Find Out the Best TouchScreen Car Radios [Reliable Review]

Fiona Kaufman Jul 11, 2023 Knowledge

A touchscreen car radio, or a touchscreen car stereo, is a multimedia device installed in a vehicle. It features a touch-sensitive display for controlling vehicle functions and various entertainment. It typically replaces the traditional radio head unit with a screen, allowing them to interact with the system by touching buttons and menus. This post will list the best touchscreen car stereos with corresponding details. It will also provide a comparison table for you to know their differences. Without further ado, check out the following parts.

Touch Screen Car Radio

Part 1. List of the Best Touch Screen Car Stereos

1. Pioneer AVH-W4500NEX

Pioneer AVH-W4500NEX Touch Screen Car Stereo

Pioneer Touch Screen Car Stereo is a well-known brand in the car audio industry. It offers a broad range of touchscreen car stereos with several features and functionalities. One of the Pioneer touchscreen car stereos is Pioneer AVH-W4500NEX. This model has a 7-inch WVGA capacitive touchscreen display. It supports Bluetooth connectivity for audio streaming and hands-free calling. In addition, it is compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay for seamless smartphone integration. The AVH-W4500NEX supports dual phone connection, has built-in navigation capabilities, and is SiriusXM-Ready.

2. Alpine iLX-F259 HALO9

Alpine iLX-F259 HALO9 Touch Screen Car Stereo

DIN touchscreen car stereos are less common than double DIN units, but some options are still available. Alpine iLX-F259 Halo9 is a single DIN touch screen car stereo with a 9-inch WVGA capacitive touch screen display. It has a unique floating design that hovers over the dash, offering an extensive and easily accessible display. The unit supports Bluetooth connectivity for audio streaming and hands-free calling. Besides that, it is compatible with Android Auto and Apple Carplay, enabling seamless integration with your mobile device. This model provides a customizable interface and built-in amplifier and offers various audio control options.

3. Sony XAV-AX8000

Alpine iLX-F259 HALO9 Touch Screen Car Stereo

Sony XAV-AX8000 is a popular floating-screen car stereo with an 8.95-inch anti-glare capacitive touchscreen display. The display gives you more intuitive and safer control of smartphone functions and music playback. You can connect your compatible Android or Apple smartphone to stream music, get directions, and more. A floating-screen car stereo features a display that appears floating or detached from the main unit. On top of that, it offers a sleek and modern look. The multiple customization options allow you to adapt the audio experience to your desire. The built-in 4 x 55W amplification makes the audio sound clear even at high volumes. The Sony XAV-AX8000 also provides extensive sound modifier options, a built-in amplifier, and multiple inputs for connecting various devices.

4. Kenwood DDX9705S

Kenwood DDX9705S Touch Screen Car Stereo

If you want to use one of the best music-quality double DIN stereos on the market, you can rely on Kenwood DDX9705S. This stereo will be a great option if you love to listen to music and radio while driving. It offers a crystal clear sound, offering the best audio-listening experience. This model comes with a built-in high-definition radio. The audio is crisp and clean and gives twenty-two watts of power. Besides that, you can connect your steering wheel controls to the device. You can take phone calls by pressing one finger. It is known for its customization capabilities; for example, you can modify the background of your touchscreen and more. It is one of the best double DIN touch screen car stereos with a 6.95-inch WVGa capacitive touch screen display.

5. JVC KW-M845BW

JVC KW-M845BW Touch Screen Car Stereo

JVC KW-M845BW is a digital media receiver that works with Apple CarPlay and wireless Android Auto. It has a 6.8-inch clear resistive touch screen, provides a wireless remote, and fits double-DIN dash openings. It supports Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free calling and audio streaming. The JVC KW-M845BW also includes USB inputs, a built-in AM/FM tuner, and holds various audio formats. You can enjoy playback of 96kHz/24-bit audio, which contains about three times the musical information of music CDs and more. In addition, it provides customizable user interface options, advanced sound tuning abilities, and compatibility with optional rear-view cameras. It is the best and most recommendable JVC touchscreen car stereo you can install on your vehicle.

