Vidmore Video EnhancerVidmore Video Enhancer

Intelligent Enhance Features

Excellent Performance in Every Video

Vidmore Video Enhancer lets you easily increase video resolution, adjust unsaturated and dull-looking colors, and remove high levels of noise to create a stunning masterpiece, featuring the revolutionary smart algorithms.

Upscale Resolution Optimize Brightness and Contrast Remove Video Noise

Upscale Resolution

To realize video quality enhancement, the professional video enhancer software has everything you need to enhance CCTV video image, turn SD footage into full HD, and upscale 480p video to 720p/1080p/4K.

Optimize Brightness and Contrast

By analyzing color relationships and overall image, this feature lets you fix exposure, and adjust brightness, contrast, hue, etc. automatically to improve light, shadows, color balance for creating a professional video.

Remove Video Noise

Also coming with a noise reduction tool, it can distinguish and remove noise like car voice, wind wuthering, person’s voice, etc. and create clean and clear video clips without sacrificing sound details.

Professional Video Stabilization

Fix Shaky Camera Videos

Equipped with anti-shake technology, it’s never been easier to stabilize shaky videos. Camera shake could cause the video shaky or out-of-focus blur problem, which makes your video look dizzy and unprofessional. No matter what caused the shake of video, this video enhancement software can handily reduce video shaking to help you produce more stable and professional videos.

Fix Shaky Camera Videos

Various Editing Options

Discover More in Video Editing

You can enhance your video with advanced editing features and effects, like rotating, cropping, cutting, etc. to transform individual video clips into a real masterpiece at once.

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Simple Steps to Enhance Videos

Main Interface
Step 1. Add files to the program

Add your video files to the program and click the Enhance button to enter into a new window.

Step 2. Enhance video quality

Choose the following options to improve video quality: upscale resolution, optimize brightness and contrast, remove video noise and reduce video shaking. Then click Apply to All to apply the settings.

Step 3. Save the enhanced video file

Choose the video format and click the Convert button to get your enhanced video.

Why Customers Love Video Enhancer

Vidmore Video Enhancer is an easy-to-use video enhancement software to improve resolution, optimize brightness and contrast, remove noise, reduce shaking, as well as edit videos on your Windows & Mac.

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  • Daniel

    It’s amazing. This is my first time to enhance my personal videos. So happy to find such a wonderful video enhancement tool to help me upscale my SD video to HD.

  • Marlon

    It does help me a lot to adjust the video brightness, hue, and contrast. Now, my video looks more professional.

  • Natalie

    This video enhancer app is simple to use but powerful. I download and install it on my Mac. It runs smoothly with no lag. Apart from improving my video quality, it also removes noise cause by cars. That really does me a big favor.

  • Sandra

    The shake problem of my vlog videos has been solved. After using this video enhancer, my video is less shaky than it was. Thus, my content is well presented and also brings considerable video playback amount.

  • Paul

    Besides video enhancement, this program also lets me beautify my videos with some extensive editing features, like cropping, cutting, watermark adding and more. That’s why I choose Vidmore Video Enhancer. It is really excellent.

Knowledge Base

With Vidmore Video Enhancer, you can improve video quality and edit video in a few clicks. Following are some useful tips and tricks that explain how to enhance your videos.

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