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Vidmore Video ConverterVidmore Video Converter

Video Converter User Guide

Read this complete user manual, and find out how to use Vidmore Video Converter to convert and edit video files.


Vidmore Video Converter is a handy all-round video conversion tool. It accepts a variety of formats, such as MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV, WMV, and quickly converts them to other formats. Beside video conversion, this software also converts audio files to common audio formats, and extract audio from video file.

Vidmore Video Converter has a lot of useful, built-in editing options for tweaking the videos you’re looking to convert.

Add Files

Following is a detailed user manual that explains how to use this software. If you still have questions after reading this guide, please do not hesitate to contact our Support Team, and you will receive reply within 24 hours.

Quick Start

Follow the short guide below to start converting your media file.

Step 1 Click the button “Add Files” at the top-left corner. Choose the files you want to convert, and click “Open” to import the files.

Add Files

Step 2 Click the format button to choose the output format or the format that suits your device.


Step 3 Click the drop-down icon to browse and select the output folder. You can also choose to save the output file into the source folder.

Step 4 Click the button “Convert All” in the bottom-right corner to start converting the files. If you want, you can tick “Merge into one file” option to merge multiple files.



The trial version of Vidmore Video Converter has limitations.

If you want to enjoy the full features without any limitation, you need to register the software with your E-mail address and registration code.

Click the Menu icon and choose “Register” to enter the Registration Center.


Find Video Converter feature and click “Register” button. Open the register window and enter your E-mail address. Then copy and paste your registration code directly from your email. Then click the button “Activate” to finish the registration. Please make sure that your computer has a valid internet connection while you register Vidmore Video Converter.



Vidmore Video Converter is being constantly updated with bug fixes and new features. If you want to check if your Vidmore Video Converter is the latest version, you can try the methods below.

Method 1: Click the Menu icon and choose “Check Update”. If there’s an update, you can download and install it immediately.

Check Update

Method 2: Choose “Preferences” under the menu. Activate the option “Check for updates automatically”. You’ll get a message, when an update is available.


Method 3: Go to our product page and download the latest version.


Click the Menu icon at the top-right corner and select “Preferences”.

Preferences Interface

Output: Choose output folders for the converted files, snapshots, and a default format for the snapshots.

Update: Tick “Check for update automatically” to activate this option, if you want to get updates automatically.

GPU: Activate the GPU hardware acceleration, if you want to speed up the conversion speed.

Process: You can define how many files can be converted simultaneously.

Task Schedule: If you don’t want to wait for long time conversion, you can activate the option “Shut down computer” or “Sleep computer”. The computer will shut down/sleep itself when the conversion is finished. Or you can open output folder, exit program or do nothing when the task is completed.

Process: You can define how many files can be converted simultaneously.

Convert Videos

Vidmore Video Converter allows you to convert videos to different video and audio formats with high quality. Launch the software and follow the steps below to finish your tasks.

Step 1 Add video files

Click the button “Add Files” and choose the video files that you want to convert. You can find the videos in the file list afterwards. Besides, you can drag and drop your videos directly into the file list.

Add File

If you have a folder that contains several videos, click the drop-down icon beside the “Add Files” button and choose “Add Folder”. Then you’re able to add the folder at once.

Step 2 Choose an output format

Click on the format icon on the right side of the video file. Then you can see a list of presets. Choose a preset and adjust the profile settings according to your need.

Choose Format

Step 3 Choose an output folder

Click the drop-down incon on the bottom and select a path for the converted files.


Step 4 Start converting

Click the button “Convert All” to start converting your videos to the chosen format.


Step 5 Find the converted files

The process takes minutes or hours, depending on the file size and length. After it’s done, you can find the converted files in the output folder.

Convert Audio

Vidmore Video Converter is also an audio converter that converts audio files and extract audio from video. After the conversion, it keeps ID3 information of the original audio files. Check out how to convert audio files with Vidmore Video Converter.

Step 1: Click the “Add Files” button and import the audio files you want to convert.

Add File

Step 2: Choose the output format for each audio, browse and select an output folder.

Format Path

Step 3: Click the “Convert All” button to start the audio conversion.

Step 4: Click “Converted” to check the converted audio file. Click “Open Folder” to open the output folder after the conversion.

