How to Remove DaVinci Resolve Watermark: Online and Offline Ways

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Nowadays, a watermark is included in most of the video editing software available, especially if it is only available in a free edition. Most video editing software places an unpleasant watermark on the final product, which you cannot remove. There are occasions when the watermark is so evident that it completely obscures the video's initial content. But the good thing about the internet today is that there are different ways to remove watermarks from videos in DaVinci Resolve.

Remove Watermark with Davinci Resolve

Part 1. How to Remove Watermark from Video with Davinci Resolve

1. DaVinci Resolve

The object removal tool in DaVinci Resolve is one of its many strengths. It can adaptively mix the info from the pixels that are around it, as well as provide motion tracking. Whether or not there is a single or several moving watermarks in the center or corners of the clip. Adding filters around the watermarks is all required, and DaVinci Resolve will take care of the rest. Let's look at the stages in more depth.

Step 1: Go to DaVinci Resolve's official site to get the installation packages. Tick the Create a New Project. Then you click the Create button. Then, right-click on the news pool and choose Import media. Click Open to add the video with the moving watermark to DaVinci Resolve.

Upload Video Davinci

Step 2: After dragging the clip to the timeline, you'll be sent back to the color page. Use the Alt+S hotkey to add a new node to the tree. Put the playhead to the beginning of the clip. To add a shape, press the power button and choose a shape from the drop-down menu. Finally, click and drag Object Removal from the library to the second node we just constructed. DaVinci Resolve will begin studying the selected frame and the surrounding backdrop and eliminating moving watermarks from the movie when you click on Scene Analysis.

Step 3: After analysis, you can discover that the mask you just made morphs into a gray blob. Move down the list of available settings, and then choose Build Clean Plate. Click the Delivery button at the bottom of the page to go to the delivery page. Select the output formats you want, then click the Start Render button.

Export Video no Watermark Davinci

Part 2. Best Alternatives to Remove Watermarks

2. Vidmore Video Converter

To get rid of the watermark DaVinci Resolve leaves behind. You will need a watermark remover, such as the Vidmore Video Converter that packs a punch. Whether competent or not, if you want to get rid of the watermark on your movie, this is a reliable tool you can rely on. It is not only able to erase the watermark that DaVinci leaves behind, but it can also remove stamps, objects, messages, logos, and other things that obstruct the video you now have. It is not surprising that customers use this program to get rid of the watermark placed on the movie they own.

You may learn how to remove the watermark from the movie by following the guidelines we have given below. The lesson will show you how to remove the watermark using the best program.

Step 1: Choose the operating system you are already running on your computer. Press the Download button, and the ultimate program will be downloaded directly to your desktop. To begin, go through the installation procedure's instructions and click the Start Now button.

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for Windows

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for macOS

Step 2: When the program is launched, go to the Toolbox menu and choose the Video Watermark Remover option to select the technique you want to use to remove the watermark.


To import the video with a watermark, click the Plus symbol in the upper right corner.

Add Videos Vidmore

Step 3: Click the Add Watermark Removing Area button after the video has been imported into the program. Position the box so that it covers the portion of the watermark that you wish to get rid of.

Trace Watermark

Step 4: After you have it where you want it, start the process by clicking the Export button.

Export Video

3. HitPaw Watermark Remover

An interactive watermark remover, HitPaw Watermark Remover, is available for purchase and download for both Windows and Mac operating systems. The video you import into this platform will have a watermark or other mark on it, and the purpose of this program is to efficiently and effectively erase it. Like the other watermark remover on this list, our program is simple. This utility does a great job of removing the watermark placed on the video edited using DaVinci Resolve.

Nevertheless, if you do not acquire the watermark remover, you will not be able to utilize it. Because this product does not provide a free trial to erase the watermark, there is no way to see whether it is a good option for you to use. Suppose you are interested in learning how to get rid of the DaVinci Resolve watermark using this program. In that case, you may refer to the instructions provided.

Step 1: After purchasing on the tool's main website, start the program and choose the Remove Video Watermark option from the menu. To submit the movie with a watermark, click the Choose File button that is located below it.

Step 2: Select the option you wish to use to erase the watermark, then position the box over it.

Step 3: Click the Remove & Export button when you are ready to save the video clip.

Remove Davinci Watermark Hitpaw

Part 3. Comparison Chart

DaVinci Resolve Vidmore Video Converter HitPaw Watermark Remover

Part 4. FAQs About Removing DaVinci Resolve Watermark

Does DaVinci Resolve work on a low-end computer?

There is a comprehensive tool in DaVinci Resolve that optimizes your media files so that rendering may take place more quickly. It may be an excellent answer to rendering problems on a device with a low-end processor. During the editing process, the option known as 'optimize media' will reduce the size of your media files and lighten their load on the computer.

Is DaVinci superior to Premiere in terms of design capabilities?

Premiere Pro is the better option if you are used to working with Adobe tools. In contrast, DaVinci Resolve is the superior option among these two video editors if you can free yourself from the constraints of the loop.

Does DaVinci cost only once?

It is crucial to remember that you may purchase the premium DaVinci Resolve for just $295 if you wish to upgrade to it. It is a one-time cost for the application. Making it not only very inexpensive compared to other professional editing software available on the market, but it also comes with no monthly fees.


You now have the information on how to remove the DaVinci Resolve watermark. It will be effortless for you to eliminate the watermarks of your video. In addition, with the assistance of the tools shown above, everything will go without a hitch.

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