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Screen Recorder Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the full list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) and answers related to Vidmore Screen Recorder.

Installation & Activation

Is Vidmore Screen Recorder compatible with my 32-bit computer?

Yes, Vidmore Screen Recorder can be installed on Windows computer running in 32-bit and 64-bit. Check the detailed technical specifications here.

Will it add a watermark into the video recording in the free trial version?

No, Vidmore Screen Recorder offers the free trial version with the same functions as the registered version and no watermark will be added in the recording file. The differences between free trial version and registered version can be found as the following image.

Free and Register

What should I do if the software fails to be installed?

Firstly, you should check your computer tech species to see if Vidmore Screen Recorder is compatible with your computer. Then you should check the Internet connection. If neither of them work, just contact our support team ( to help to solve the problem further.

Can I use the registration code from one computer to another computer?

Yes, but the license key should be reset by us. Contact our support team ( and send us your order information (order number, license key). Then we’ll help you reset the key.

Record Video

When start a video recording, there is not sound in my recording. How to fix it?

For recording a video with the audio, you should make sure the audio toggle is enabled.

After selecting “Video Recorder”, you should toggle on the “Microphone” or/and “System Sound” according to your own needs.

I want to capture a 4K video, but the maximum resolution I can select from this software is 1080p HD. How to fix it?

Vidmore Screen Recorder supports 4K video recording, but you should meet the two demands. The first one is that the video you are capturing is 4K resolution, and the second one is you should make sure your display 4K Ultra HD monitor.

Can I record two PC display screens at the same time?

No, Vidmore Screen Recorder only supports the main display screen recording currently. But you can select the main display screen from the multi-display screens before recording.

What is the difference between Around mouse and Follow the mouse recording?

“Around mouse” is the recording mode where the recording area will change as you move your mouse, and the area always centers on the mouse.

If you move your mouse to the border of your screen display, then the area beyond your screen will be displayed as a black screen.

“Follow the mouse”, similar to “Around mouse”, will change the recording area as you move the mouse. The mouse will be always within the selected region, instead of centering on the mouse.

Moreover, only if your mouse is moving within a selected area, all the operation process in the area will be shown with moving as the mouse in the mode of “Follow the mouse”.

I want to record screen from webcam, but the toggle button is grayed out. How to fix it?

For recording webcam screen, you should make sure your web camera is working. Alternatively, you can insert an external USB camera to start the webcam recording.

Can I record both the webcam screen and the desktop screen?

Yes, you can. For creating the picture-in-picture recording with the Vidmore Screen Recorder, you should toggle on both video recording and the webcam recording buttons. Then select the recording area containing the webcam screen.

Record Audio

I want to capture my own voice and do not want to record the sound from computer. How to make it?

For recording your own voice, you should toggle on “Microphone” and disable the button of “System Sound”.

Why does my audio recording contain noise from my own voice? I only want to capture the online music.

When you start an audio recording, you should turn on “System Sound” to record the music from your computer. Meanwhile do not forget to turn off “Microphone” to avoid the noise around you.

When I enter the Audio Recorder, both the buttons from “Microphone” and “System Sound” are grayed out. How to fix it?

For recording the audio file on your computer, you must make sure your computer has the sound card, and the sound card driver is installed well.

Record Phone

What does the Screen Capture Mode mean in Vidmore Screen Recorder?

There are four screen capture modes in the Preferences, and they are Auto, Mode 1 (Common), Mode 2 (Windows 10 1903 and later) WinRT, and Mode 3 (Common) DXGI.

Usually, we suggest that you choose the Auto mode because this mode can enable the program to use different modes based on the performance of your computer. If the software has issues with the Auto mode, you can select the other three modes manually.

Mode 1 is the default mode of this software for recording screens, which guarantees the compatibility and the quality of screen capturing.

Mode 2 can improve the quality of the recording screen as long as your computer is Windows 10 1903 or later.

Mode 3 may make the recording quality relatively lower, so when your device cannot use these two modes above, you can select this mode.

I have tried to connect my devices to the computer many times, but this software cannot detect my devices. What can I do?

You can fill out the sheet below to tell us the information about your device and submit this sheet.

  • For Android
  • For iOS
  • 1. What’s the brand of your Android?

    2. What’s your device model?

    3. What ‘s the Android version of your device?


  • 1. What is your equipment model?

