Top 5 ISO Players for Windows and Mac (Why You Choose This ISO Player)

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What is an ISO file?

ISO (optical disc image) is a disk image that contains the entire optical disc content. You can regard an ISO file as an identical copy of a CD, DVD, or Blu-ray disc. ISO files are often used to back up optical discs. Or you can distribute large files that are intended to be burned into optical discs.

Can you play ISO files directly?

No. You need to use an ISO player to open and read ISO files. ISO is not a common video or audio format. Those common video players cannot play ISO files successfully. If you want to play a movie in the ISO format, you need to prepare an ISO player.

Best ISO Player for windows mac

Part 1: Top 5 ISO Players for Windows and Mac

Considering most people use computers to watch ISO files, this article mainly talks about top desktop ISO player software. You can get your best ISO player from the following descriptions.

ISO player softwareProsConsPlatform
Vidmore Player1. Play ISO files from any DVD or Blu-ray disc with high image quality.2. Choose subtitles and switch audio tracks while using the ISO player software.3. Maintain the lossless sound effect and video quality.4. Wide support of 4K UHD, 1080p/720 HD video and audio playback.It is suggested to buy a lifetime license to share this ISO file player with 3 computers.Windows, Mac
VLC Media Player1. VLC is a free and open source ISO player on multiplatform.2. Get streaming controls of not only common media files but also unprotected DVDs and CDs.1. Cannot play protected DVD and CD content.2. VLC cannot open all ISO files.3. Play Blu-ray on VLC with limit.Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android
KMPlayer1. KMPlayer is a multimedia player and ISO player for Mac and Windows.2. Watch DVD, VCD, TV, and camera videos with KMPlayer.1. KMPlayer will install unwanted things in your system without your permission.2. KMPlayer no longer support the 3D functionality.Windows, Mac, iOS, Android
Kodi1. Kodi is a free and open source media player. It is also an ISO player freeware that can play files in the ISO format.2. Have the internal space on SATA hard disk.1. The streaming kodi content is tough.2. Kodi is not as safe as other ISO players.Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android
WinCDEmu1. WinCDEmu is an open source ISO player for Windows 10/8/7.2. Let windows manage drive letters automatically.1. WinCDEmu hasn’t been updated for a long time.2. It is hard to make mounted discs persist after rebooting.

Part 2: How to Play ISO Files

If you want to play a video in the ISO format, it is recommended to use Vidmore Player. You can get a smooth video playback experience without the hassle. The wide disc type and media format support is also powerful. You can play any Blu-ray or DVD, folders, and ISO files losslessly.

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Step 1: Launch Vidmore Player after the installation. Follow the setup wizard to complete the ISO player setup process.


Step 2: To get the ISO playback, choose Open File on the main interface. Browse and select the ISO file you want to play. Click Open to confirm and load it.

Main interface

Step 3: You can pause, resume, and stop playing an ISO file freely. You can click the Full Screen icon to watch ISO in full-screen mode. Moreover, you can adjust volume and take screenshots with the bottom toolbar.


Part 3: FAQs of ISO Players

Is there any ISO player for Android and iPhone?

Yes. You can use VLC for Android, DVDFab Player 5, KMPlayer, Kodi, and more apps to play an .iso file on your mobile phone.

Can you play ISO files on Apple TV?

Yes. You can use iTunes to stream and play ISO video files on Apple TV. The iTunes home sharing function can stream the converted ISO file from iTunes library to Apple TV. Be aware that you need to convert Blu-ray/DVD ISO file to MP4, MOV, or M4V iTunes compatible formats.

Can you mount ISO image files as virtual drives?

Yes. There is a built-in ISO mounting tool in Windows 10. Or you can mount ISO images for free with Virtual CloneDrive, WinCDEmu, Alcohol Portable, etc.

That’s all about the top 5 ISO players for Windows and Mac users. You can play ISO files on your computer smoothly. Which one can be your best ISO video player? You can share your opinion and leave messages in the comments below.

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