Tutorial to Remove Copy Protection from Any DVD (Step by Step)

Laura Goodwin Mar 31, 2022 Copy DVD

Copy protection is used to protect digital or analog content from unauthorized copying due to copyright reasons. As a result, you cannot make a backup copy of your DVD collection. Even though all those DVD discs are legally purchased, it is illegal to remove copy protection literally. Well, it does not matter a lot if you do not benefit from ripped DVD videos. If you burn homemade DVDs, there is no copy protection. You need to perform DVD copy protection removal with commercial DVDs.

Only you remove copy protection can you rip, burn or transcode DVD successfully. It is true that you can get some DVD ripper freeware, like HandBrake, VLC and more. You can install HandBrake libdvdcss to read some encrypted DVDs. However, the success rate of this free DVD ripper with copy protection removal is not good enough.

If you want to remove copy protection of your newly-bought DVDs or some old DVD collections, you had better run professional DVD decrypter to rip copy-protected DVD to digital formats. Want to get more details? Just read and check.

DVD copy protection removal


Part 1: Vidmore DVD Monster – 6x Faster DVD Decrypter

It is Vidmore DVD Monster that can help you rip both new and old DVDs at 6x faster ripping speed and 100% original quality. Thanks to the leading DVD decryption algorithm, you can rip almost all DVD movies. Later, you can save the ripped DVD content to any video or audio format in different codecs. If you want to watch DVD movies on your phone or tablet, you can even choose from a wide range of optimized presets, like iPhone, Android, iPad, Apple TV, PS4, Xbox, etc.

Compared with common DVD ripping software, you can make 1:1 DVD copy using Vidmore DVD Monster. The program allows users to make a digital copy of the original DVD. Thus, you can remove DVD copy protection and rip entire DVD without transcoding. Actually, you can use the copy to burn into another DVD disc directly.

What’s more, you can quickly edit DVD videos before DVD copy protection removal. The program has a built-in video editor to trim, merge, adjust effect, choose subtitle and switch audio track. You can rip and edit any protected DVD on Windows in one stop.

  1. Rip copy-protected DVD to all popular HD and SD video formats, audio formats, phones, tablets, TV and more.
  2. 6x faster DVD decrypting speed.
  3. Keep the original quality of your DVD movies.
  4. Edit and touch up DVD movies with fully controllable features.
  5. Available on Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP.

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Part 2: How to Remove DVD Copy Protection with Vidmore DVD Monster

Vidmore DVD Monster is free to download and have a try. You can buy its full version to remove copy protect from DVD and activate all powerful features. It is supported to use the movie copying software for 1 month, 1 year or lifetime.

Step 1: Insert your DVD disc into the optical drive of your Windows computer. Free download, install and launch Vidmore DVD Monster. You will be in the Ripper section by default.

Step 2: Click Load DVD followed by DVD Disc on the top toolbar. Then click View/Select Title below to see all contained files. Browse and choose the target video. Click OK to confirm.

Choose the titles

Step 3: Unfold the Rip All to list on the top right corner. You can set the output video or audio format with different quality, resolution and settings. Moreover, you can choose from various presets for offline playback.

Choose output format

Step 4: Choose the audio track and subtitle next to your DVD video. At last, click Rip All to remove copy protection from DVD and Rip DVD to any format. There is a small icon on the right side of your video. You can check the real-time progress of DVD copy protection removal.

Remove dvd copy protection

Further Reading: Types of DVD Copy Protections Schemes

After ripping copy-protected DVDs, you can also know more about common DVD copy protection schemes here.


DVD CSS (Content Scramble System) is a digital rights management scheme used by almost all commercial DVD discs. Most DVD players in the market are equipped with a CSS decryption module, so Vidmore DVD Monster does.

DVD region code

By matching the region number with configuration flag of your DVD player, you can play DVD video discs that are encoded with related region codes. DVDs without region coding are named as all region or region 0 discs.

Sony ArccOS protection

It is a DVD copy protection system designed as an additional layer. Sony ArccOS is used in conjunction with CSS. If you copy a DVD with Sony ArccOS protection directly, you will encounter errors while copying.

Analog protection system

APS is a DVD copy prevention system. You can also call it as copyguard. It adds pulses to analog video signals to protect DVD content. If you copy video tapes from DVD encoded with APS, your copied files will be garbled and unwatchable.

That’s all for how to remove copy protection from DVD using Vidmore DVD Monster. There is nothing difficult you need to do. The DVD copy protection removal software can decrypt DVD discs automatically. Be aware that Vidmore DVD Monster is only for personal use. You can remove DVD copy protection and convert to any digital format for offline playback. The built-in video editor can help you handle basic video editing requirements. Just free download the program and have a try right now! If you have any other question about removing DVD copy protection, you can feel free to contact us.