    2. What is the iOS version?


How to install the USB driver for Android devices on my Windows computer?

First of all, please download the USB driver on your computer. (Note: There are different USB drivers for different phone brands.) Then use the USB cable to connect your Android phone to the computer and turn on USB debugging in your Android. Later, search Device Manager in the search bar located at the bottom left of the computer screen and open it. After that, find and click Other devices and right-click on Android phone. Finally, click Update Driver Software… >> Browse my computer for driver software >> Next to finish the USB driver installation.

What should I do to enable USB debugging on my Android phone?

There are many different brands of Android phones, and the interfaces of these phones have some differences. Therefore, here is a basic way to enable USB debugging. Please enter the Settings app on your Android phone first. Then you should tap on System >> Develop options. After that, turn the USB debugging.

How to make casting Android phone audio to the computer possible?

Firstly, you should get an aux cable, then use it to build a connection between your Android phone and the computer. Secondly, right-click on the Sound icon and choose Open Volume Mixer. Later, please select System Sounds and the Recording tab. Then you should right-click Line In and choose Enable. After that, right-click Line In again and select Properties. In the Listen window, please check the box of Listen to this device and click on OK. Then you can cast the Android phone audio to the computer using Vidmore Screen Recorder.

Edit While Recording

Where is the edit button while recording?

While recording your computer screen, you can see the edit button (a pen image in the third place). Click it to enter the edit window.

Can I add the editing effects after the recording file is done?

No, the editing effects will be applied while recording. If the recording process stops, you will enter the preview window, where you can only clip the recording file or save the file.

Can I undo the editing effects?

Yes. You can click the counterclockwise arrow to undo your editing effect while recording.

How to undo some an editing effect?

No, you cannot undo the specific editing effect, but you can use the eraser feature (next to the counterclockwise arrow) to clear the affects you added in the specific step.

Recording Settings

What are the supported exported formats for video and audio?

Vidmore Screen Recorder has a wide support of video and audio formats.

For Windows users, you can export GIF, MP4, WMV, MOV, AVI, TS, F4V, M4V, MP3, WMA, AAC, M4A and CAF.

For Mac users, you can export MP4 and M4A.

Can I select the recording quality?

Yes, you can. For selecting the recording quality, you should click the settings button in the main interface, and scroll down to the “Output” tab, where you can select the video or audio quality from Lowest to Lossless under the dropdown list of “Video quality” and “Audio quality”.

Can I show the mouse clicks while recording?

Yes, you can. Just click the settings button in the main interface, and click the tab of “Mouse”, then select the checkbox of “Show mouse clicks” and select the color.

Can I use the hotkeys to start or stop a recording?

Yes, you can. Open the settings option from the main interface, and click the “hotkeys” tab, where you can set the hotkeys for Start/Stop record, Pause Record, etc.

How to hide the desktop icons and float bar when recording?

For hiding the desktop icons and float bar, you should navigate the “Recording” tab after clicking the settings button in the main interface, and select the checkbox of “hide desktop icons when recording” and “Hide float bar when recording”.

Where are the screenshots saved on my computer?

The destination of storing the screenshots will be customized by your own settings. If you did not set it before, just visit the default location to store the screenshot.

Go to the “Output” tab after clicking the settings button in the main interface, and find the path of “Location of output files”.

What formats can I use to store my screenshots?

For Mac users, you can save the screenshots as PNG.

For Windows users, the saved image formats can be PNG, JPG, JPEG, BMP, GIF and TIFF.

What is “Schedule Task Recording”? How to use it?

“Schedule Task Recording” is the recording task can be set wit the alarm-like feature, which will start and stop the recording process. You can find the option at the bottom of this software. Click it to add a new task, where you should give the task name, start time, stop time, and recording set.

What is “Recording Preset”? How to use it?

While you run this software to start a video or audio recording, there is a default set for you. You can customize the recording settings for every recording. You can also customize a recording preset, which will apply to every or multiple recording.

On run this software, click “Manage” from the dropdown list of “More”, then you will create a new recording preset, where you should select the recording display screen, record area, webcam, sound, microphone, video format, audio format, audio volume, video/audio quality, etc.

How to switch to the Aero theme in Windows 7 system?

