also download music from Yahoo Music or more.

Beside the audio capture feature, the recommended recorder has the capability to record a high-quality video up to 4K UHD or 1080p HD. You can free download it and try capturing anything happened on your computer with ease.


SoundCloud is one of the most popular platforms for sharing and distributing digital music and sounds. But it doesn’t support offline service. When you have the need to download any favorite song on SoundCloud for listening to it later, even after there is no internet connection, you need to rely on a SoundCloud downloader.

Here in this post, we have mainly talked about how to download from SoundCloud. We shares 4 easy ways to help you save your favorite SoundCloud songs on computer for playing later. You can rely on the free online SoundCloud downloader or Google Chrome extension to download music from SoundCloud. Or you can use the SoundCloud Music Recorder to record on SoundCloud with no limits.

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