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DVD Creator Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the full list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) and answers related to Vidmore DVD Creator.

License & Activation

I purchased the product but didn’t get a license code. What shall I do?

Generally, you will receive the license code via email within one hour after the order is completed. If you have not received it in time or lost it, please contact support@vidmore.com. We will send you the license code immediately.

How to register Vidmore DVD Creator

1. Open the register window.

2. Enter your email address and registration code.

3. Click “Activate” to finish the registration.

Does the license key work for both Windows and Mac versions?

No, you can’t use a license key of the Windows version in a Mac version. If you bought the wrong version, you can contact our support team (support@vidmore.com.) within 7 days and exchange the license key.

What shall I do, if the license code is invalid?

1. Make sure you have installed the right product, and the right Windows or Mac version.

2. Copy the license code directly from the email and paste it in the program, to avoid typing errors. There is no “o” or “l” in the license code.

3. Take a screenshot of the registration window and send it to our support team (support@vidmore.com) for further help.

Can I transfer my license key to a new computer?

Yes, but the license key needs to be reset. Contact our support team (support@vidmore.com) and send us your order information (order number, license key). Then we’ll help you reset the key.

Burn DVD/Blu-ray

Can DVD-RW be used to burn DVD?

Yes, DVD RM can be used to burn DVD in Vidmore DVD Creator. This DVD creating tool is compatible with almost all DVD types, like DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, DVD+R DL, DVD-R DL, DVD-5, DVD-9, etc., so that you can easily make into your DVD disc freely.

Does Vidmore DVD Creator support creating videos to Blu-ray?

Yes, Vidmore DVD Creator supports burning Videos to Blu-ray. You just need to select “Blu-ray Disc” on the right side of the interface.

How to burn a DVD in 16:9?

Vidmore DVD Creator provides you with aspect ratio options at the bottom of “Preference” tab. Here you can choose either 16:9 or 4:3. For burning a DVD in 16:9, you just need to select the 16:9 option before burning to DVD disc.

Can I get an ISO file with Vidmore DVD Creator so that I can use it on my virtual drive?

Yes, you are able to create a DVD ISO file with this DVD burning software. After importing your video files into the program, you can get it done by saving them as ISO files. After that, you can use the ISO file with your virtual DVD drive.

What to do, when the program fails to load a video file?

1. Make sure that the file format is supported.

2. Make sure that the file is not encrypted, such as DRM protected.

3. Make sure that the file is not damaged. (A normal file can be played in VLC.)

4. Drag and drop the file to the file list of the program, and check if it can be loaded.

5. Contact our support team (support@vidmore.com) for further help. Send us the original file if possible.

Edit Video before Creating

How to add a subtitle into the DVD?

1. Import the source files into the program.

2. Click the “Subtitle Edit” button on the Video Tools panel to open Subtitle window.

3. Click “+ Add Subtitle” button to add your subtitle file. You can add up to 8 subtitles into the list.

4. You can set language, position, delay, font color and size of your subtitle.

If the subtitle is not in sync with the video, please use “Delay” option to fix this problem.

How do I add audio track to my DVD project?

We provide this function in our program. First, please choose the file you need and click “Audio Edit” button to enter Edit Audio window. Then follow the steps below to add the audio track:

1. Click the “+ Add Audio” button on the Audio panel to load the needed audio track into the audio track list. You can add up to 8 audio tracks into the video.

2. Select an audio track, you can set its language and adjust its volume according to your needs. If you find the audio is not synchronous with the video, you can use option “Delay” to solve it.

How to set the output media size as BD25?

This program provides you with the “Disc Type” option at the bottom of the main interface. Here you can choose DVD-5, DVD-9, BD-25, or BD-50. For changing the output to BD25, just select the BD-25 option.

Can I burn DVD without menus?

Yes, you can. If you don’t want to have a menu on your DVD, please check the “No Menu” option on Menu tab.

Can I edit DVD menu text?

To edit Menu, first you need choose a menu from the list to apply it. Then double-click to edit the content or right-click to edit the font, color and size of the text.

Other Questions

Can I burn NTSC DVD or PAL DVD with Vidmore DVD Creator?

This program allows you to burn either NTSC DVD or PAL DVD. After finishing editing and customizing your DVD project, click the “Burn” button to enter the “Settings” window, in which you will see options of “NTSC” and “PAL” from “TV Standard” under the “Burn settings” panel. Select one based on your country or location to match the exact TV standard.


NTSC is the color encoding system used by DVD players and until recently by broadcast television in North America, Japan, and most of South America.

PAL is the color encoding system used by DVD players and broadcast television in Europe, most of Asia and Oceania, most of Africa, and parts of South America.

How to fix when the program prompts you “no driver found” before burning?

1. Restart the program and try again.

2. If step 1 doesn’t help, please reinstall the program and then update the driver.

For updating the driver, If your DVD driver is built in the computer, you can use the CD attached to the computer to reinstall and update the DVD driver. If you get an external DVD driver, you need to download the latest version of the DVD driver from the web of its manufacturer.

How to fix “please insert a DVD” error?

Before burning DVD, make sure that you’ve inserted a blank, clean, undamaged and writable DVD disc since Vidmore DVD Creator may not support burning files to an RW disc that has been used before. If the problem persists and you’ve already inserted one, you can try another disc or a disc of another brand.

How to update Vidmore DVD Creator?

You can always download the latest version of Vidmore DVD Creator on the product page. If there’s a big upgrade, you can also choose “Check Update” under the menu to get the latest update.

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