To switch your PC theme to Aero in Windows 7, you can right-click your mouse to open “Properties” and move the side scroll bar to find the “Aero Themes” in the following window. Or you can simply open “Computer” in the “Windows” icon and move to “Properties”> “Advanced system settings”> “Advanced”. Here you can tap “Settings” to make adjustments to the visual effects.

And you are also suggested to search “services.msc” in the “Search” icon from scratch and then tap “Windows Management Service” under the “Service” column. You can open “Properties” and click the drop-down list in “Startup Type” and tick “Automatic”. Remember to start the “Service Status” before you save the changes. After that, you can enjoy the Aero theme on your Windows 7 system.

Record Failed

Audio recording failed because sound card is occupied?

If you failed to record video using this software and the following error messages pops up,

Failed to record, as your sound card is occupied by other applications. Please check it and free the sound card, or try to restart the computer.

You can solve the problem by the following 2 methods:

►Find and disable the voice chatting software, audio tuning programs or other recording programs.

► Restart your computer if you are not sure which program occupies the sound card.

Recording failed for graphics card or sound card has been modified?

While the recording task failed and you see the following error messages,

Recording failed, for some changes in your graphics driver or sound card driver. Please restart the program and try recording again.

It means that the failed recording task is caused by the modified graphics card or sound card. While you are running Vidmore Screen Recorder, the graphics card or sound card may switch or exit on computer automatically, then this software will fail to record. For solving it, you should restart Vidmore Screen Recorder.

Recording failed for the disabled camera or microphone access?

Starting with Windows 10 version 1903, an additional setting is available on camera and microphone settings pages, which provides limited control over desktop apps that access your camera and microphone using supported methods.

Vidmore Screen Recorder will need you to enable the camera and microphone access to record the videos and audio.

Just click Start icon, select Settings, click Privacy, click Camera, toggle on the button under Camera, and toggle on the button of Vidmore Screen Recorder.

Follow the above steps to enable the microphone access again on your Windows computer.

Audio recording failed and cannot hear the voice?

Some specific sound card can be detected only if the speaker is plugged as well. So, you should plug the audio jack into computer correctly and restart the recorder to fix it.

Recording failed for the outdated or incompatible sound or graphic card drivers?

If the sound/graphic card drivers are not compatible or outdated, it will also lead to the failed recording.

What you should do is to reinstall and update the drivers.

Press Windows key + X key, select Device Manager, find Display adapters and expand it, then right-click your graphic card to select Update driver, or Uninstall device.

Recording failed for the compatibility mode on Windows computer?

Compatibility mode of Vidmore Screen Recorder can let you use this software on more Windows versions. However, once you fail to record the audio, you should uncheck the Compatibility mode.

Right-click the Vidmore Screen Recorder icon, select Properties, go to the Compatibility tab, and then uncheck Run this program in compatibility mode for: , meanwhile, check Run this program as an administrator.

After that, just restart the software to start recording audio again.

Task Schedule recording failed?

Some reports say that Task Schedule recording is not activated after the settings from Vidmore Screen Recorder. For fixing the problem, you should run this software as administrator.

Right-click the Screen Recorder icon and select Run as administrator to start it. Then get the Task Schedule settings.

After that, exit Vidmore Screen Recorder and the task schedule will take effect.

Fail to record iPhone screen on your computer because of Windows Defender Firewall?

If Windows Defender Firewall is enabled on your Windows PC, you could not be able to capture your iPhone screen successfully. To fix this problem, you need to turn off Windows Defender Firewall. To start with, you need to search Control Panel in the search box, then select System and Security to continue. After that, choose Windows Defender Firewall, then choose Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off from the left panel of the window. Now, you can check the box next to Turn off Windows Defender Firewall and click OK.

Fail to record the screen on PC due to the outdated version of your graphics driver?

To ensure the excellent performance of your OS, you need to update your graphics card driver for high-quality images and videos.

For Mac users, what you need is to check your macOS version and acquire the available update in About This Mac section. After you choose Update Now and then install the latest macOS system on your Mac, there will be the newest graphics driver built-in to guarantee the screen recording and other operating process.

If you are using Windows, you can visit Device Manager in the Menu and open Display Adapters to update the drivers manually or automatically. And it can also be practical to visit the official manufacturer website of graphics card drivers like NVIDIA or GeForce to select and download the compatible graphics card driver with your computer.

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