Grooveshark Downloader – The Best Method to Download the Music from Grooveshark with the Original Quality

Laura Goodwin 2020/2/21 Record Audio

As an International online music search engine, you can easily find the desired music within Grooveshark. Moreover, it enables you to stream and upload the music that can be played immediately or added to a playlist. How about a Grooveshark downloader to use the music as background or enjoy it offline? Just learn more about how to download music from Grooveshark with ease from the article.

Grooveshark Downloader

Part 1: Tips for Downloading Music Files from Grooveshark

Whether you need to listen to the Grooveshark online, or even download the files offline to your computer or smartphone, here are some important tips you should know.

  1. Grooveshark has stopped updating the music files since 2016. In order to explore more free music, you should go to to create the new playlists and albums.
  2. It is a web-based online music streaming websites. You can always use the online Grooveshark downloader or even the browser plugin to extract the online music to your PC or Mac.
  3. If you need to download Grooveshark music to your Android phone, you can install the Grooveshark app on the smartphone and use the audio downloader to get the desired music.

Part 2: The Best Grooveshark Downloader to Capture Music

What should be the best Grooveshark downloaders to capture music from the website or application? In order to download music with a high quality and save as the desired format, Vidmore Screen Recorder is the all-in-one music downloader you can take into consideration. Moreover, you can also set up the scheduled recording or recording presets for music files with ease.

  1. Download music and music videos from Grooveshark without restriction.
  2. Save the downloaded Grooveshark music to MP3, MP4 and more.
  3. Capture the audio files from Grooveshark with the original audio quality.
  4. Set up the recording schedule, recording length and others for Grooveshark.

Download Now

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Download Now

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Step 1: Download and install the Grooveshark music downloader, launch the program on your computer. Click the More menu and choose the Manage option to customize a new preset for recording audio files or videos from Grooveshark online.

Add New Preset

Step 2: After that, you can name the preset task and select the different parameters for Grooveshark downloading, such as the Record area, Sound volume, Video format, Quality, Frame rate, Audio format and Quality. Just click the Save option and confirm with the Apply button.

Preset Settings

Step 3: Back to the main interface and choose the Audio Recorder menu.

When you access to the enable the System Audio option and disable the Microphone option to record music files from the Grooveshark website with the original audio quality.

Recording Audio Settings

Step 4: Click the REC button to download Grooveshark music, you can playback the music on the website. Once you have downloaded the music file, you can click the Stop button to save the music or further edit the audio files directly within the program.

Record Audio

Part 3: 3 Grooveshark Downloaders to Download Music Files

If you want to download Grooveshark music as MP3 or other formats for free, here are 3 more Grooveshark downloaders you should know to get the music files online or via plug-in apps.

Top 1.

The Vidograbber is a versatile Grooveshark downloader that enables you to download and convert online music and videos into the desired file formats. Moreover, you can break into different online streaming sites.Pros:


  1. Download and edit the music and video files from Grooveshark in clicks.
  2. Convert video and audio files between any format without quality loss.
  3. Record the online video and music if you cannot download the music.


  1. It only downloads the music from Grooveshark to MP3 audio format.
  2. Need to upgrade to the full version to unlock the download restrictions.

Top 2. Vidpaw Online Video Downloader

Vidpaw Online Video Downloader is the Grooveshark downloader that helps you to download music files and video without sign up. Moreover, you can save the 1080P, HD and more other qualities.


  1. Support download video and audio from more than 1000 websites.
  2. Save the downloaded Grooveshark files to MP4, MP3, SRT and WebM.
  3. Work for most of the platforms, Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices.


  1. Music videos are not allowed to parse and download online directly.
  2. Difficult to detect all the videos and audio files from Grooveshark.

Top 3. vGet Extension

vGet Extension is the Grooveshark downloader plugin for Chrome, which you can download the music files from Grooveshark, YouTube, Vimeo and other online streaming sites directly.


  1. Free video and audio downloader to extract audio from Grooveshark site.
  2. Support DLNA/UPnP to play videos on a DLNA-Device in a local network.
  3. Designed to be minimal-invasive and it is only loaded only on demand.


  1. It might crash the browser when you download many music files together.
  2. Support limited online streaming sites and do not support Flash videos.
Vget Extension


When you want to download music or audio files from Grooveshark, you can learn more about the best methods from the article. Vidmore Screen Recorder is a 100% workable Grooveshark downloader to extract the music with the original quality. Moreover, you can also find 3 more apps or plugins to download the audio files for free.