Top 10 Mouse Recorder to Record Mouse and keyboard Movement for Infinite Replay

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While you want to cook the food, the easiest way you can follow is the video.

While you want to follow or show the process actions with mouse and keyboard, the easiest way is also the video.

Whether you want to follow the complicated mouse operations from others or want to show the fussy mouse movement to others, the easiest way is to record the mouse actions and play it as the video file.

How to record the mouse or keyboard actions?

Get the mouse recorder.

This page collects the full list of top 10 mouse recorder on Windows and Mac to record the mouse and keyboard movement for infinite replay.

Mouse Recorder

Part 1. Top 5 Mouse Recorders to Record Mouse Movement on Computer

Traditionally, the software that record the mouse clicks are the macro mouse recorder. Actually, the screen recorder software with mouse highlights can also be the mouse recorder. Moreover, you can watch the video recording file and automate the repetitive tasks and execute them without your assistance.

Vidmore Screen Recorder

Vidmore Screen Recorder is the professional screen recorder. It can record the anywhere on computer from desktop, browser and webcam. Moreover, it can record the mouse movement such as the clicks and area and marks the color you like. When you want to make a video tutorial with the complicated mouse movement, or want to follow the commands by the fussy mouse actions, this software will be the best mouse recorder.

Screen Recorder – Mouse RecorderScreen Recorder – Mouse Recorder

  • Record mouse clicks and area by marking the specific color on computer.
  • Show or hide the mouse cursor according to your settings.
  • Export the mouse recording to MP4, MOV, WMV, etc., for playback on any device.
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac computer without hassle.
Screen Recorder – Mouse Recorder

How to Record Mouse Movements on Computer

Step 1. Run Vidmore Screen Recorder

Free download the mouse movement recorder on your computer. This recorder works on both Windows 10/8/7 and macOS, and just download what version you need on the computer.

Free Download

for Windows

Free Download

for macOS

Initiate the software, and you will see three tabs, Video Recorder, Audio Recorder, Screen Capture and More.

For recording the mouse actions, you should select Video Recorder.

Video Recorder

Step 2. Make mouse recording settings

In the window of Video Recorder, you should select the recording area from Full or Custom. You can select the fixed region or window or drag the crosshair to draw the rectangle area on computer.


Meanwhile, you need to select the recording audio source from computer System Sound or Microphone.

Audio Settings

If you want to keep the mouse recording file with your narration, you should turn on Microphone and turn off System Sound.

You can also turn off both sounds to replay the mouse recording file with images only.

The key point to record the mouse movements is to make the settings. Click the Mouse setting icon above the microphone image. Then you should select the checkbox of Record mouse clicks and Record mouse area. Do not forget to choose the color for the mouse clicks and area. You are allowed to checkmark Show mouse cursor optionally.

Mouse Settings

You can also make the settings for the output file, hotkeys, and more by scrolling down the settings window.

Step 3. Record mouse actions

While all the settings are made well, just click the REC button to start recording the mouse movements.

The stop button of the recording file will put you into the preview window, where you can clip the mouse recording file optionally. After that, click Save to export the video file on your computer.


Then, you can replay the mouse recording video file infinitely on your computer or other devices easily.



Bandicam is another screen recorder software. Similar to Vidmore Screen Recorder, this program supports screen recording, game recording and device recording from a webcam, Xbox/PlayStation, smartphone, IPTV, etc.

It can let you record your mouse clicks by showing the mouse cursor, setting the mouse click color, and adding the mouse highlight effects. You can set the different colors for the left-click and right-click on the mouse.



Similar to other screen recorder software, Screen-O-Matic is also the mouse recorder by highlighting the mouse click color. By default, your cursor will have a highlight around it to make it visible for the video watcher. You can customize the cursor and highlight the mouse by following the Deluxe Plan. It also gives you the control to change the mouse cursor color.



Snagit is the video recorder and image capture software. While taking the video recording, you can use the mouse cursor by setting the hotkeys. Moreover, this software lets you edit the cursor settings for selection, effects, and more. You can record the mouse clicks from the cursor effects you made. You can also use the Snagit editor to edit the mouse clicks. However, you should notice that, only you enable the Mouse icon and upgrade this software to the version 9.1.0 and above, can you use the mouse recorder.



ApowerREC is the video recorder software with the mouse cursor effects. It is the screen capture software that lets you record the area around your mouse. The mouse recorder needs your manual configuration to make the mouse settings, like show mouse cursor, show clicks, and change the mouse clicks color for left-click and right-click. Besides, you can also use the Record around mouse feature to record the mouse area around the mouse cursor.

