4 Best Ways to Convert MP4 to FLAC Online and Offline

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Looking for a perfect tool to transform your video files into music for a better listening experience? Well, you're lucky to have found this article, as it is all about making that happen by converting your MP4 to FLAC audio. We have gathered the best video-to-audio converters, covering both online and offline tools. By reading the entire post, you will meet user-friendly programs that not only facilitate the conversion of videos to audio files but also allow you to customize the sound and clarity of your music, providing an enhanced listening experience.

MP4 to Flac
Criteria Free Video Converter Onlne Zamzar Video Video Converter FFmpeg
Platform Online Online Windows and Mac Windows, Mac, and Linux
Cost Free Free Free and paid. Free
Batch Conversion Yes Yes Yes No
Ease of Use Super easy Super easy Super easy Difficult
Hardware Acceleration No No Yes No
Toolbox Available No No Yes No


Part 1. MP4 to FLAC Converters Online

Let’s start this review with the perfect MP4 to FLAC online converters. Two of the various web-based tools were chosen as they exhibited processes beyond what other regular tools have.

1. Free Video Converter Online

Our first stop is Vidmore’s Free Video Converter Online. It is a remarkable free online converting tool that lets you change your video and audio files without spending any money. Furthermore, it amazingly processes the conversion up to 50 times faster. What makes it even nicer is that it enables you to convert multiple files without any restrictions, and it works with different video and audio formats, so you can handle various types of files. Moreover, this MP4 to FLAC free converter online won't slap annoying ads or watermarks on your converted files despite being a free tool. Hence, regardless of whether you are a beginner in mind, the tool’s simple interface will make you work like a pro. Wait, there's more: it lets you easily customize your outputs with available presets.

MP4 Flac Vidmore Online


  1. It has a straightforward interface and functionality.
  2. It produces high-quality outputs.
  3. It converts numerous files at once.
  4. It supports various video and audio formats.
  5. It has no annoying ads.


  1. You will need a speedy internet connection for a better experience.

2. Zamzar

The next on the list is another handy online tool that transforms media files flawlessly: Zamzar. With this online MP4 to FLAC converter, you can simply upload your files from various sources like your computer, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, or OneDrive. Furthermore, due to its decades of existence, ZamZar has successfully converted more than 500 million files. Also, this tool provides various ways to convert different types of media files, such as documents, ebooks, images, videos, and audio. Additionally, it has a simple interface that guides you through the conversion process with easy-to-follow instructions. This makes it user-friendly, allowing even those without much digital experience to effortlessly change a file format easily.

MP4 Flac Zamzar Online


  1. It does not have annoying ads.
  2. It allows you to upload local and online files.
  3. It allows you to convert a maximum of 5 files at once.


  1. It only allows you to work on a maximum file size of 50MB.
  2. It lacks editing tools.
  3. It requires speedy internet.

Part 2. MP4 Files to FLAC Converters Offline

Bringing you our standalone programs that convert MP4 to FLAC audio excellently.

1. Vidmore Video Converter

Vidmore Video Converter is a robust yet user-friendly and efficient downloadable tool for transforming media files. Known for its simplicity and impressive features, the converter not only changes videos into various formats but also edits and enhances them meticulously. Moreover, it supports a variety of different file types, offering a choice among 200 formats. When it comes to its conversion process, it maintains its exceptional speed, which is 50 times faster without compromising quality. What makes it stand out is that it comes with additional features and advanced technologies such as AI and ultrafast processing. Overall, it functions as a comprehensive MP4 to FLAC converter, allowing the swift conversion of multiple files simultaneously.

MP4 Flac Vidmore Offline

Free Download

for Windows

Free Download

for macOS


  1. Its conversion speed is impressive.
  2. It includes extra features and advanced technologies.
  3. It supports a variety of formats with a total of 200 plus.
  4. Beginners and experts can master its procedure easily.


  1. It offers a free trial, but it is actually a paid software.

2. FFmpeg

If you wonder if you can use FFmpeg as an MP4 to FLAC converter, then it is a big yes. You can even use it to convert FLAC to MP4. FFmpeg is a free and open-source software. It empowers you to work on a variety of tasks, such as converting, creating multimedia content, and streaming at no cost. Additionally, this versatile tool enables you to reduce the file sizes of your media files because it provides a convenient solution for compression. In general, FFmpeg is a user-friendly and accessible program that facilitates various multimedia operations without the need for payment.

MP4 Flac FFmpeg Offline


  1. It is a totally free program that is also open-source.
  2. It can handle various video and audio formats.
  3. It plays as a professional video and audio editing program.


  1. You may find it challenging to use as it processes.
  2. It requires you to be familiar with a command line process.
  3. It needs a high system source.

Part 3. Tip: How to Convert MP4 to FLAC

Step 1. Simply click on the Download button below to install Vidmore Video Converter. Then, proceed to launch the software after installing it.

Free Download

for Windows

Free Download

for macOS

Step 2. When you see the interface, load your MP4 files into the converter by clicking on the Plus sign button. Alternatively, you can click the Add Files drop-down button and select the Add Folder to load a batch of MP4 files.

Convert MP4 Flac Add Files

Step 3. After that, go to the Convert All to section and find FLAC under the Audio tab. Then, click the available preset.

Convert MP4 Flac Set Files

Step 4. Now, set the destination where you want to save the converted files. To do so, go to the Save to section, select Browse, and select Folder. Once done, click the Convert All button to start the conversion process.

Convert MP4 Flac Convert Files

Part 4. FAQs about MP4 and FLAC

Is FFMmpeg an easy MP4 to FLAC converter?

FFmpeg can indeed convert MP4 to FLAC. However, it might not be considered easy, especially for beginners.

What is the best music converter for FLAC?

The best music converter for FLAC can also vary based on user preferences. One perfect option that you can consider is the Vidmore Video Converter.

Can Windows Media Player convert FLAC?

No. Unfortunately, Windows Media Player does not natively support FLAC conversion.


We conclude that after going through this article, you now have the suitable MP4 to FLAC converter tool to choose from for turning your videos into audio. Each method discussed has its own pros and cons. Hence, the decision depends on your specific needs and preferences. Whether you opt for online converters or software solutions, choose what you think can help you best.

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