How to Convert AAC to MP4: Detailed Steps You Can Lean On

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AAC is one of the popular formats nowadays. Many people use this kind of format because of the excellent sound quality compared to MP3. However, even if AAC is a well-known format, there are still devices that don't accept this kind of format. In that case, the AAC format needs to be converted to a more compatible format with most devices. And a perfect example of this format is MP4. To help you solve the issue, you have encountered using AAC format, the AAC to MP4 online and offline converters will help you below.

AAC to MP4

Part 1. How to Convert AAC to MP4 for Free

1. Vidmore Free Video Converter

Suppose you want to convert AAC to MP4 without getting money in your pocket. In that case, Vidmore Free Video Converter is the one you must lean on. It is an online tool that aims to convert files easily. This program is well-known for its clean performance because it doesn't compromise the quality of a video even after conversion. Even though it is an online program, Vidmore Free Video Converter allows users to take control of the quality of their files. With the help of the custom profile, they will be able to enhance or lessen the size according to their preferences.

Aside from that, Vidmore Free Video Converter is also known for its friendly dashboard. With this, conversion became easier. To assist you with this AAC to MP4 converter online, here is a detailed explanation of how you can use it.

Step 1: Of course, you need to visit the page of Vidmore Free Video Converter. Then, tap the Add files to convert button and allow the launcher to access your computer device. Once you are done installing the launcher, you may now add the AAC file on the screen.

Add Files Vidmore Online

Step 2: Once you see the AAC file in front of you, you will see some video formats below the video. You have to put a shade on the MP4 format.

Choose MP4 Vidmore Online

Step 3: After clicking the MP4 format, you will see a Settings button near your chosen format. Tap that for you to see the other details of your file. By navigating the Bitrate, you will have the chance to lessen or enhance the quality of your file. Once you are done, click OK.

Edit MP4 Vidmore Online

Step 4: With all the modifications you have made, you can now click the Convert button below and wait for your File's folders to come out. To place the output on the folder you want, tap the Select Folder button.

Convert AAC to MP4 Vidmore Online

2. iTunes

You have a Mac, and you want to convert AAC files to MP4 format. iTunes is likely going to come in helpful at this point. It is beneficial for the production of music and films. It may also be beneficial for converting audio data between different formats. On the other hand, the iTunes software available from Apple does not handle all file types. Take a look at the basic procedures detailed below for converting AAC files to MP4 in iTunes.

Step 1: Launch the iTunes program on your computer, go to the menu bar, and choose iTunes. And then select Preferences from the dropdown menu. After doing so, go to the General menu and choose the Import Settings option.

Step 2: Choose MP4 Encoder from the list of available importers, then click OK to confirm your selection.

Step 3: After that, choose the iTunes file you wish to convert from the dropdown menu. Select the audio you want to convert, and click Convert in the menu bar. Once you have clicked the option that says Create MP4 Version, the file will be converted to MP4 format and saved to the iTunes library.

Convert AAC to MP4 iTunes

3. FFmpeg

If you've been searching for a text-based video converter, FFmpeg is the tool you need to download. This program is unique regarding editing media and the conversion of formats. You cannot find it anywhere else in the world. Running the program with the appropriate codes will result in a one-of-a-kind product. To convert your film without compromising its quality, you should adhere to the steps provided in this section.

Step 1: You must wait for the FFmpeg program to function once successfully downloaded and installed.

Step 2: Copy the AAC file, then navigate to the Bin folder on your PC and paste it there. To complete setting up the reference, you need to go into the textbox of the application and type c:ffmpegbin>.

Step 3: To convert AAC to MP4 effectively, you must submit the word ffmpeg -i input at the end of the process. mp4 -c:v copy -c:a libfdk aac -b:a 384k output.mp4 Following that, an MP4 file will be in your possession.

Convert AAC to MP4 FFMPEG

Part 2. Best Way to Convert AAC to MP4

Some users are having a hard time navigating the tools above. They prefer tools with a user-friendly interface. And with that, Vidmore Video Converter wins. It is software that you can use on both Mac and Windows devices. And it still works even if the internet signal is slow. You can use the Vidmore Video Converter in different ways. You can also convert audio to different audio or video formats and vice versa.

And it is because this program can assist more than 200 file formats. And finally, it protects the quality of a file even after you convert it. The instructions below will help you achieve the proper conversion of files properly.

Step 1: If you visit the Vidmore Video Converter's page, you will see two options. Click the Free Download and proceed with the installation properly. You only need to install the launcher for it to run.

Free Download

for Windows

Free Download

for macOS

Step 2: After that, you may proceed with adding AAC audio to the main interface. You will see the Add file button on the upper part, and another Plus sign in the middle.

Add AAC Vidmore

Step 3: After adding the file to the timeline, proceed with changing the file. Click the dropdown arrow beside the file. Then, go to the video and see the MP4 format from the list.

Choose MP4

Upon choosing the MP4 format, you will see the Settings button beside it. Click that button to see the other details of the file. From there, you can customize the quality. After doing so, click the Create New button.

Edit MP4

Step 4: For the last step, click the Convert All button in the lower part of the screen.

Convert MP4 Vidmore

Part 3. FAQs About Converting AAC to MP4

What use does an AAC file serve?

They are called Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) files, and they do not need a significant amount of space to store. They are excellent for streaming, mainly when used over wireless networks. using less than one megabyte (MB) of music for each minute of playing.

Can I convert AAC to MP3 as well?

Although this is the case, there is a possibility that the sound quality of the converted file will suffer if the music is converted from AAC to MP3 or vice versa. Both formats lower the amount of data stored in the file via compression techniques, which results in a loss of quality in the high and low-frequency ranges.

Is there a reduction in quality while using MP4?

A format that suffers from loss is MP4. It implies that each time you save the same music or video clip as an MP4, you lose a small amount of data and, consequently, the file's original quality.


That wraps it up! Using a program that's accessible online, you may convert AAC to MP4 for free. However, it is recommended that you convert your files utilizing intuitive and straightforward user interface software. And Vidmore Video Converter is the ideal program for fulfilling the requirements of such a role!

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