Why Compress Images?

The photos you took with your smartphone or camera may be bigger than 3 MB. In most cases, you’ll need to resize your photos for web hosting or easy sharing.

Can You Tell the Difference After Compressing?

Below are two images before & after compressing. Can you spot any difference? I bet that you can’t. This Free Image Compressor Online compresses the image up to 60% of its original size without losing its quality and features.

3 Steps to Compress Images

No installation, no registration, you can easily use this app to compress your JPEG, PNG, SVG and GIF images in your browser. Follow the three steps below to optimize your photos.

Why Customers Love Our Free Image Compressor Online

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  • Rachel

    I used this Free Image Compressor Online to reduce image sizes for my website. There is almost no quality loss after processing. It helped me a lot.

  • Justin

    I’ve tested many image compressors. This one worked pretty well and helped me compress my PNG images fast. Thanks a lot!

  • Maria

    This image compressor works well. I was able to compress a 3MB jpg image to 700KB, and the quality is still good. Quite impressive!

  • Daniel

    This web app runs smoothly in my Safari browser. No software or extension required. It’s really convenient to compress photos on my iPhone.

  • Thomas

    Thanks to this compressor, I compressed 36 images at once. For free! Quite useful for increasing webpage speed.

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