Refund Policy

Last Updated: July 30, 2020

Vidmore values every customer. And we try our best to provide our customers the most excellent products and services. We promise to always put our customers’ interests in the first place. All of our products have free trial versions for you to try the software features before deciding to purchase. You can see whether the product you want to buy can meet your needs. We sincerely hope that our product will be to your satisfaction. If not, please follow these requirements below to apply for a refund.

Part 1: Refund Will Be Accepted in Following Circumstances

Vidmore provides you a 30-day Money Back Guarantee. If you miss the deadline, we cannot issue a refund for your purchase. And this 30-day Money Back Guarantee is not an unconditional refund guarantee. You can only get the refunds with proper reasons as described below:

Purchasing Issues:

1. If you buy the wrong product by mistake, and then buy the right one immediately from our company, we will refund the wrong purchase as long as you require it.

2. If you purchase the same product twice at the same time and don’t want to exchange the product, we will approve to refund one of them to you.

Registration Information:

1. If you cannot receive the registration code in your mailbox within 24 hours after the purchase, and cannot get a timely reply from our support team within 48 hours after contacting us, Vidmore will refund your order if you request.

2. If you receive wrong registration information that causes you cannot perform the instant and vital conversion, and you have no further need of this software, we will perform refund if you require.

Product Problem:

1. When the purchased product has technical problems and we cannot provide any solutions within 30 days, Vidmore can refund the order if you are not willing to wait for further upgrade or other solutions.

Refund Note:

As our product is virtual software, once we send the registration code, we cannot get it back. And we also cannot know if customer uses registration code or not. So, if customer insists on refund, we will deduct 20% of the purchased price as fee. Thank you for your understanding.

Part 2: Refund Will Not Be Accepted in Following Circumstances

Vidmore reserves the right to decline refund requests in the following cases:

Refund request due to purchasing issues:

1. Vidmore actually has no means to monitor authorization during payment, because it is the third-party payment platform that we cooperate with handling the payment process. If there's any suspicion of credit card fraud or other unauthorized payment, you should contact the card issuers at once. Once the order is processed and fulfilled, it cannot be cancelled.

2. If you buy a wrong product from our company, and then purchase another company’s product to make up the mistake, we won't perform the refund.

3. If you buy a wrong product due to the lack of understanding the software functions, we will not approve the refund. But if you contact us within 48 hours after the purchase, Vidmore can exchange the purchased product for the correct one outright as long as you pay the price difference. And we promise that the price difference between products does not exceed $20. If the purchased product is exchanged for a correct product with lower price, Vidmore will not refund the price difference.

4. Vidmore will not accept a refund request due to price change or purchase from promotion campaigns.

5. We also will not accept a refund request that caused by customer having a 'change of mind' after purchase.

Refund request due to registration information issues:

1. If you fail to register because of your incorrect operation, and the registration information has already been proved valid, we won't perform refund.

2. If you meet a technical issue while using the purchased product and you refuse to cooperate with Vidmore Support Team to solve the problem with the solution we provide, your refund request will not be approved.

Refund request due to product problem:

1. As we have already noted on our website, you may not be able to convert protected files purchased from iTunes or other places. If you require a refund for that, we won't perform the refund.

2. If customer purchases the product without reading the product introduction on our website or trying product before purchase, and then found that the product can't meet his/her need, we won't perform refund if customer requires it.

3. Customer purchases the wrong product which cannot work on his/her computer operation system, for example, Mac user purchases Windows version software. If we have alternative software for correct OS, we would like to exchange product for customer. If not, we are sorry for that the refund can't be performed.

4. Customer purchases wrong product from our affiliate website or purchased product can't meet some of customer's needs due to the wrong or blurry product description on affiliate website, we won't perform refund if customer requires it. Customer needs to contact affiliate website where the product is purchased from to seek for solution.

5. If customers meet with technical problems after the software update, but the order has already exceeded the 30-day guarantee period, we will not refund the order.

Refund request is made long after the purchase:

Vidmore only provides 30-day Money Back Guarantee, which means if your purchase exceeds the product's specified money-back-guarantee period, we cannot perform the refund.

FAQs of Refund

1. How long will it take for Vidmore to process the refund application?

Vidmore deals with the refunds within 3-7 working days. But the exact duration will depend on the payment method you used. It may also take longer time than you expected during holidays.

2. Why haven’t I received the refund after several days?

If we have issued a refund for you but it has not been received, it could be due to holidays or weekends reasons. Or you should check if a chargeback has been requested. If so, the funds will be frozen by the card issuer, bank, PayPal or other payment authorities. Please contact your credit card company or bank to solve the problem.

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