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H.264 is widely used in almost every aspect of digital video streaming, and it continues to grow. It is the format used for compression, recording, and disseminating video content over the internet. Moreover, this format plays on various devices with HD quality. That includes HDTV, DVD, and even pay-tv. It also has reached business industries. Indeed pervasive and prevalent.

On the back of the high quality, the H.264 takes up too much large memory space on disks. You may find it bothersome when uploading videos for email or for the web. As a result, it takes a toll on your time, especially when it is urgent or the receiver needs it right at that moment. On such events, H.264 compression will help you avoid this. Henceforth, this guide will teach you how to reduce the size of your H264 videos.

Compress H264 Video

Part 1. What is H.264 Compression

H.264 is a well-known standard for video compression used for high-definition digital videos. It is less known as MPEG-4 Part 10 or Advanced Video Coding, but they only mean the same. This compression codec is excellent because it only takes half of the storage space or network bandwidth while retaining the same video quality for digital video files. Moreover, its purpose is to deliver decent video quality at a relatively lower bit rate than the previous standard.

Aside from the facts mentioned above, the H.264 compression format is flexible enough across various systems, networks, applications, low and high-resolution videos, bitrates, broadcast, etc. Furthermore, it is adopted by many devices and sectors ranging from professional decoders all the way down to mobile devices and browsers.

Part 2. Best Way to Compress H.264 Without Losing Quality

Suppose you are looking for a program that facilitates compressing and reducing video files like H.264 in the best quality. In that case, you should go with Vidmore Video Converter. You could also use this program to process other video formats like MP4, MKV, AVI, and many more. Best of all, you can fine-tune the size of the video directly as one of its compression methods. Deducing the bitrate and muting the audio is possible to further shrink the video file size. More than that, it provides a preview capability to see the results of the compression firsthand. For the compression of H.264, here are the steps you should follow:

Step 1. Download and install the program

First and foremost, click on any of the Free Download buttons underneath to get the program's installer. Now, please open the file extension and follow the setup wizard to install it on your computer. Run the app afterward.

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Step 2. Launch the Video Compressor

After that, go to the Toolbox tab, which is one of the tabs you will see at the top of the program’s interface. From here, click on the Video Compressor to launch this option.

Launch Video Compressor

Step 3. Add an H.264 video file

Click the Plus sign button from the next window that will appear. After that, it will open a folder on your computer. By then, you can locate your target video and upload it into the program.

Add H264 Video

Step 4. Commence the H.264 compression process

After uploading a video file, you can customize the video compression settings. You may adjust the size, format, and video resolution from this window. To adjust the compression rate, simply move the compression slider ball. Once you are done, hit Preview to see the playback of the resulting file. Then, set the output directory and click on the Compress button to initiate the operation.

Cutomize Settings Compress Video

Part 3. How to Compress H.264 Videos Online

Another solution to help with the compression of H.264 is Vidmore Free Video Compressor Online. It is a free online method convenient for users who need instantly compressed videos. It does not need any registration or membership to use its full service. In like manner, you can further resize your H.264 videos using its innovative output settings capability. The tool provides settings for adjusting the size, video resolution, and format besides customizing the compression rate. If anything is lacking in this tool is the preview function. Other than this, you can also expect great compression results. Now, here is a detailed guideline to use the program.

Step 1. Access the online compressor

To get started, open your selected web browser on your computer. Then, visit the program's official page and reach the main page.

Step 2. Run the web program

Next, launch the tool by clicking the Compress Now button from the main page. It will instruct you to install the bit-sized launcher to activate the tool. Following that, you can upload your H.264 you wish to compress.

Run Web App

Step 3. Customize the compression settings

You can access the settings for compressing video files on the compression window. Tweak the settings according to your needs and proceed to the compression process.

Adjust the Settings

Step 4. Initialize compression process

Once everything is set, tick on the Compress button at the bottom right corner of the floating window. Select an output folder where you wish to save the file and wait for the process to finish. Then, you can preview the playback from the folder you set.

Click Start Compression

Part 4. FAQs on H.264 Compression

Does H.264 support HDR?

Unfortunately, HDR outputs cannot be generated from H.264 sources. If you wish to get HDR outputs, you must produce them from HEVC or H.265 sources. In fact, this highly efficient codec is supported among video-sharing video platforms catering to HD videos.

What is H.265 compression?

Less known as High-Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), H.265 is the new coding standard for video compression. It promises to save bandwidth in a huge amount ranging from 40-45% over H.264 with similar quality.

Which is better, H.264 or H.265?

Both codecs are used for video compression. Which is better then? The H.264, known as AVC, is considered block-oriented. It works by processing motion-compensation-based video compression standards, also called macroblocks. On the other hand, H.265 processes information in coding tree units that process many blocks, specifically 64x64, to compress information more efficiently.


You could refer to the above guide to compress H.264 video files effectively and efficiently. The first program comes with stable performance and high compression speed. Besides, deducing the video size is successfully done without any internet interruption. Best of all, the video quality of the original file source is preserved, making it desirable for many users. On the other hand, you can benefit from not downloading an application with the help of the latter option. Since it works online, you can instantly process and compress video files. That is suitable for the task if you are also in a rush. Yet, you may encounter inconsistency in performance because it solely depends on the status of the connection of your internet.

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