How to Remove the WeVideo Watermark Using Online and Offline Tools

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WeVideo is an excellent video editor that gives users an incredible opportunity to edit footage on the cloud. It is the ideal answer for those who do not want to download and install an editing program on their device. However, if you use the WeVideo editing software to improve your video clips, there will be a watermark on the finished product. The good news is that online and offline methods are available to get rid of the watermark. Here we will demonstrate how to get rid of the WeVideo watermark.

Remove Watermark in WeVideo

Part 1. How to Remove the Watermark from WeVideo

1. WeVideo

Regarding online video editing, WeVideo is undeniably one of the best tools available. It is a platform for the production of videos that is user-friendly, based in the cloud, and allows for collaboration. It is a collection of editing tools you can use to produce professional and educational films wherever you go. However, there is a downfall associated with it. It will add a WeVideo watermark to all exported videos, which is the one thing you will notice. Here is a more straightforward approach to removing the watermark from your movie uploaded to WeVideo.

Step 1: To begin, go to the front page of the WeVideo website. After that, you will need to register and upgrade to the program's commercial version. After finishing the subscription process, you will be given the option to choose the kind of editor you want to use. If you choose the Full Featured Editor, all of the editing tools that WeVideo has to offer will be accessible to you. If you choose the Simplified Editor, on the other hand, you will only have access to the most fundamental editing tools.

Choose Editor WeVideo

Step 2: Assume for the moment that you have selected the Full-Featured Editor, that you have clicked the Import option, and that you have uploaded the video to the dashboard. Once the video has been loaded into the screen, you will have access to various editing options. And to do so, choose an editing tool from the list that is located beside it.

Edit Video WeVideo

Step 3: When you are ready to export your video, hit the three horizontal lines above and seek the Save as a button.

Save Video WeVideo

Part 2. How to Remove the Watermark from WeVideo for Free

2. Vidmore Video Converter

Vidmore Video Converter is the program you should use if you want to create a creative video, in addition to the advantage of eliminating watermarks or any other undesired aspects from a video. You may also choose to remove numerous watermarks from a movie and define the time of each watermark individually. That is also handy for watermarks, which show in various places throughout the movie. In addition to that, there is still another method for erasing watermarks, and that method involves cropping the video. In addition, the program's function that allows you to create a watermark may be used to overwrite the already existing one.

On top of that, getting started with it does not require specific technical abilities. The application's user interface is very user-friendly, allowing you to complete your chores much more rapidly. Take a zip at the steps below to discover how to remove the WeVideo watermarks from the videos you have exported.

Step 1: You should begin downloading the application by clicking the Free Download button at the top of this page. After that, you need to install the program on your computer. After that, you should launch it to get comfortable with the program's functioning interface and observe how it works.

Free Download

for Windows

Free Download

for macOS

Step 2: Proceed now by selecting the Toolbox tab, which should be the fourth tab to show. After that, choose the Video Watermark Remover option, and a window for uploading your video will appear.

Toolbox of VM

After clicking the Plus sign button, go to the folder containing your WeVideo on your computer.

Adding Videos Vidmore

Step 3: After the clip has been imported, the editing panel will become available. Next, pick the watermark you want to remove by clicking the Add watermark removing area button. A selection box will then appear on the screen. Put the selection box over the watermark, and then adjust the box size so that it completely covers the watermark.

Trace the Video Vidmore

Step 4: To finish, choose the video, then click the Export option to save the completed version.

Saving Video Vidmore

3. Remove Logo Now

Remove Logo Now is a simple software designed to remove watermarks from video files. AI technology speeds up the process of removing watermarks while also reducing the amount of manual labor required. This function will hunt for the watermark and delete it for you automatically when it has been located. Alternatively, you can highlight the watermark on your own, which is particularly useful in situations where the watermark is dispersed in many locations. On the other hand, if you refer to the instructions provided below, you will find out how to remove a WeVideo watermark.

Step 1: To begin, you will need to get the utility for your computer and then have it installed. After that, you should begin running the software.

Step 2: Now, choose the movie you want to modify by clicking the Add File option and proceed.

Step 3: Choose a tool for selection, and then single out the watermark on the WeVideo clip. In the last step, tick the Start button to remove the watermark from the video.

Remove Watermark Remove Logo Now

4. 123 Apps: Remove Logo From Video

By using this program, you don't need to acquire any additional software or pay fees to remove the watermark placed on the movie you uploaded to the internet. This web-based application is free to use. If we were to compare this program to another watermark remover now available on the market, we would find that it is just as effective; nevertheless, it does not compare to the best software available. It can hide the watermark in your video, improving the film's overall visual quality.

On the other hand, if you do not have access to the internet, using this program to remove the watermark from your movie may not be the most effective option. However, if you do have, you may begin utilizing this program to erase the watermark placed on your movie by following the procedures outlined below.

Step 1: To begin erasing the watermark from the video, open a new tab in your browser and search for the program's name.

Step 2: The WeVideo video may be uploaded here by selecting Open File from the drop-down menu, which will then produce a preview of the video you uploaded.

Step 3: Simply clicking on the watermark will activate the region that this tool can remove. When you click any video area, a selection box will appear in the middle of the screen. You may eliminate the watermark from the movie by pressing the Save button.

Remove Watermark 123apps

Part 3. Comparison Chart

WeVideoVidmore Video ConverterRemove Logo Now123 Apps

Part 4. FAQs About Removing the WeVideo Watermark

Is it possible to remove the WeVideo watermark from my video?

You can remove the watermark WeVideo places on your video by cropping it off. However, the dimensions of the movie will be shrunk, and there is a possibility that the video's quality may also suffer since it will no longer preserve the aspect ratio.

Why can't I edit films greater than two hours on WeVideo?

It is the legal restriction that applies to WeVideo. No matter what kind of subscription package you are currently using. It cannot edit video with running times of more than two hours.

What is WeVideo's cost?

When paid for yearly, the Power plan costs $4.99 per month, while the other three levels – Unlimited, Professional, and Business – each cost $9.99 per month. Each of these plans will cost you $7.99, $17.99, and $29.99 per month.


With the WeVideo watermark removers above, there is no way to be distracted by the watermark of your video. We recommend that you give the Vidmore Video Converter a go if you are still unsure what to use in this situation. It removes watermarks more effectively than any other method now available. So, tell me, what exactly are you anticipating? You may get the watermark remover by clicking the download button, and you can start using it right away.

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