Top 4 8mm Video Cassette Players You Should Not Miss

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One of the most incredible perks of technological advancements is they can capture great moments and memories. Technological innovations, like 8mm video cassette players and camcorders, have helped us capture and relive various moments. This post will present details about the 8mm video and cassette players. In addition, it will introduce a video player you can rely on to play video in any format. Without further discussion, proceed to the following details.

8mm Video Player Review

Part 1. What is an 8mm Video

The 8mm video refers to the three-related video cassette formats, and these are, Video8, Hi9, and Digital8. The Video8 format refers to analog recording, the Hi8 refers to analog audio and video, and Digital8 is a recent digital recording format.

Part 2. 8mm Video Cassette Player

This section will introduce the following 8mm Video Cassette Player you can check to play your 8mm video formats. This part will provide essential information before considering buying or using it. To get to know them, take a look at the following information.

1. Sony EV-C3 Compact Video 8 VC

Sony EV-C3 Compact Video 8 VC

Sony EV-C3 Compact Video 8 VC is a compact and rugged product that can play any 8mm analog tape. It is one of the perfect choices to convert 8mm video cassettes into DVDs if you prefer to preserve the video clips for longer.

Item Dimensions: 7 × 10 × 3 inches

Price: $499.99


  1. It can play Standard Play (SP) and Long Play (LP) tapes.
  2. It has an NTSC color system type.
  3. It has no built-in monitor.


  1. It is designed for Hi8 tapes in the NTSC video format.
  2. It does not support video formats, such as VHS or digital formats.

2. Sony Dsr-v10 Dvcam Mini DV Digital Video Cassette Recorder

Sony Dsr-v10 Dvcam Mini DV Digital Video Cassette Recorder

It is a Sony 8mm Video Cassette Player and a fantastic video walkman that can be easily held in our hands. It has a built-in speaker and can play any recorded tapes, specifically those recorded in Sony camcorders.

Item Dimensions: 6 × 5 × 2.5 inches

Price: $485


  1. It provides high-quality audio and video recording and playback.
  2. It offers timecode, input, output, audio level control, and more features.
  3. It has an RCA a/V jack.
  4. It has an S video jack and DV jack or firewire port.
  5. It is compactable with tapes of the Sony-TRV series, DCR-VX series, DCR-HR series, DCR-PC series, and DSR-PD series.


  1. It is expensive compared to other 8mm video player cassettes.
  2. It is bulkier and larger, which makes it less portable and convenient.

3. Sony Video Hi8 EV-C100 NTSC Video Casette Recorder Magnetoscope

Sony Video Hi8 EV-C100 NTSC Video Casette Recorder Magnetoscope

Sony Video Hi8 EV-C100 NTSC Video Cassette Recorder Magnetoscope is a good choice for watching and editing the video clips you have captured in your camcorder. Hi8 recording brings more than 400 lines of horizontal resolution and enhances the signal-to-noise ratio. In addition, it is a video master that retains higher image quality through multiple generations of dubbing and editing.

Item Dimensions: 10.83 × 10.55 × 4.09 inches

Price: $475


  1. It has an easy-to-use controls, making it easier to operate.
  2. It can record and play 8mm and Hi8mm.
  3. It can deliver more than 400 lines of horizontal resolution.
  4. It offers a better signal-to-noise ratio.
  5. It has a voice boost audio system.


  1. It does not support other video formats or digital formats.
  2. It lacks modern advancements and features.
  3. It has limited availability and support.

4. Sony EV-C2000E Hi8 Video8 8mm Video Cassette Recorder Player

Sony EV-C2000E Hi8 Video8 8mm Video Cassette Recorder Player

Sony EV-C2000E Hi8 Video8 8mm Video Cassette Recorder Player can play different types of 8mm tapes, including Hi-8. It is easy to use and provides playback and recording for your cassettes. Besides that, it has Hi-Fi stereo sound and LANC control and offers a clean, still picture.

Item Dimensions: 21.3 × 14 × 5.4 inches

Price: $150


  1. It can play various types of 8mm tapes.
  2. It provides recording and playback for your cassettes.
  3. It offers Hi-Fi stereo sound, LANC control, and more.


  1. It lacks some of the modern advancements and features found in contemporary video players and recorders.
  2. It has limited format support and degrades audio and video quality.

Below is the comparison chart, where you can see the differences between the 8mm Video Cassette Player presented above. To get to know the other details presented, please continue reading.

8mm Video Cassette Players Brand Item Model Number Item Weight
Sony EV-C3 Compact video 8 VCR Sony EV-C3 5.29 pounds
Sony Dsr-v10 Mini DV Digital Video Cassette Recorder Sony DSR-V10 2.4 pounds
Sony Video Hi8 EV-C100 NTSC Video Cassette Recorder Magnetoscope Sony EV-C100 4.83 pounds
Sony EV-C2000E Hi8 Video8 8mm Video Cassette Recorder Player Sony EV-C2000E 13.77 pounds

Part 3. Best Video Player & Converter with Speed Control

Vidmore Video Converter

If you prefer to play your videos without using a video cassette player, you can count on Vidmore Video Converter. The last thing you will do is install the program on your desktop, and you are good to play your video. This program has a built-in Video Player that allows you to play video in any format. With that, you do not need to worry if the program can handle or support your video format.

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The Video Player provides modern options to play videos; you can modify the video speed and adjust the volume according to your preference. You can change the video speed level to slow, selecting 0.75×, 0.5×, 0.25×, and 0.125×. In addition, 1.25×, 1.5×, and 2× for faster speed levels. Besides that, you can take a screenshot while you are viewing. You can take a screenshot of the scenes you like the most that will be saved on your desktop folder. For that reason, you can save a specific part of the video hassle-free.

The Video Player can offer you the satisfactory viewing experience you deserve to experience. So what are you waiting for? Feel free to use it now and install it on your computer!


Part 4. FAQs about 8mm Video Player

What aspect ratio is 8mm?

Traditional motion image film equipment was designed for a 4:3 world. All video formats, including 8mm, Super8, 16mm, and 35mm, follow 4:3 images.

What quality is 8mm?

8mm video has 1000-2000 lines of horizontal resolution. A standard definition of 8mm film transfer can only capture 480 out of your film's 1000-1200 lines of resolution.

What is the standard 8mm format?

The recommended frame size of a regular 8mm is 4.8 mm × 3.55mm, and 1 meter of film includes 264 pictures.

What is the frame rate for 8mm?

Sixteen frames per second are the standard playback speed of 8mm film.

What is 8mm film used for?

8mm film is commonly used for creating commercials, music videos, and short films because of its unique aesthetic quality.


You have learned what 8mm video is and what are the following 8mm video players you can count on. However, they are outdated version and does not have modern advancements and features. Besides that, in modern times and technology, they are being left behind and not typically used today. Therefore, you must consider using a program that can play videos in any format, which is Vidmore Video Converter capable of doing. It offers modern features which allow you to control the video and take a screenshot. The impressive part is that it allows you to experience the best viewing experience.

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