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Video Editor Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the full list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) and answers related to Vidmore Video Editor.

Installation & Activation

Is Vidmore Video Editor compatible with my 64-bit computer?

Yes, Vidmore Video Editor can be installed on Windows computer running in both 32-bit and 64-bit. Check the detailed technical specifications here.

How to deal with it when Video Editor fails to be installed?

First, you should check the technical specifications of Vidmore Video Editor. If your computer meets the compatibility conditions, you can check the Internet connection. If there is no problem with both of them, please contact our support team ( to solve your problem.

How to register Vidmore Video Editor?

Click the Key icon and enter the register window. You can enter your email address you used to purchase the software and the registration code. Then click the Register button. Now, you successfully register Vidmore Video Editor.

If I use a registration code on one computer, is it still available on another computer?

Yes, but you should reset the license key. You can contact us ( and provide us your order information (order number, license key).

Does the license key work for both Windows and Mac versions?

No. The license keys for Windows and Mac are different. If you bought the wrong version, you can contact our support team ( within 7 days and exchange the license key.

Rotate Video

How do I turn a video 90 degrees?

Choose Rotate 90 clockwise or Rotate 90 counterclockwise in the left panel. You can see the Output Preview on the right.

Can you convert vertical video to horizontal?

Yes. You can achieve that by clicking Horizontal flip on the left. Also, you can preview the output video on the right.

Does rotating reduce the quality of my video?

No. You don’t need to worry about the quality of the output video. You can click the Settings button at the bottom and change the resolution according to your need.

Crop Video

How can I change the crop area?

You can drag the yellow rectangle on the screen. Or you can change the width and height in Crop Area Size. You can also choose to change the Aspect Ratio of the video.

How to remove the black edge of my video?

You can remove the black edge by cropping the video. Adjust the cropping area and preview the output effect on the right.

Does cropping reduce the quality of my video?

No. Cropping will only remove your unwanted parts. If you need, you can even enhance your video quality by changing the resolution.

Adjust Video Effect

How to brighten my video?

Choose Effect and add your video to the editor. Find Brightness on the left and drag the progress bar to change the brightness.

How to turn up the volume of the video?

Find Volume on the left and drag the progress bar to adjust the volume. During the process, you can hear the changes to make sure the effect is satisfying.

Trim Video

What’s the difference between Basic Clip and Advanced Clip?

All features in Basic Clip are included in the Advanced Clip. Besides, you can add new segments and merge them into one.

Can I get different segments from one added video?

Yes. Choose Advanced Clip and click the New Clip icon. You can get the same segment and clip it based on the original operation.

How to merge the clips into one?

After all trimming operations are done, you can check Merge into one file and you’ll get a merged file with high quality.

Enhance Video

How do I enhance my video into an HD video?

Choose Enhance and select the features provided on the left. Check the box of Upscale resolution. You can get an HD video after enhancement.

How to remove video noise with damaging the original audio track?

Select Remove video noise in the Enhance window. This software will remove the noise without damaging the original quality.

How to make my video recorded by phone look stable to others?

You can click the Reduce video shaking option on the left. Your video will look more stable to you after that.

Join Video Clips

Does merging reduce my video quality?

No. The merged video will be the same as the original videos. No need to worry about that.

Can I get my merged video file in another format?

Yes. Before merging, you can change the output format of the merged video. You can select the wanted output format at the bottom.

How is the joining speed like?

The speed of joining clips is fast. It can merge videos with high quality at a fast speed, which saves a lot of time for you.

Add Watermarks

Can I use a picture as my watermark?

Yes. You can first check the box of Enable watermark and choose Picture. Then select a picture from your computer.

How to adjust the watermark area?

You can change the number of the Watermark Area on the left. During the process, you can preview the effect on the right.

What are watermarks for?

Watermarks protect your copyright. You can add your watermarks to show that the work is done by yourself. Others need to get authorization if they want to use your work for commercial and non-commercial use.

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