Check Converted Audio

Profile Settings

There’re lots of presets for you to choose, so that you can easily convert your videos to a compatible format for your device. You can also adjust the detailed parameters for each profile.

Click the gear icon next to the output folder. And then you’ll find the following window.

Preferences Interface

Then you can adjust subtitle language, audio language, GPU acceleration.

By clicking the “Convert” option, and you can set the output folder, snapshot folder, convert tasks, and more.

After you adjust all the settings, you can save the settings by clicking “OK”. If you want to reset the settings, you can click “Restore to Default” to reset it to factory settings.

Trim & Split Video

Vidmore Video Converter has a built-in video splitter that allows you to split a long video into clips.

Step 1: Select a video file and click the “Cut” button.


Step 2: Choose the start and end time for your clip. You can drag the clipper or enter the time directly.

Start and End

Step 3: Click “Add Segment” button to add the current clip to the list. Then, you can set another clip.

New Clip

Step 4: After you have cut out the clips you want, click the “OK” button. You’ll find the clips in the file list.

Adjust Video Effect & Filter

Vidmore Video Converter Ultimate offers brightness, contrast, saturation, hue adjustment for you to apply stunning effect to your video.

Step 1: Go to “Edit” > “Effect & Filter”.


Step 2: You can easily adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, hue and select deinterlacing as you need. Besides, you can try the filters to perfect your video.


Step 3: Click “Apply to All” to save the settings.

Rotate & Crop Video

If you’ve ever recorded a video on your smartphone, only to find it sideways or upside down, then you know how frustrating it can be to watch it later. Luckily, Vidmore Video Converter offers you a quick way to rotate or flip a video.

Step 1: Choose a video file and go to “Edit” > “Rotate & Crop”.


Step 2: Here you can flip video vertically and horizontally, rotate 90 degrees, rotate 180 degrees or rotate 270 degrees. Click one of the buttons and check the result in the preview.

Rotate Video

Step 3: If there’re black bars around the video, you can use the crop function to cut them off. You can change the size and position of the rectangle in the preview window to define the desired frame area.

Rotate Video Area

Step 4: If the aspect ratio of the cropped area doesn’t match the output one, there’ll be black bars on the edges. You can choose “Pan & Scan” or “Full” under the option “Zoom Mode”, to auto fill the black bars.

Step 5: Click the “Apply to All” button to save the changes.

Add Watermark to Video

If you want to add watermark to your personal video to protect your copyright, Vidmore Video Converter comes in handy.

Step 1: Click the “Edit” button, then choose “Watermark”.


Step 2: If you want to add a text watermark, enter the text to the blank. You can adjust the text fonts, colors, size and styles. Then place the text watermark anywhere on the video.


If you want to add an image watermark, activate the option “Image”. Click “Add Picture” button to select an image. And then adjust the size and place it on your video.

Step 3: Click “Apply to All” to apply the watermark.

Adjust Audio

Vidmore Video Converter Ultimate provides you audio adjustment for advanced mixing.

Step 1: Go to “Edit” > “Audio”.


Step 2: Select the audio track you would like to play. If the sound of your video is low, you can also adjust the volume. Or the image doesn’t go well with the sound, you can change the delay time to make them matched.

Adjust Audio

Step 3: Click “Apply to All” to save the adjustments.

Add Subtitle

If you want to post your video for sharing, it is a good choice to add subtitles with Vidmore Video Converter. This efficient video editing software enables you to embed subtitles in video permanently.

Step 1: Go to “Edit” > “Subtitle”.


Step 2: Click “Add Subtitle(s)” to import the subtitle file (*.srt; *.ssa; *.ass) from your computer. After that, you can adjust the position, font, color, transparency, delay time, outline and more.

Add Subtitle

Step 3: Click “Apply to All” to save the adjustments.

Merge Video Clips

With Vidmore Video Converter, you can easily combine video files with different formats like MKV, AVI, MP4, FLV into a single file.

Step 1: Click “Add Files” to import the video clips that you want to merge.

Add Video Files

Step 2: Select one video file in the list and then choose an output format for the merged video.

Select Profile

Step 3: Check the box “Merge into one file”, and click “Convert”. Then the software will convert and combine all the added files into one.

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