6. Pioneer AVIC-W8500NEX

Pioneer AVIC-W8500NEX Touch Screen Car Stereo

If you want a touchscreen car stereo that combines GPS navigation and Bluetooth capabilities, you can count on Pioneer AVIC-W8500NEX. It has Bluetooth for hands-free calling and audio streaming, a built-in Wi-Fi module, and an HD Radio tuner. It features a 7-inch WVGA capacitive touchscreen display and built-in GPS navigation with detailed maps and voice guidance. It has customizable display settings and provides additional features, such as SiriusXM-Ready and HD Radio. It can play CDs, DVDs, and USB drives and plays lossless FLAC audio files up to 192kHz/25-bit. In addition, it offers dual USB inputs, extensive audio tuning options, and compatibility with optional rear-view cameras. Pioneer AVIC-W8500NEX is one of the leading touchscreen car stereos with Bluetooth and GPS.

Part 2. Comparison Table of the Touch Screen Car Stereos

Touch Screen Car Stereos Product Dimension Item Weight Item Model Number Wireless Communication Technologies Connectivity Technologies Overall Ratings
Pioneer AVH-W4500NEX 11 × 6.5 × 9.5 inches 6.2 pounds AVH-W4500NEX Bluetooth Bluetooth 9 out of 10 stars
Alpine iLX-F259 HALO9 14 × 11 × 13 inches 4 pounds iLX-F259 Bluetooth Bluetooth 8 out of 10 stars
Sony XAV-AX8000 9.02 × 5.35 × 9.96 inches 1 pound XAV-AX8000 Bluetooth Bluetooth 9 out of 10 stars
Kenwood DDX9705S 15 × 12 × 10 inches 8.05 pounds DDX9705S Bluetooth Bluetooth, WI-Fi 8 out of 10 stars
JVC KW-M845BW 17 × 15.25 × 9.75 inches 8 pounds KW-M845BW Bluetooth Bluetooth 8 out of 10 stars
Pioneer AVIC-W8500NEX 11 × 6.5 × 10 inches 0.01 ounces AVIC-W8500NEX Bluetooth Bluetooth 8 out of 10 stars

Part 3. How to Get the Best of the Stereo

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Part 4. FAQs about Touch Screen Car Radio

Can you replace a car radio with a touchscreen?

Yes, replacing a car radio with a touchscreen unit is possible. Some vehicles have standard radios that can be upgraded to touchscreen car stereos for convenience and functionality. However, the procedure of replacing a car radio with a touchscreen unit may have different, depending on the specific vehicle make and model.

How much does to install a touchscreen radio in a car?

The installation costs can vary depending on the complexity of the installation, but it can be anywhere from $40 – $200. But many car stereo companies make an installation for free if you buy the stereo from them.

How to clean a touchscreen radio in a car?

Cleaning a touchscreen radio in a car requires a careful and gentle approach to avoid damaging the screen. You only need to turn off the touchscreen radio and select a suitable cleaner, like a microfiber cloth or screen cleaning solution. Then gently wipe the screen, clean the buttons and edges, and dry the screen. Keep the touch screen clean; make it a habit to clean it regularly.

How to reset the touchscreen car radio?

To begin with, locate the Reset button, a small reset button on the front side of the touchscreen car radio. Ensure that the touchscreen car radio is turned off or in standby mode. After that, press the Reset button, hold it for a few seconds, and release it. Turn on the touchscreen car radio and check if it has been reset.

What cars have touchscreen radios?

Many modern cars have touchscreen radios as an optional upgrade or standard feature. Some popular cars with touchscreen radios are Honda, Toyota, Chevrolet, Ford, Nissa, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and more.


The touchscreen radio for cars plays significantly enhances the in-car entertainment experience. It provides advanced features, convenience, and improved integration with modern technology, all while promoting a safer and more enjoyable driving experience. Besides, if you wish to enhance video and audio quality, do not hesitate to use Vidmore Video Converter.