DVD Player Playing in Black and White – The 4 Most Efficient Ways You Should Know

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Why does a DVD only play in black and white with your DVD player? When you use a JVC THS-1 DVD player that is connected directly to the TV via RGB SCART, you might find the DVD player suddenly displays play and white image only. Just follow the ultimate guide to check the disc, the connection, the DVD player, the TV set, or to fix the black and white playback of a DVD player.

DVD Player Black and White

Part 1: How to Fix DVD Player Playing in Black and White

Solution 1: Match up the Cable Connection to Fix Black and White Image

When your DVD player is playing in black and white, your TV set may be connected incorrectly, especially when you have an old DVD player without an HDMI output. Generally, a DVD player can be hooked up to a TV set via an HDMI, composite, A/V, component, or S-Video cable.

Make sure a correct cable connection to avoid your black and white image of the DVD player. Just match the corresponding colors of the composite cable on both the DVD player and TV. Moreover, you should check if the cable connection is fully plugged in.

Connect TV DVD Player HDMI

Solution 2: Convert PAL to NTSC or Vice Versa to Fix Black and White Image

There are two major TV broadcasting color systems: NTSC and PAL. Both NTSC and PAL are the most frequently used standards for different countries. If you play an NTSC on a PAL TV or play a PAL on an NTSC TV, you will find your DVD player playing black and white on TV.

Since the incompatibility between NTSC and PAL will also cause a DVD player to play in black and white, you need to convert your NTSC to PAL or vice versa. You have to buy an NTSC to PAL/ PAL to NTSC converter.

NTSC to PAL Converter

Solution 3: Avoid Humid Weather to Fix DVD Player Playing Black and White

The humid weather can also result in your DVD player playing in black and white. In this situation, the physical condition of your TV and DVD player will change and thus lead to the fault of some important spare parts. Just pay attention to ventilation, or even use the dryer to make the DVD player workable again.

Besides the humid weather, an overheating circuit can also turn the images of the DVD to black and white. As for the case, you should also pay attention to the ventilation when placing the DVD player.

If the backlight of your output TV is disordered, the picture color will be greatly influenced. Then your DVD player may only play in black and white. When the problem is related to the smart TV, a computer with a professional DVD player should be the best alternative to play the DVD with the original quality.

Vidmore Player is a versatile DVD player that enables you to playback DVDs, Blu-rays, and even 4K videos. It provides you a smooth playback experience with high image quality. Moreover, you can also change the subtitle track and audio track of your movie.

  1. Play DVDs, DVD folder, and ISO images with the original quality.
  2. Support high-quality image playback and perfect sound processing.
  3. Adjust audio/video track, channel, subtitle, effects, and screen size.
  4. Provide navigation menu support to direct to the desired menu easily.

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Step 1. Once you have connected the DVD player to your computer, or use the build-in DVD driver, you can insert the DVD into the DVD slot. Launch Vidmore DVD player after installation. Click the Open Disc button in the main interface to load the DVD that plays black and white.

Insert Disc

Step 2. When you import the DVD, the DVD player enables you to play back any disc without restriction. You can also go to the desired menu with the advanced navigation menu support. Moreover, you can click the Camera icon to take a snapshot anytime you want.


Part 2: FAQs of How to Fix DVD Player Playing in Black and White

Can You Switch the PAL to NTSC, or Vice Versa with DVD Player?

Yes. The modern PAL DVD players usually automatically convert the NTSC signal to PAL, for optimal playback on PAL-only TVs. If the DVD player does not convert the NTSC signal to PAL, the TV does not support the NTSC signal, the DVD player will show as black and white instead of color.

How to Fix DVD Player Playing Black and White without HDMI?

You should have an adapter or converter available so that you can turn your HDMI input connection from your DVD player into an RCA or SCART. Of course, you can also use some other classic A/V connector as the HDMI alternative to fix the DVD player playing black and white.

What Should be The Problems When DVD Player Overheated?

Besides the DVD player playing black and white, you might also experience poor audio quality, choppy playback, device restarts on its own, the disc cannot play, the device crash, freeze, and even the player is hot to touch, especially the top and bottom panels.


This article introduces both the reasons and methods of DVD players playing in black and white. When you are in the same trouble, you can check these problems you have when you are playing a DVD on the DVD player. Vidmore DVD Player is one of the most powerful ways to enjoy the DVDs on your computer with the original video quality.

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