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Remove Coub Watermark With 4 Incredibly Helpful Programs

Fiona Kaufman Jun 16, 2022 Edit Image

Coub is one of the entertaining platforms when you are looking for a website to while away boredom. This famous website enables you to scroll through multiple videos and download various kinds of videos. There are memes and aesthetic videos. Thus, many users find it enjoyable to kill time.

Meanwhile, there are times when you want to watch Coub videos offline, especially when the internet connection is not available. However, you will notice a watermark embedded in the videos after downloading a video. No one wants to watch a video with a watermark. Fortunately, this post listed great solutions to get a video from Coub without a watermark. Check them out below.

Remove COUB Watermark

Part 1. How to Remove Coub Watermark

1. Vidmore Video Converter

First off, we have Vidmore Video Converter. The tool can remove logos, time stamps, texts, and any undesired objects from videos apart from watermarks. The tool enables you to select multiple watermarks on a video. In addition, you can use the program highly-intuitive. People without prior knowledge about the tool can get hold of it. If you wish, you can crop the video to remove some unwanted areas from the video.

In addition to that, you can set the duration of the watermark. This feature is applicable for watermarks moving all over the video or elsewhere. Get a hands-on experience of the app by following the steps below.

Vidmore Video ConverterVidmore Video Converter

  • Remove watermark from any video format.
  • Erase moving and static watermarks.
  • Select and delete multiple watermarks at once.
  • Additional features are available on its Toolbox.
  • Get the version of iron Windows and Mac.
Vidmore Video Converter

Step 1. Download and install the program

Start by acquiring the program using the above Free Download buttons. Please install the program on your computer and launch it. Once the tool is launched, familiarize yourself by circumnavigating it.

Step 2. Launch the video watermark remover

After that, tick the Toolbox tab on the top menu of the interface. Then, choose Video Watermark Remover from the selection to launch this feature.

Select Watermark Remover

Step 3. Load a video to the software

Now, click on the Plus sign icon on the Video Watermark Remover, and the computer’s folder will appear. Now, select the Coub video to load it.

Add Video Files

Step 4. Remove the Coub watermark

Following that, click the Add watermark removing area, and a selection box will show up on the preview window. Next, resize the selection box and place it in the watermark area to remove it. Play the video to review the results.

Erase Watermark VM

Step 5. Save the final results

Once you are delighted with the video results, click the Output option and edit the settings for video and audio. Configure the necessary settings according to your needs and hit OK to save the changes. Finally, click the Export button to get the final result of the video.

Output Settings

2. Apowersoft Online Watermark Remover

The list would be complete without Apowersoft Online Watermark Remover to remove the Coub watermark from the videos. The program is designed to delete watermarks or unnecessary objects like stamps, subtitles, or a person. Since it works on a browser, it does not require you to download the program to accomplish your task. That means you can save time and disk storage on your computer. The not-so-techie people could also benefit from the tool’s intuitive interface. To enjoy videos from Coub without a watermark, kindly follow the steps below.

Step 1. First off, open your desired browser and visit the tool’s official site by typing its link on the address bar.

Step 2. From the program’s main page, choose Remove Watermark from Video and upload the video you wish to edit.

Step 3. The selection box will automatically appear in the preview of the video. Now, resize and place the selection box where the Coub watermark is positioned.

Step 4. Once done, click the Erase button to remove the Coub watermark from the video.

APowersoft Online Watermark Remover

3. Easy Video Logo Remover

If you prefer working offline, you can rely on Easy Video Logo Remover. It is a desktop program that allows you to delete watermarks or unwanted objects from your videos. Using this program, users can select more than one element on the video. Furthermore, cropping videos is possible with it. On the other hand, here is a step-by-step procedure to have videos from Coub without a watermark.

Step 1. Obtain the program from its official page and install it on your computer. Right after, launch the tool.

Step 2. Now, tick the Load Video File button and add the video you like to edit.

Step 3. Click the Set Logo Area button and select the Coub watermark on the video. Then, the editing panel will appear. From here, highlight the watermark and hit OK to save the changes.

Step 4. To confirm the operation, smash the Remove Logo button.

Easy Video Logo Remover

4. Remove Logo Now

Last but not least, we have Remove Logo Now. It is a simple yet effective program that will help you efficiently remove Coub watermarks from your videos. It enables you to select any video area and remove the unwanted elements all at once. Moreover, the tool provides a Marker tool, Find Logo tool, and Select tool. With the Find Logo tool, the tool will find and remove the logo watermark for you.

Step 1. You can acquire the program by going to its download page. Install and run the app on your computer.

Step 2. Click the Add Files button and load your target video.

Step 3. Choose a selection tool and highlight the watermark from the Coub video. After that, tick the Start button to begin the operation.

Remove Logo Now Interface

Part 2. Comparison Chart of Coub Watermark Removers

If you are still considering which tool to use, we prepared a comparison chart of the programs based on some essential aspects.

Select Multiple Watermarks Outputs Without Quality Loss Intuitive Interface
Limited to two selection

Part 3 FAQs About Coub Watermark

How to download Coub videos without a watermark?

Unfortunately, you cannot download Coub videos without a watermark. Instead, you may download Coub videos and remove the watermark using the earlier programs.

Can I download Coub videos with good resolution?

You can download videos from Coub, but the caveat is they will be of poor quality. Meanwhile, you can upscale the video using the Vidmore Video Converter to enjoy still watching your Coub videos.

Are the content in Coub GIF?

They look like GIFs because they are loop videos. But they include the sound of the video.


If you wish to save Coub videos on your PC without a watermark, you can refer to the above program to remove the Coub watermarks from your videos. These tools are guaranteed to work to remove any unnecessary elements from your videos. Go ahead and remove those undesired objects from your Coub videos.

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