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We know Windows Media Audio as a WMA file format, and it is a series of audio codes. In addition, its matching audio coding formats are developed by Microsoft. On the other hand, We know Audio Video Interleaved as an AVI file format. It is a combination of audio and video data developed by Microsoft also. We are here to convert WMA to AVI using effective online tools and software. Before proceeding to the steps, we will review its pros and cons first. Sounds fantastic, right? Please read now!


Part 1: Convert WMA to AVI with Top Free Converters Online

Vidmore Free Video Converter Online


  1. It is convenient and accessible online.
  2. It supports numerous file formats.
  3. It is safe to use.
  4. It is fast and produces high-quality output.


  1. It supports limited formats.

If you are not yet familiar with Vidmore Free Video Converter Online, let us introduce it to you in the quickest way before proceeding to the steps. Before using the WMA to AVI conversion tool, we must be familiar with it. To start, it is a free online tool that provides users a great experience, especially in converting audio files. Not just that, but even video files. Now, let us proceed to the steps below:

Step 1: Visit the page of Vidmore Free Video Converter Online. You will see the Add Files to Convert in the middle and click it.

WMA to AVI Vidmore Free Video Converter Online Add Files To Convert

Step 2: A dialog panel will pop up, which is the Vidmore Launcher. Tap the Download button and install it on your computer. After that, it will update and wait for it until it is done.

WMA to AVI Vidmore Free Video Converter Online Launcher

Step 3: Again, tap the Add Files to Convert button and add the WMA file from your local drive. Then, it will proceed to the main converting panel. Under the panel, click the AVI file format as an output format.

WMA to AVI Vidmore Free Video Converter Online Output Format

Step 4: Now, it is time for the converting process. On the lower right corner of the main panel, you will see the Convert button and hit it.

WMA to AVI Vidmore Free Video Converter Online Convert Button

That is how you convert WMA to AVI online using Vidmore Free Video Converter Online. The benefit you can get from this online tool is that it is fast and free. Also, you do not need to worry about limitations because it has no limit upon converting WMA files to MP4, AVI, MKV, WMV, etc. Furthermore, even if it offers free, it has reliable support for your concerns.



  1. It is free to use online and secure at the same time.
  2. It has a simple user interface,
  3. It has high-quality output.
  4. It can convert into a bulk process.


  1. It is a must to sign up using email accounts
  2. It has disturbing Ads everywhere.
  3. Its maximum file size is up to 1GB only.

We determine the above advantages and disadvantages of FreeConvert. In addition, it is free online, and you can use it conveniently. You can add files by dropping or choosing files from your computer. So much so that I think it is time for the procedure now, and these steps can guide you to convert WMA to AVI easily online with FreeConvert. See the steps below now:

Step 1: Upon going to the FreeConvert official page, you will automatically see the rectangular panel in the middle part. You can click the Choose Files button or Drop Files to add a WMA file on your computer.

Wma to Avi Free Convert Choose Files

Step 2: After adding your WMA file, FreeConvert shows you the File Name and File Size. Then, you can start changing the Output into AVI format.

If you want to convert WMA to M4A, MP3, FLAC, and more audio files, just find the Audio tab.

WMA to AVI Vidmore Free Convert File Name File Size

Step 3: You can select the Setting Icon and add changes to the Advanced Options. You can change the Video Codec, Video Screen Size, etc. Take note; this is only optional.

Wma to Avi Free Convert Advanced Options Optional

Step 4: Supposing you are finished, hit the Convert to AVI button placed on the lower-right of the rectangular panel.

Wma to Avi Free Convert Advanced Convert to AVI Button

After the conversion process, you will enjoy the best quality output. Furthermore, FreeConvert offers more features. You can look at them now.

Part 2: Convert WMA to AVI with Desktop Converter Offline

Vidmore Video Converter

Vidmore Video Converter is a software-based WMA to AVI converter. That means you need to download and install it on your computer.

In addition, it is not just suitable for Windows, but it can also convert WMA to AVI for Mac. Yes, Vidmore Video Converter is also suitable for Mac. This software also supports more than 200 file formats. Therefore, you can convert without limitations! Please see the steps to convert WMA to AVI using this software.

Free Download

for Windows

Free Download

for macOS

Step 1: Launch it after downloading and installing Vidmore Video Converter, and its excellent interface will appear. Click the Converter options on the upper middle part of the interface. Then, hit the Add Files in the upper left corner of the Plus Sign in the middle to add the WMA file.

WMA to AVI Vidmore Video Convert Add Files

Step 2: Once you add the WMA file, change the Convert All To button into AVI format, it is placed in the upper right corner of the interface. In addition, you can change or select a Resolution before the converting process.

WMA to AVI Vidmore Video Convert All to Button

Step 3: After that, tap the Convert All button on the lower-right corner and wait for the output file. It will automatically Save in the Converted Folder on your computer.

WMA to AVI Vidmore Video Convert All Button

In quick and three easy steps, you can convert WMA to AVI using Vidmore Video Converter. It also offers features such as Music Videos, Collages, and Toolbox, including additional tools. You can use all of these free for 30 days! Try it now!

iSkysoft Video Converter Ultimate


  1. It is perfect for professional users.
  2. It is a WMA to AVI video converter, free download.
  3. It offers many features.


  1. Suppose you are using the free trial; you will experience limitations.

iSkysoft can be downloaded for free and is available for Windows and Mac. It supports up to 150 file formats and can also convert in batches. Now, let us proceed with the steps in which we are converting WMA to AVI using iSkysoft Video Converter Ultimate.

Step 1: Open the installed iSkysoft Video Converter Ultimate. Then, proceed to the Converter and click the Add Files button on the left. After that, browse the WMA file in your File Explorer Folder.

WMA to AVI Iskysoft Video converter Ultimate Converter Add Files

Step 2: On the right corner, click the Converter All Files To button and find the AVI format on the Video. Then, choose the quality you want on your AVI output format.

WMA to AVI Iskysoft Video Converter Ultimate converter Convert Add Files to Button

Step 3: After that, tap the Convert All button on the bottom left part of the corner. Then, the AVI output file will immediately be Saved on your PC.

WMA to Avi Iskysoft Video Converter Utimate Converter Convert all Button

If you are not aware yet, iSkysoft Video Converter Ultimate is one of the popular WAV to AVI converters software. That’s it! You can also start converting WAV to AVI now.

Part 3: FAQs of WMA to AVI

Does converting WMA to AVI consume too much time?

First, you need to know the exact minute of your WMA file. If your WMA file consists of 30-45 minutes long, the conversion process will take about 15-20 minutes. Take note the shorter the minute of the WMA file, the faster it converts.

Does an internet connection affect the conversion process even if the software is reliable?

Of course, no matter how reliable your software is, if your internet connection is too slow, it will still affect the conversion process. That is why if you convert WMA to AVI, ensure your internet connection is stable to prevent interruption.

How to open WMA, and where is it usually used?

It is usually the default program for opening the WMA file because of its prevalence. Nevertheless, many use WMA files, especially online streaming players.


We’re done! After giving the pros, cons, and How-To steps of every tool and software stated, you can now start using them. This is the aim of this entire article, to make your life easier by providing effective methods. Overall, we will see you again on our next upload!

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