Part 2. Top 5 Macro Mouse Recorder to Record Mouse and Keyboard Clicks

MACRO RECORDER – Mouse and Keyboard Recorder and Task Repeater


MACRO RECORDER is the macro record software to capture the mouse events and keyboard inputs on Windows and Mac computer. Apart from the common recording features, it also lets you edit the macro recording like rearrange the actions, change the pauses and edit the keyboard inputs. You can also play the mouse and keyboard recording with the speed adjustment. Besides, this tool will set your computer on autopilot to repeat tasks infinitely.


  1. Record mouse, keyboard and scrollwheel actions.
  2. Automate repetitive tasks on your computer.
  3. Detect the pixel color while recording the movement.


  1. It is not a one-time fee software and editor, and sharing features will need more money.
  2. Cannot export the mouse recording file for playback on other devices.

GhostMouse –Mouse and Keyboard Recorder on Windows


GhostMouse is the Windows mouse and keystroke action recorder. It is a tiny software that can record right clicks and drag-and-drop actions of the mouse. It records a script and replay a set of the mouse-related actions. A few settings are offered with this software, which lets you use this software easily. After the recording, you can click the play button to playback the mouse recording file.


  1. Simple mouse editor to record the mouse and keyboard actions.
  2. The software is tiny in file size.


  1. Not free as it is said.
  2. Get stuck in the new version.

Mouse Recorder – Simple Mouse Recorder

Mouse Recorder

Mouse Recorder is the professional mouse recording tool to capture all your mouse actions and repeat the mouse movement accurately. It can let you make the settings for the repeat time, delay time between two repeating, and repeat speed. Coming with a click tool, this mouse recorder works on Windows computer freely.


  1. Time settings for the repeat times and the delay between 2 repeating.
  2. Built-in a mouse-click utility.


  1. Only compatible with Windows computer, not support Mac computer.
  2. Cannot record keyboard movements.

ReMouse – Easy Mouse and Keyboard Recorder


ReMouse is the simple mouse and keyboard action recorder and player. It can automate the mouse clicks and movement, and keystrokes. All the action recordings will be recorded as script files for further use. The mouse recorder is convenient to customize the configuration from the graphic interface. This mouse recorder is the easy mouse recorder for Windows 10/8/7 users.


  1. Easy to record mouse and keyboard actions.
  2. Replay the recorded actions directly.


  1. Cannot export the recording file.
  2. Cannot repeat the mouse movements.

JitBit Macro Recorder – Mouse and Keyboard Recorder and Exporter as .exe File

JitBit Macro Recorder

JitBit Macro Recorder is not only the simple mouse and keyboard recorder, but also the powerful automation software that converts the recording file as the .exe file for Windows users. It also lets you insert the custom commands and statements into the macros to create your actions. It also provides more controls of the playback like speed, filters, loop, etc.


  1. Insert your commands and statements into the macros.
  2. Convert macro to the .exe file for running on Windows computer.
  3. Detect the window’s position changes.


  1. Only compatible with Windows computer, instead of Mac computer.
  2. The price is high as $99 for enjoying all the features mentioned above.

Part 3. FAQ of Mouse Recorder

What is macro recorder?

A macro recorder is the software that record your actions of mouse, keystroke and delay for playback at a later time. The user can easily perform the complex operations faster effortlessly without customizing the computer programming or scripting.

Does Windows 10 have a macro recorder?

Yes, Windows 10 has the built-in macro recorder, but you should assign the macro recorder in Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center. Use the mouse that you want to configure, start Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center. In the list under the button that you want to reassign to select Macro. After that, you should click Create a new Macro, rename it, select the type, and click Editor to enter your macro. Then you can record the mouse movement, keystrokes and delays.

What is the easy macro recorder?

If you want to record the mouse clicks and share the recording video file to others, Vidmore Screen Recorder is the easy one. If you want to repeat the complicated actions of mouse clicks and keystoke actions, MACRO RECORDER is no doubt the easiest one.


This page mainly talks about the mouse recorders to record the mouse and keyboard on computer. Here we list 2 types of mouse recording software, screen capture software with the mouse cursor effects and macro recorders. The former type can record all the mouse click effects and export the recording as the video file for replaying on almost all devices. The later type is the simple macro recorders to capture the mouse movements and keystroke actions and play the movement within the software, and some of the tools offer the take repeater tools.Which one is NO.1 mouse recorder for you?Do not hesitate to leave your comments if you have any suggestion.

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