How to Record Clash of Clans Gameplay for Sharing on YouTube and Twitch

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There are oceans of gameplay videos on YouTube and Twitch. According to a recent survey, these videos attract hundreds of millions of audiences around the world. It is amazing if you can record you favorite gameplay, like Clash of Clans and share it. As a popular mobile game, Clash of Clans has been around for years and obtained a large number of players and viewers. That is why this article want to share, helping you record Clash of Clans on iPhone and Android.

Record Clash of Clans

Part 1: The Easiest Way to Record Clash of Clans

Smartphone is not the best place to record Clash of Clans, although it is a mobile game. The small screen makes it inconvenient to capture the gameplay. A good desktop screen recording software, such as Vidmore Screen Recorder, is the best alternative solution.

  1. Record Clash of Clans gameplay on iPhone and Android.
  2. Add your face and voice through webcam and microphone.
  3. Optimize recording quality automatically while recording.
  4. Support a wide range of output formats and devices.
  5. Preview gameplay videos before exporting.

In short, it is the best option to record Clash of Clans on iPhone and Android with a computer.

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How to Record Clash of Clans with a PC

Step 1: Install the best game recorder

Make sure to install Screen Recorder on your PC. There is another version for Mac. Launch it from your desktop and select Video Recorder to open the Clash of Clans recorder screen.


Step 2: Record Clash of Clans

Stream your mobile phone screen to computer. Turn on the Display option and set the recording area based on phone screen. Next, enable System Sound. When it comes to Webcam and Microphone, turn them on if you wish to add your reactions to gameplay recording; otherwise, disable them. Hit the gear icon and set output format and other options on the Preferences dialog.

Start play Clash of Clans on your device and click the REC button to begin recording it. During the process, you can draw on the recording or make snapshots for important footages.


Step 3: Preview and save recording

When gameplay is done, click the Stop icon to open it in the preview window. Check the video and remove unneeded frames with the Clip tool. Finally, click the Save button to save the Clash of Clans recording to your hard drive.


Part 2: How to Record Clash of Clans on Android

For Android users, Google Play Games is the easiest way to record Clash of Clans. This app is totally free to use. According to Google, this app can capture gameplay in 720p or 480p. You can add video of yourself and commentary via your front facing camera and microphone.

Record Gameplay

Step 2: Choose Clash of Clans and hit Record Gameplay. Now, the game will start and you just need to tap the red Record button to start recording Clash of Clans. It offers a 3-second countdown.

Step 3: Use the Microphone and Camera icons to add your face and voice to the gameplay. Once recording is done, tap the Stop icon to save the gameplay video to your photo gallery. To upload it to YouTube, tap Edit and Upload to YouTube.

Part 3: FAQs of Recording Clash of Clans

How can I record Clash of Clans on iPhone?

Though Apple introduced the screen recording feature into iOS, it is only available to the games compatible with ReplayKit. Unfortunately, Clash of Clans does not support it. In result, you have to mirror iPhone screen to computer and use Vidmore Screen Recorder to record Clash of Clans.

How do I record Clash of Clans attacks on Android?

As mentioned previously, Google Play Games app is the simplest way to record Clash of Clans attacks on Android. However, it is not available to all Android devices. If you cannot use it, we suggest you look for a third-party screen recorder app, like DU Recorder.

How do I get my Clash of Clans from iPhone to Android?

Clash of Clans can transfer your village from iPhone to Android or a new iPhone via Google Game Center and Apple Game Center. The link a device functionality has be built-in the game app.


This guide has talked about how to record Clash of Clans on iPhone and Android. As a mobile game, Clash of Clans have attracted oceans of players. It makes sense that you can find a lot of Clash of Clans gameplay videos on YouTube and Twitch. Now, you can make your own gameplay recordings with Vidmore Screen Recorder. It is not only easy to use, but also able to produce the best output quality. More questions? Please write down below.

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