How to Record Screen in VLC and Its Alternative

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VLC Media Player is a free and open-source multimedia player. That is what you have known.

Still, there are other hidden features that you may ignore from this powerful media player, and recording your desktop screen happens to be one of them.

VLC can record screen from desktop, TV, and webcam, so that you can share the video presentation anywhere as you like.

We’re here to walk you through how to use VLC to record screen on the computer and troubleshoot VLC not working.

VLC Record Screen

Part 1. How to Record Screen and Video in VLC

Unlike other screen recorders, VLC is the simple screen recording software for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Its interface is designed for playing videos and it may take you some effort to record screen on the computer.

Let’s dive right it.

Step 1: Run VLC, click Media at the top menu, and select Convert / Save to open the Open Media dialog box.

Open Capture Device VLC

Step 2: Navigate the Capture Device tab. In the Capture mode section, there are 3 recording modes, DirectShow, TV – Digital, and Desktop.

Desktop: VLC will capture anything on your desktop.

TV – Digital: VLC records the screen from a TV tuner card.

DirectShow: VLC can record screen from a webcam.

Select the recording mode depending on your needs, and here we will choose Desktop to record your desktop screen.

Step 3: Select the desired frame rate. VLC supports a frame from 1 fps to 100 fps. The higher the frame rate, the better the quality and the larger the file size.

After that, click Convert / Save button to continue.

Record Desktop Settings VLC

Step 4: Choose the output file format for the screen recording file by clicking the down arrow associated with Profile.

Afterward, Click Browse to specify where to save the recording file.

Finally, click Start to record any activities from your computer desktop.

Record Desktop Screen In VLC

Step 5: Right-click the red button to select Stop to discontinue screen recording.

Alternatively, the Stop playback button at the bottom will also stop the desktop recording in VLC.

Stop VLC Screen Recording

After that, you can open the saved recording video file where you set the destination.

Part 2. FAQs and Troubleshooting of VLC Screen Capture

Though VLC can record screen, it is not the professional screen capture software. As a result, there are some problems when people use VLC as a screen recorder. Check the following FAQs and troubleshooting about VLC.

VLC Screen Recording Troubleshooting

1. VLC records screen without audio, how to fix?

There are 3 recording modes in VLC. When you choose to record desktop, it will capture the whole screen on your desktop, but it contains no audio, but the only screen.

2. VLC record button not working, and cannot generate a file. How to solve it?

VLC cannot generate a file until you tell where to save the recording file. Moreover, you can upgrade VLC to the latest version to solve this problem.

3. Why does VLC record screen with an invisible mouse pointer?

VLC can record screen, but it cannot capture the mouse click highlights or pointers. To show mouse pointer while recording, you should download the mouse pointer plug-in for VLC, or get a mouse recorder as VLC screen recording alternative.

4. VLC only records audio, instead of video, why does that happen?

Firstly, you should make sure the output recording file is set the video format, instead of audio format.

Secondly, the problem that VLC recording audio-only always happens to VLC with the older version. You are recommended to update VLC to the latest version.

Last but not least, the issue VLC recording audio only, not the video is reported to occur when users want to record DVD or MKV files. That is the bug from VLC, and there is no official solution currently.

5. VLC recording skips the first few seconds?

There are reports from users that say VLC will always skip the first few seconds when starting a screen recording. To solve this problem, you are recommended to use the command line, instead of the record button.

For more solutions to VLC not recording, you should jump it here.

FAQs of VLC Recording Screen

Where do VLC recordings save?

The screen recording file will be saved where you customized the location. Sometimes, you can find it from the default destination on C:UsersYou user nameVideos, if you have never customized the location.

What format does VLC record in?

The recording format is customized as MP4, WebM, TS, ASF, etc., as you like.

VLC screen recording is not enabled on Android?

The screen recording feature in VLC is available for desktop users. It only works on Windows, Mac,bel and Linux, not Android or iPhone.

Part 3. VLC Alternative – Record Screen and Video with Audio

As a free media player, VLC does a fantastic job. However, when it comes to its recording feature, VLC is not positive. Besides the recording problems from the users mentioned above, it has some disadvantages as below:

  1. It records the whole desktop screen, not selected specific region.
  2. It cannot record live streams.
  3. The steps of recording a screen on a computer are not easy.
  4. It is lacking in some feasible controls to apply some recording effects.

To record a screen on computer, you still have options.

Vidmore Screen Recorder is the VLC replacement, but superior to VLC. It can record desktop screens, webcams, browsers, and programs on computer. Offer the customized options, it can record any region and audio source as you like. Whether you want to record a streaming live show, or online movie, even your desktop to make a tutorial video, Vidmore Screen Recorder can do it with ease.

Vidmore Screen Recorder – Best VLC AlternativeVidmore Screen Recorder – Best VLC Alternative

  • Record any activities on a computer.
  • Record audio from microphone & speaker.
  • Real-time editing while recording a screen.
  • Record with a mouse pointer.
  • Record screen without mouses via hotkeys.
  • Select recording window and region freely.
    Set timer recording automatically.
Vidmore Screen Recorder – Best VLC Alternative

The process of recording a screen with VLC alternative can be accomplished in a few simple steps.

Step 1: Free download the VLC alternative by clicking the download link above. Open this program and select Video Recorder.

Select Video Recorder

Step 2: Here, you are required to make simple settings for screen recording. Click Full or Custom to select the region or window that you want to capture.

Vidmore Screen Recorder

Toggle on/off System Sound or Microphone to record screen with or without audio.

Recording Audio Settings

For customizing your screen recording for mouse clicks, hotkeys, output format, and other parameters, you should click the menu button (three-dot) and select Preferences.

Mouse Preferences

Step 3: After everything is well, click the REC button to start recording a screen. The floating bar lets you edit effects while recording.

Record GTA On PC

Step 4: While recording, it also supports pausing and resuming recording. The stop button will discontinue screen recording and get you into the preview window, where you are allowed to clip the recording file.

Finally, click Save to export the screen recording on a computer.

Play Mouse Recording File

That's all.


Undoubtedly, VLC is a powerful and free media player. However, as a screen recorder, VLC is not unsatisfactory. This page also recommends another VLC alternative to help you capture any screen on your computer.

Now it is your turn.

Do you think VLC is a qualified screen capture tool?

Have you met other recording problems using VLC?

What is your best VLC alternative?

Let me know by leaving your comments below.

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