Top 5 Free Mixcloud Downloaders to Download Mixcloud Audio Tracks

Laura Goodwin 2020/3/25 Record Audio

Mixcloud is one of most popular online music streaming services which allows users to easily stream all types of audio contents. As a registered user, besides online streaming, you are allowed to upload various audios like music tracks, DJ mixes, radio shows, podcasts, hot news, and more. What’s more, Mixcloud provides a simple way to share podcasts and mixes through Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and email.

Now mobile Mixcloud apps are available for both Android and iOS users. That means you can enjoy your favorite audio content anywhere anytime. Do you have the need to listen to Mixcloud offline? Surely sometimes you want to download your favorite music from Mixcloud for uninterrupted playback experience. Do you know how to download Mixcloud music?

Mixcloud Downloader

This post will show you an official way to download songs from Mixcloud app. Moreover, we make a list of 5 great online Mixcloud downloaders to help you save Mixcloud audio tracks to MP3. Also, you are going to know the one-for-all solution to download any Mixcloud songs without losing the quality.


Part 1. Official Way to Download Mixcloud Music

Mixcloud provides a convenient way for users to enjoy high-quality music, listen to radio shows, hot news, and much more. There are huge collection of DJ mixes and podcasts are being updated regularly. While the daily usage of Mixcloud, do you also have the need to listen to Mixcloud audio tracks offline? This part will show you the official way to download Mixcloud audio.

Step 1. First, you need to get Mixcloud mobile app installed on your portable iOS/Android device. Then open it and go to Select to find the creator channel you are subscribed to.

Step 2. If you want to download a single show on Mixcloud app, here you can simply tap the Download button. Or you can go to the channel stream, tap the 3-dot menu next to an individual show and then tap Save to Downloads to save the Mixcloud audio track.

Download Mixcloud Music Official

When the Mixcloud downloading is finished, you will receive a notification. Then you can go to Downloads in the sidebar menu to manage and play the downloaded Mixcloud audio tracks.

You should know that, not all Mixcloud audio tracks are available to download. Moreover, creators can set their own channel price from $2.99 in respective currencies. So it’s not always free to download music from Mixcloud.

Part 2. Top 5 Free Online Mixcloud Downloaders to Download Mixcloud to MP3

You can rely on some online Mixcloud downloader to download any Mixcloud show for free. But many Mixcloud download conversion sites may reduce the sound quality of the downloaded track significantly. In case you don’t know which Mixcloud downloader you should use, here in this part, we recommend 5 easy-to-use Mixcloud music downloading tools for you to choose from.

Mixcloud Downloader

Mixcloud Downloader is one of the most famous online Mixcloud audio tracks downloading sites which can help you turn Mixcloud URL into MP3 file. Just paste the URL of the Mixcloud music and click the Download from Mixcloud button, you can easily save the Mixcloud song as an MP3 file with high quality.

Mixcloud Downloader Online

Vido Mixcloud Downloader

Vido Mixcloud Downloader

Locoloader Mixcloud Downloader

Locoloader Mixcloud Downloader is an easy-to-use online music downloading tool which allows you to download music from Mixcloud for free. Similar to other Mixcloud music downloaders, Locoloader is able to extract audio from Mixcloud through its link. Apart from Mixcloud, it also supports YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, Facebook, SoundCloud and more. The downloaded Mixcloud will be saved in M3U8 format.

Locoloader Mixcloud Downloader

4Hub Mixcloud Downloader

4Hub Mixcloud Downloader is another popular online Mixcloud songs downloading site where you can copy the link of Mixcloud music and convert it to an MP3 file. 4Hub is not totally free. It also provides PRO and Premium accounts for users to remove annoying ads and get more features. 4Hub Mixcloud Downloader supports Mixcloud playlist downloading. What’s more, it enables you to download video or audio files from Facebook, SoundCloud, Instagram, Vimeo, Twitter and other sites.

4hub Mixcloud Downloader

Savido Online Mixcloud Downloader

Savido Online Mixcloud Downloader is our last recommendation for you to download Mixcloud audio with high quality. It has the capability to analyze the Mixcloud URL address and save it as an MP3 file on your computer. It lists some popular categories like Comedy, Education, Game, Movie, Music and more for you to quickly find the content you are interested in. Moreover, it displays the most and last downloaded videos on Savido. You can check them and find the ones you like. (Check how to record PS4/PS3 gameplay)

Savido Online Mixcloud Downloader

Part 3. Download Any Audio Tracks from Mixcloud by Recording Way

With the official way or the recommended 5 online Mixcloud downloaders, you can handily save the audio tracks from Mixcloud. But you should know that, not all Mixcloud songs are allowed to analyzed and downloaded. In fact, you can easily download any Mixcloud music without limitations by recording way. To record Mixcloud songs, here we strongly recommend the powerful Mixcloud Recorder for you.

Best Mixcloud Recorder

  1. Easy record/download any audio tracks on Mixcloud with high sound quality.
  2. Download Mixcloud music to MP3, M4A, AAC, WMA or other popular formats you need.
  3. Capture audio from computer system audio, microphone/speaker or both.
  4. Record music/videos online, 2D/3D gameplay, video/audio chats and meetings.
  5. Powerful editing features to edit and custom the recorded Mixcloud music file.

Download Now

for Free

Download Now

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How to record Mixcloud music

Step 1. Double click on the download button above and follow the on-screen instructions to free install and run this Mixcloud audio recording software on your computer.

Step 2. When you enter the main interface, choose the Audio Recorder feature. As you can see, it also has the video recording and screenshot features. Here you can select the Video Recorder option if you need to capture your computer screen.

Select Audio Recorder

Step 3. Now you can set the audio recording settings based on your need in the Audio Recorder interface. During this step, you can choose to capture sound from System Sound or Microphone. If you want to download Mixcloud with exactly the original sound quality, here you should turn on System Sound and turn off Microphone.

Recording Audio Settings

Click the Settings icon and you can custom more capture settings. Here you can set the audio recording format and volume and the capturing sound quality.

Step 4. Open your browser and navigate to the Mixcloud site. Search for and find the creator and song you want to download. Play it and then click REC button to start the recording.

Record Audio

Step 5. Click REC again to stop the Mixcloud music recording. You can get some basic information like file size, recording time and more. This Mixcloud music recorder is designed with a built-in media player to help you preview the captured file and edit it.

Save Audio Recording

After recording, you can clip the recorded Mixcloud file to only save the useful part. If you are satisfied with the recording result, just click the Save button to download this Mixcloud audio track on your computer. Or you can choose to re-record Mixcloud song by clicking the Re-Record button.

As you can see from above, this all-featured Mixcloud recoder also have the need to capture online videos. It enables you to record the high-quality video up to 4K UHD or 1080p HD. More importantly, the adoption of the latest accelerate technology guarantees that you can capture high-resolution video smoothly.


Mixcloud is one of the most popular platforms for streaming, sharing and distributing digital music. You can easily access all kinds of audio tracks, DJ mixes & sets, radios, and more on Mixcloud. You need a Mixcloud downloader if you prefer to listen to Mixcloud music offline.

Here in this post, we have mainly talked about Mixcloud Downloader. We tell you detailed steps to download shows and songs on Mixcloud app. In addition, we shared 5 great online Mixcloud downloaders to help you turn Mixcloud URL into MP3 audio file. Also, you can rely on the highly-recommended Mixcloud Music Recorder to download any Mixcloud audio content with high quality.

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Download Now

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