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Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) is gaining popularity these days over the internet. It is commonly used to express one’s feelings and ideas, present humor, entertain, and for business purposes. The strange fact is that some social media sites still do not support this file even though it provides numerous purposes. Despite that, if you are a fan of this, it does not stop you from sharing engaging animations on your social media accounts.

If a particular social media site does not support this format, you can convert your file to a video file format instead. It is necessary to convert your file to a different file that enables you to share your video on various platforms. Consider converting your GIF to MP4 file format because it is the most popular and commonly used format. This post will present several applications that are capable of converting your file. Besides that, it comes with instructional steps you can use as a guide. If you are ready to get started, keep reading this post.

Convert GIF to MP4

Part 1. Convert GIF to MP4 Offline

1. Vidmore Video Converter

Vidmore Video Converter is a powerful multi-format video converter with helpful editing options, tools, and built-in features. It can convert your files to various video file formats it supports. It enables you to export video files into various formats and devices. It has editing options to rotate, crop, apply effects and filters, put a watermark, and subtitles to your project. Besides that, it has a cutting option that lets you leave out unnecessary parts of your video you do not need. On top of that, you have complete control to enhance your project using the options that can enhance video quality. Aside from the abovementioned, it provides ready-made themes, collage makers, and a section consisting of numerous built-in tools.

Below are the instructional steps to learn how to convert GIF to MP4 using Vidmore Video Converter:

Step 1. Download and Install Vidmore Video Converter

Download and install the program to your computer for complete access. After the installation procedure, begin to open the program to get started.

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for Windows

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for macOS

Step 2. Add GIF File

You are directed to the Converter tab once you open the program. Click the (+) icon on your screen's center part, and it will automatically open your desktop folder. Next, select the GIF file you want to convert, which will be added to the converter section.

Add GIF File

Step 3. Select MP4 File Format

Once your GIF file is placed in the converter section, head to the Format icon and click the drop-down menu. The drop-down menu consists of various file formats you can choose from. From the list presented, click the MP4 file format placed on the upper part of the list. After that, you will see that MP4 becomes the output file format.

Select MP4 File Format

Step 4. Modify Video Settings

Hit the Gear icon to modify the video settings to produce a high-quality video output. Adjust the Encoder, Resolution, Frame Rate, and Bitrate based on your preference. Once settled, hit the Create New button.

Modify Video Settings

Optional: Click the Wand icon if you want to change the position of your GIF, apply effects or filters, or add a watermark or subtitles. You can also use the Cutting option to remove the unnecessary parts you do not need. In addition, click the Paint icon if you want to enhance the quality of your project.

Step 5. Convert GIF to MP4 File Format

Once satisfied with the changes, click the Convert All button to turn GIF into MP4 file format. After that, your converted video is saved in your desktop folder.

Convert GIF to MP4 File Format

2. Photoshop

Photoshop is one of the popular graphic editing programs and the go-to application for editing project purposes. It can crop images, correct lighting, and enhance images. In addition, it has options enabling you to create collages, image composites, image layering, and craft images using different files. Photoshop provides limitless opportunities to create digital art, social media posts, and business. Despite being a photo editing program, it is also used to convert files to different formats. It supports MP4, MOV, and DPX video export formats. However, you must subscribe to a paid plan to access the application. To learn to convert GIF to MP4 Photoshop, follow the steps provided.

Step 1. Open the program using your desktop device to begin the converting process.

Step 2. Head to the File tab on the top menu bar and click the Open option. Select the GIF file you want to convert to an MP4 file from there. Afterward, head to the File tab again, select the Export button, and then the Render Video option. On the Render box option, enter the name of your file to locate it once saved quickly. Hit the Select Folder option and select a file location to save your output.

Step 3. Click Photoshop Image Sequence from the menu, and choose a video file format from the pop-up menu. From there, choose MP4 video format, which will be the output format once it undergoes the converting process. Moreover, you can adjust the size, preset, frame rate, aspect, and field order.

Step 4. Once done, hit the OK button to convert your GIF into an MP4 file format.

Photoshop Convert GIF to MP4


Fast Forward Moving Picture Experts Group (FFMPEG) is a cross-platform that can record, stream audio and video, and convert multimedia files. It is a free and open-source program providing numerous audio and video procedures tools. It is a leading multimedia framework capable of decoding, encoding, transcoding, image and video manipulation, and playback. Therewithal, it offers a fast video converter that enables you to convert GIF to MP4 format and maintain its quality. To know FFMPEG GIF to MP4 converting process, refer to the steps below.

