How iMovie Change Aspect Ratio using iPhone and Mac; Detailed Steps

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Recording or shooting a video outdoors is fun and memorable. But there are instances that you might capture an area that you want to avoid seeing in your video. For that reason, you need a cropping tool to get rid of it. This How-To article has steps to crop video using iMovie on iPhone and Mac. If iMovie still does not satisfy you, refer to the alternative software. Start reading now!

Crop Videos on iMovie


Part 1: How to Crop a Video on iMovie on iPhone

If you are an Apple user, you are very familiar with iMovie. It is an editing tool that can turn your videos into a movie. However, we will focus on something other than making a movie using iMovie. Still, we will talk about how to crop a video on iMovie, how to resize a video in iMovie, how to change aspect ratio in iMovie, and more!

Furthermore, iMovie is a pre-installed application on iPhones, iPad, and Macs. Nevertheless, if you cannot find it on your device, you can install it on Apple Store. In this part, we will use an iPhone on iMovie to crop videos or change the aspect ratio. Here are the steps in a step-by-step form:

Step 1: Launch the iMovie application on your iPhone device. Then, you will automatically see the main interface. Also, you will see the Options in the middle, like Videos, Projects, Theater, and the Plus Sign in the left-side corner.

How to Crop Videos on iMovie iPhone Launch the Application

Step 2: Start uploading the video by tapping the Project and Plus Sign. After that, you will proceed to the New Project panel. Then, click the Movie icon and start to choose a video you want to crop on your Camera Roll.

How to Crop Videos on iPhone New Project Panel

Step 3: On the cropping panel, you will see the Preview, including the other options of iMovie. On the left-side corner is the preview of your video. Click the Scissor icon to crop the area you want.

How to Crop Videos on iPhone Cropping Panel

Step 4: After that, finish the cropping process by tapping the Done button on the upper-left side of the corner of the cropping panel. Then, save it to your iPhone device.

How to Crop Videos on iPhone Done button

You might also ask how to zoom in on a video in iMovie. You can do that while cropping the video. On the right corner of the interface, you will see the Pinch to Zoom Video in the upper part. In addition, while cropping video, you can adjust the Volume and add Text and effects. Overall, using iMovie on iPhone is relatively easy to use. Beside, you can trim a long video in iMovie into several clips.

Part 2: How to Crop a Video on iMovie on Mac

You can use iMovie on Mac if you want to crop your video on a bigger screen. Again, iMovie has pre-installed software. Therefore, you will save time because you do not need to download or install iMovie. Moreover, if you are using Mac right now, feel free to follow the steps below:

Step 1: Launch the iMovie on your Mac. After that, you will go to its main interface. You will see the options above the interface, such as File, Edit, Mark, Modify, View, Window, and Help. Below that, choose the Plus Sign and Create New button,

How to Crop on iMovie Mac Launch iMovie on Mac

Step 2: After clicking the Plus Sign, the two choices will appear, Movie and Trailer. Choose the Movie button and click it.

How to Crop Videos on iMovie Mac Movie Button

Step 3: After choosing the Movie button, you will go to the Project panel. In the middle, you will see the Import Media icon and click it. Then, select the video you want to crop.

How t Crop Videos on iMovie Mac Import Media

Step 4: Once you import a video, you will notice all the Editing Options above the Video Player. Now, select the Crop icon, and it will reveal the Crop button on the top left of the panel. Click on it and start cropping your video in your desired area.

How to Crop Videos on iMovie Mac Crop Icon

Step 5: If you are finished selecting the area you want to crop using the handlebars or the white rectangular line, click the Check icon, and you will see that on the top right corner of the cropping panel, and the video will be cropped automatically.

How to Crop Videos on Imovie Mac Check Icon

If you desire to become more familiar with iMovie, you might think it is challenging, mainly if you use it on Mac. But the good news is that iMovie is recommendable for beginner and professional users who want to crop videos with basic editing tools. On Mac, you can make a movie in iMovie with the ready-made templates.

Part 3: Alternative Way to iMovie on Mac

If iMovie does not satisfy you with its features and editing tools, there will always be an alternative way to do that. We highly recommend you use Vidmore Video Converter. Take note; this is not just a converter because it can crop videos quickly. Please let us share with you some of its unique features.

Vidmore Video Converter has a Toolbox that offers many tools, such as Video Compressor, Video Enhancer, Video Trimmer, Video Merger, and especially Video Cropper, which is our topic for this How-To article. Moreover, in bullet form, we will share more with you:

  1. It has video processing with a high quality of up to 8K videos.
  2. It is quick and manageable to crop audio and videos.
  3. It allows you to create video and photo collages in just a minute.
  4. Aside from cropping, it also offers trim, rotate, merge, add effect, and watermark.

Since you now have an idea about Vidmore Video Converter, let us proceed on how to use it effectively using the provided steps below. This time, we will also use Mac to crop videos.

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Step 1: On your Mac, open Vidmore Video Converter. Then, you will see its excellent user interface. Below, choose the Toolbox from the four Options.

How to Crop Videos on iMovie Vidmore Videoo converter Toolbox

Step 2: Once you are in the Toolbox panel. Find the Video Cropper and open it as well.

How to Crop Videos on iMovie Vidmoore Video Converter video Cropper

Step 3: After that, the Video Cropper panel will appear. Click the Plus Sign and add the video you want to crop from your Mac. Then, you will proceed to the cropping panel that provides Preview. Start cropping the video using handlebars, or choose the Preset Aspect Ratio. Once it is done, click the Export button on the right corner of the panel.

How to Crop Videos on i Movie Videmore Video Converter Crop and Export

Whether you use Windows or Mac, Vidmore Video Converter is still user-friendly. Upon cropping the video, it was like a professional experience. In addition, after cropping the video, you may wonder about the output quality. Well, worry no more because the quality will remain or even upgrade. Try Vidmore Video Converter now for the best output result!

Part 4: FAQs of How to Crop Video

Why is iMovie cropping my video?

iMovie is cropping your video because of its default, like iMovie aspect ratio or iMovie resize video. For example, iMovie crops the size of 4:3 or 9:16 because the default size needed on iMovie is 16:9.

Can you crop a video in iMovie?

Changing the iMovie aspect ratio on video is almost similar to cropping video. You can change it on the iMovie Project panel. Then, you will see the File and select the Project Properties. Then, a dialog panel will appear and choose the aspect ratio you prefer for your video, and that is it.

How to change iMovie aspect ratio?

Changing the iMovie aspect ratio on video is almost similar to cropping video. You can change it on the iMovie Project panel. Then, you will see the File and select the Project Properties. Then, a dialog panel will appear and choose the aspect ratio you prefer for your video, and that is it.


Using Apple devices has advantages because of the preinstalled iMovies. We know how to crop, change aspect ratio, and resize videos using iMovie. But we also discover that the Vidmore Video Converter is much more advantageous. Moreover, if this How-To article is helpful to you, we appreciate it if you leave us positive feedback. See you again in our next post!

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