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DVD Monster Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the full list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) and answers related to Vidmore DVD Monster.

License & Activation

I purchased the product but didn’t get a license code. What shall I do?

Generally, you will receive the license code via email within one hour after the order is completed. If you have not received it in time or lost it, please contact We will send you the license code immediately.

How to register Vidmore DVD Monster?

1. Open the register window.

2. Enter your email address and registration code.

3. Click “Activate” to finish the registration.

Does the license key work for both Windows & Mac versions?

No. The program only supports for Windows, so you can use a license key of the Windows version. If the license key doesn’t work, you can contact our support team ( within 7 days and exchange the license key.

What shall I do, if the license code is invalid?

1. Make sure you have installed the right product, and the right Windows or Mac version.

2. Copy the license code directly from the email and paste it in the program, to avoid typing errors. There’re no “o” or “l” in the license code.

3. Take a screenshot of the registration window and send it to our support team ( for further help.

Can I transfer my license key to a new computer?

Yes, but the license key needs to be reset. Contact our support team ( and send us your order information (order number, license key). Then we’ll help you reset the key.


Does Vidmore DVD Monster support to rip the latest DVD?

Yes, this DVD Monster supports the latest DVD. You can rip DVD discs (DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW), DVD folder, and DVD ISO file.

How can I play with 5.1 AC3 audio track?

Yes, you can rip DVD file to MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, etc. with audio tracks like Dolby Digital AC3 5.1.

Can I rip my DVD movie for playing it on my iPad?

Yes, Vidmore DVD Monster allows you to rip DVD to any video/audio formats, as to playback on any digital devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung, LG, HTC, etc.

What to do when the program fails to load a DVD file?

1. Make sure that the DVD file you are loading is not damaged.

2. Make sure that the DVD drive is can be recognized by the computer.

3. Update the DVD drive on your computer. You can right click My Computer on the desktop. Then, select Manage > Device Manager > DVD/CD-ROM drives. Find the DVD drive and right click to update.

4. Contact our support team ( further help. Send us the original file if possible.

Can Vidmore DVD Monster export audio files?

Yes, Vidmore DVD Monster supports ripping DVD to audio files like MP3, AAC, AC3, WMA, WAV, AIFF, FLAC, MKA, OGG, etc.

Edit DVD

Can I edit the DVD file name?

Yes, Vidmore DVD Monster supports renaming the output video. Click “Rename” and type the proper file name.

How can I set special effect to the targeted file?

Click “Edit” > “Effect & Filter” to set special effect and filters. Choose the filter and adjust contrast, saturation, brightness and hue.

How to get rid of the unwanted edge of the video?

Choose the right resolution, and click “Edit” > “Crop”. Then, choose the crop area ration, and select the want part.

How do I add subtitles, text, or watermark to my DVD file?

Add a subtitle: Click “Edit” and choose “Subtitle” to add a subtitle to your video. Subtitles in srt, ass, ssa formats are supported.

Add watermark: Click “Edit” and choose “Watermark” to add text or image to your video.

How to improve the output quality after ripping?

For different output demands, we provide Lossless Ripper, Custom Format Ripper, BD/DVD Folder Ripper, and ISO File Ripper. You can select the Lossless Ripper if you want to rip DVD file without any quality loss.

Other Questions

What can I do when there are some errors while ripping?

1. Make sure there is no dusk on your DVD disc.

2. Make sure the graphics card has the latest driver update.

3. Errors may lay down on the disc, you may need to replace a new one.

4. Contact our support team ( for further help. Send us the original file if possible.

Which game player does Vidmore DVD Monster support?

Vidmore DVD Monster support ripping DVD to video or audio files, as to play on popular game devices, Xbox One X, Xbox One S, Xbox One, PS4, PS3, PSP, Wii, etc.

How to update Vidmore DVD Monster?

You can download the latest version of Vidmore DVD Monster on the product page. If you have installed Vidmore DVD Monster on your computer, you can go to “Menu” > “Check Update” to get the latest update.

Vidmore DVD MonsterVidmore DVD Monster

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