Step 1. Launch FFMPEG on your desktop, whether you are using Mac or Windows.

Step 2. Input these codes to convert your GIF file to an MP4 file successfully: FFmpeg –gnore_loop 0 –i $i.gif-c: v libx264 –pix_fmt yuv420 –crf4 –b:v 300K –Vf scale=320:-1 –t 10-movflags +faststart $i.mp4

Step 3. After that, the program will automatically create the file, where you can now download the converted file on your desktop.

FFMPEG Convert GIF to MP4

4. iMovie

Mac users do not need to download or install a particular video converter application that can help them convert their files. A pre-installed application named iMovie is only accessible using iOs devices. This free video editing application has ranging video effects, color correction, and image stabilization tools. In addition, it has options to enhance video color, add video transitions, change the speed of clips, and more. Therewithal, it is capable of converting GIF to MP4 files. Follow the steps presented to learn how to convert GIF to MP4 Mac using iMovie.

Step 1. Open the iMovie application on your Mac device using your preferred method to begin a new project.

Step 2. Hit the File on the top menu bar and choose the Import Media option from the list. It will automatically open your desktop folder and choose the GIF file you wish to convert.

Step 3. Drag the GIF file over to the timeline to start the converting process. Next, hit the File tab again, choose Share from the list, and then File.

Step 4. Drag the GIF file over to the timeline to start the converting process. Next, hit the File tab again, choose Share from the list, and then File.

iMovie Mac Convert GIF to MP4

Part 2. Convert GIF to MP4 Online

1. Adobe

Adobe Express has an intuitive interface that is easy to understand and use. It is one of the most used web-based platforms to convert GIFs to MP4. for free. It can help you convert your GIF file into an MP$ video you can share on various social media platforms. It will reduce the file size, making it easier to upload. In addition, it supports a plethora of media file formats that are available for conversion. To learn the Adobe GIF to MP4 converting process, follow the steps below.

Step 1. Visit Adobe Express Convert GIFs to MP4 for Free’s official website using your web browser.

Step 2. Click the Upload your GIF button from the main interface, bringing you to another tab. Then, click the Browse on your device button to open your desktop folder, and upload your GIF file.

Step 3. It will automatically convert your GIF to MP4 file format. After that, click the Download button to save your converted file to your folder.

Adobe Online Convert GIF to MP4

2. Ezgif

EZGIF is a web-based platform that primarily works over GIF files. It has a clear and straightforward interface that makes it easy to use. It enables users to create GIFs, resize, crop, optimize, add effects, text, and more. In addition, it can convert various popular media formats. It enables users to upload a video directly from the folder or use a link from a social media site. It has fast conversion rates and processes that will only take a minute to get the result. To know the EZGIF GIF to MP4 converting process, refer to the guide below.

Step 1. First and foremost, visit EZGIF.COM official website using your browser. From the main interface, click the Video to GIF from the list of features. Then, click GIF to MP4 button to bring you to the primary conversion section.

Step 2. Click the Choose File button to automatically open your desktop folder, and choose the GIF file you want to convert. Alternatively, you can paste the URL of the GIF you get from other social media sites. Once done, click the Upload button to process your GIF file.

Step 3. Click the Convert to MP4 button, and the platform will process the file and convert it into an MP4 format. Once done, hit the download button and save it to your desktop folder.

EZGIF Online Convert GIF to MP4

Part 3. FAQs about GIF to MP4 Converter

What app converts GIF to MP4?

Video2Me is a popular video editing application with a 4.5 rating on Google Playstore. It has plenty of built-in features, including GIF to Video conversion. Through this application, you can convert your GIF files to MP4 files and other file formats it supports.

What is the difference between GIF and video?

A GIF is a sequence of frames with low quality, no sound, and less size. In contrast, a video includes visual information with high-quality frames, sounds, and no size limit.

What is MP4 advantages and disadvantages?

MP4 is standard on the web, has high compression and quality, and is flexible. Despite that, it is needed an intensive ability to encode and decode.


This post presented video converters you can access offline, online, and through mobile phones. It is up to you what you will use to turn GIF into MP4 file format. With that, you can still upload your project even if it is converted to a video format. But if you plan to use a converter packed with editing options, features, and tools, count on Vidmore Video Converter.

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