Top 7 Open Source Screen Recorders for Windows 11/10/8/7 and Mac

Fiona Kaufman Mar 31, 2022 Resource

Opensource screen recorder can be a great option when you have the need to capture video or audio on computer. Considering that almost all open source tools are free and full-featured. However, some of open source screen capture software may produce low quality. Meanwhile, you are more likely to encounter a bug or error while using an open source screen recorder. So it’s quite necessary to select a good one for the screen recording.

Open Source Screen Recorder

With so many open source screen recording and editing software offered on the internet, which one you should use? We have tested more than 30 free screen recorders and selected 7 ones from them for you to use. You can get basic information of each open source screen recorder, and then pick your preferred one to capture videos on your Windows 7/8/10 PC or Mac.

Best Screen Recorder

  1. Record screen and sound on Windows 7/8/10 PC and Mac with high quality.
  2. Support 4K UHD video recording up to 3840 x 2160 resolution.
  3. Create a picture-in-picture recording while playing video game.
  4. Capture online live videos, 2D/3D gameplay, webcam, video/audio chats, music and more.
  5. Advanced hardware acceleration technology to record screen with low CPU, GPU and RAM.
  6. Powerful recording editing features and output captured content in any popular format.

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for Windows

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for macOS

It's very important to choose a right and stable video audio recorder, especially for some live contents. Surely you don’t want to capture your video gameplay or other activities from time to time.

Also, you should know that, different screen recorders will offer a range of differing features. So you need to choose the open source screen recorder depending on what you intend to do with the footage you capture. In the following parts, we will show you the top 7 free and open source screen recorders.

NO.1 Open Source Screen Recorder - ShareX

ShareX is our first recommendation for the open source screen recorder. It is very popular because of the fast screen recording function with unlimited features. This free screen recorder enables you to capture video with full screen, specific window or customized area. One cool feature is that, it carries an “Automated Capture” feature for screen recordings.


To ensure you get a really high quality output video, ShareX offers many useful settings to get customized results. You can get easy controls for effects, drawings and region. It is able to save the captured content as MP4 video or animated GIF file. One great feature of this open source screen recorder is that, it won’t place any watermark or duration limits on your recordings. After recording, you are allowed to directly upload recordings to social platforms.

NO.2 Open Source Screen Recorder - OBS Studio

OBS Studio is one of most popular screen recording and live software. As an open source screen recorder, OBS can help you make the video recordings on Windows, Mac and Linux. It enables you to capture your computer screen without any time limits. OBS Studio is mainly developed for content creators. It allows you to record video and audio from webcam and microphone. In that case, it’s quite convenient to capture all useful contents at the same time.

OBS Open Scource Screen Recorder

This free open-source video audio recorder can help you record any area of your computer screen according to your need. Moreover, the settings panel makes it very simple for easy, quick configuration of broadcasts and recording. Similar to ShareX, this open source screen recorder also add no watermark to the captured video.

NO.3 Open Source Screen Recorder - CamStudio

CamStudio is another popular open source screen recorder. This free video capture software has the capability to record any activities on your computer screen with industry standard. It enables you to place screen captions and overlay your webcam video on top of the content you are capturing. That means you can personalize the recorded content while introducing the picture in picture feature over desktop.


This open source screen capture can offer you high quality video recording experience. The captured video will be saved in AVI or SWF format based on your settings. But it doesn’t carry any editing features. Another thing you should concern is that, the output file is large in size.

NO.4 Open Source Screen Recorder - Screencastify

Screencastify is an open source screen capture extension on Chrome browser. It provides you with a simple way to record anything happened on your Windows PC or Mac. The convenient part is, there is no downloading required. So you can navigate to the Chrome, find the extension and then start your video audio recording. What’s more, you can rely on it to record webcam video smoothly.


This free screen recorder enables you to capture screen with full screen, windows or customized area. The recordings will be saved and uploaded to Google Drive automatically. The free version of Screencastify only allows you to capture a 10-minute video. What’s worse, the output file will be added a watermark. You have to pay $24/year to remove the time limits and watermark.

NO.5 Open Source Screen Recorder - FlashBack Express

FlashBack Express is one kind of all-featured open source screen recorder. It has the capability to record screen from whole computer screen, a window, webcam or a selected area according to your need.


There is no any limitations of the recording time and length. More importantly, it won’t add any watermark onto the captured video. Flashback Express can output video in MP4, AVI, or WMV format as your settings. After the screen capturing, you are allowed to edit your recording. For instance, you can cut the video and only keep the useful part. And you can crop video to remove the black edge.

NO.6 Open Source Screen Recorder - Captura

Captura is an easy-to-use open source screen recorder which can help you capture screen from computer monitor and webcam. It allows you to capture specific regions, windows, or screens. Captura is designed with a concise interface that can give you a comfortable video and audio recording experience. This free screen recording software is completely ad-free. What’s more, it highly supports over 30 languages.


This open source screen recorder has the capability to do the demanded task of mixing microphone input audio and output speaker audio. Moreover, it offers hotkeys feature to ensure you to get full control of the recording. It also enables you to record DirectX Fullscreen games using the Desktop Duplication API. After recording, the captured video can be saved as MP4, AVI or GIF format based on your settings.

NO.7 Open Source Screen Recorder -JetScreenRecorder

JetScreenRecorder is the last open source screen capture in our list. This free video recorder can give a smooth and stable screen recording. It is designed with a user friendly GUI which can offer you a great user experience. JetScreenRecorder provides you with large choice of bit rate, from 50 kbit to 3000 kbit. In addition, it enables you to record full screen or selected area based on your need. You can capture video in MPEG4, WMV, FLV or other formats with ease.


The open source screen capture is totally no-ads. There won’t be any prompts bothering you while the screen recording process. One cool feature is that, you are allowed to change the fps number to fit your need. Whether you want to make a step-by-step tutorial, gameplay video, or e-Learning course, it can be a useful tool.


Here in this post, we mainly talked about 7 open source screen recorders. While the daily usage of your computer, you will frequently have the need to capture screen, whether for creating video tutorials or saving online videos. Considering that there are lots of recording tools offered on the market and it can be difficult to choose a right one, here we make a list of some great open source screen capture software for you.

You can get some basic features of each recorder and then find the one that best suits your needs. After reading this post, hope you can find one free video recorder that can fulfill your requirements. If you have any other awesome screen recording software, please share it in the comment part with us and other readers.

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