[Tutorial] How to Check Audio Bitrate on Mac Using Command Line and More Tools

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An audio file has data called bitrate; it is important to determine the amount for many reasons. But mainly, having a higher bitrate means better sound quality but also a large file size. In this case, you might want to know how to check audio bitrate on your Mac, so that you can adjust it accordingly and get an ideal file size. Thus, don’t miss out on the tutorial here and the best way to match the audio bitrate with the computer model to produce an excellent outcome.

How to Check Audio Bitrate Mac


Part 1. Why Do You Need to Check the Audio Bitrate on Mac

A higher bitrate is better for sound quality, but it is not always necessary, considering the device system. It is better to make sure that you are working on an audio file without a bitrate that your equipment can’t handle. Otherwise, it will eventually lead your project to unpleasant results. Furthermore, checking the audio bitrate on Mac helps you to be mindful of the sound file size and the device's limited storage, along with extra skills to troubleshoot minor issues on the audio playback. With that said, read further to see the recommended methods for checking the audio bitrate.

Part 2. How to Get Bitrate of Audio Files on Mac via An Easy Tool

One thing to balance the audio bitrate on Mac is to use Vidmore Video Converter. It is a professional tool for media files, providing various solutions to edit, convert, and compress them. Of course, it supports extensive input and output formats, allowing you to change the file extension without trouble. The desktop tool is the suggested method to get or edit audio bitrate with options from 64kbps to 320kbps. Try the most comprehensive software for Windows and Mac.

Vidmore Video Converter
Vidmore Video Converter
  • Generate exact audio information, including the format, bitrate, etc.
  • Suitable for MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, OGG, and other audio files.
  • Extensive output settings to edit the sample rate, channel, and others.
  • Export converted audio files without losing the original quality.

Step 1. Download the Vidmore Video Converter on macOS or Windows and install it. When the installation is done, launch the software and upload the audio file by clicking the Add button. Optionally, you can import more files and individually get the audio bitrate from the uploads. Just click the Add Folder button.

Vidmore Download Upload Files

Step 2. Then, open the Format menu at the right part of the uploaded file. Choose the format and any of the default quality options. To create a new one, click the Custom Profile or cog button. Select the new encoder, bitrate, and other settings, then click the Create New button to save it.

Vidmore Video Converter Format Custom Profile

Step 3. Before exporting the file, navigate to the Save To option at the bottom part of the main interface. Browse and choose a folder to which you want to export the file. At last, click the Convert All button and wait for a few moments until the process is done.

Vidmore Video Converter Save to Convert All

Part 3. How to Get Bitrate of Audio Files on Mac from Command Line

The default method to check the audio bitrate on Mac is via the command line. If you are unfamiliar with this, the command line or Terminal helps the Mac user engage with the device using text-based commands. The tool allows you to access the Unix-based command line interface, where you can navigate the file system, run scripts, and manage the applications and settings. In the case of audio bitrate, Terminal is ideal, but you need to be specific to get the bitrate you need. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1. To start, launch the Terminal app from the Applications, Spotlight, or Utilities menu. Once the audio file is in the directory, type afinfo filename |grep "bit rate" and the command line will reveal the output (e.g., a bit rate of 320000 bits per second)

Step 2. The bitrate may appear as bits per second, but for full notation, 320000 is equal to 320kbps, while 192000 will be 192kbps, and so on.

Mac Command Line Audio Bitrate

Step 3. To change the audio bitrate, use the afconvert command to get the audio file with the desired bitrate. Then, replace the inputfile.wav with output.wav. Lastly, replace the desired_bitrate with the desired amount of bitrate. See the result and save the changes. And that’s how to check audio bitrate on Mac using the command line.

Part 4. FAQS about Checking the Audio Bitrate on Mac

Is 192khz better than 320kbps?

192khz and 320kbps are in different measurements. 192khz is on sample rate measurement, a higher rate that captures more details in the audio waveform. Meanwhile, 320kbps is measuring the bit rate per second. The comparison between 192khz and 320kbps is irrelevant since they do not strike together.

Is 320kbps good quality?

It is considered the best quality for all audio purposes. If you try to compress an MP3 with the amount of bitrate, the reduction is less noticeable, even if you compare it to the original data. However, you can maximize the usage of bitrate by considering the source material, listening environment, and storage space.

Is 128 audio bitrate good?

128kbps is considered a decent bitrate for causal audio listening and online video content. It depends on the usage, but other applications require a different audio bitrate. For example, music streaming services like Spotify use higher bitrates for songs. And even on its free trial, the minimum audio bitrate is at 160kbps.

How to check audio bitrate on Windows?

Getting a third-party app to view audio bitrate on Windows is advisable. You can get a free tool such as Pazera Free Audio Extractor to view details on audio files like MP3, WAV, etc. But since the tool cannot edit audio bitrate, Vidmore Video Converter is recommended for use on Windows. Besides, the converter can also help adjust the bitrate compression rate for video and audio files.


It is quick to learn how to check audio bitrate on Mac, but the process can be challenging with the command line. As you may know, the command line or Terminal is not user-friendly because you have to be specific to view or change the audio bitrate. Luckily, Vidmore Video Converter is the alternative suggested for a professional and easy bitrate change. Besides, this desktop tool allows you to edit other outputs, such as the format, sample rate, and channel. Click Download to try the free version now.

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