Remove the Background from an Image in Word (Step-By-Step Guide)

Laura Goodwin Apr 08, 2022 Edit Image

Have you tried editing a photo in a word processor? Due to the fast-phased technology we have today, even word processors can now process photos. In other words, most apps these days are considered hybrid technologies. Meaning you can access more than one function in a single application.

The same is true for Microsoft Word. Aside from processing text, the tool can also edit photos. It comes with essential photo utilities that include removing background from a photo. Yet, how do you get this job done? By the end of this guidepost, you will get the necessary information, precisely how to remove background from a picture on Word.

Remove Background of Picture in Word

Part 1. Tips: How to Remove Background from Picture Online for Free

Surely, there are multi-purpose programs to accomplish various tasks without downloading a separate program. However, in the case of erasing photo backgrounds, nothing beats a dedicated Vidmore Background Remover Online. This program is designed primarily to delete a background from a picture. It can automatically and manually remove the background. If the photo has a plain and solid background, the automatic way is more suitable. Otherwise, use the latter option for precisely cutting the backgrounds of complex photos.

Besides these advantages, you can edit the photo by resizing the object or the subject. Or, change the background to solid color or a graphic of your choice. Moreover, undo and redo functions to omit the mistakes while deleting the background. Refer to the steps below to learn how to remove background from pictures on Word alternative.

Step 1. Open the web service tool

Firstly, launch your preferred browser on your computer. Then, on the browser's address bar, type the tool's name to access the website and reach the main site.

Step 2. Upload a photo

This time, click the Upload Portrait button from the tool's main interface. Next, it will open up one of the folders on your computer. Find your target image file and upload it into the program. Another option for uploading photos is to drag the photo into the web page directly. Once uploaded, you will see that the photo's background with a plain background is removed automatically.

Add Image File

For photos with complex details, you can refine the edges and get an accurate cut of the subject. Also, you may alter the brush selection tool for an easy object selection operation.

Object Selection

Step 3. Edit the background and object

If you wish to replace the background and modify the subject, you can access the Edit and Move tabs. You can choose a solid color for the background replacement from the Edit tab. Also, you can choose your desired photo as the background of the photos. You can modify the subject in the Move tab by changing the size, rotating, or flipping it to your desired direction.

Change Background

Step 4. Download the finished file

Once done with all the changes, click on the Download at the bottom of the BG Remover to grab a copy of the finished output. The New Image button is designed to process another image on the same web page.

Download Output

Part 2. How to Remove Background in Word

Microsoft Word is a popular word processor to edit text and documents. Another yet useful utility of this program is the background eraser. In other words, it is not required for you to acquire a particular graphics editing program. Henceforth, we will discuss the step-by-step process of how to clear the background of a picture in Microsoft Word. You may follow the same procedure for the Word version for Mac, Office365, Word 2010, and later.

Step 1. Open the Microsoft Word app

Before anything else, make you have Microsoft Word installed on your computer. Once installed, run the word process afterward.

Step 2. Insert and select an image file

At this point, open a new blank document. Then, insert and select an image file you wish to edit. To do so, access the INSERT tab on the ribbon of the tool. Click on the Pictures option, browse through your files and look for your target photo.

Word Insert Photo

Step 3. Access the Word background remover

Next, click on the picture you have just uploaded. On the ribbon, choose Picture Format or Format tab. Then, click on the Remove Background option on the top left corner of the interface.

Word Access Background Remover

Step 4. Erase the background

Now, select between the Mark Areas to Keep and Mark Areas to Remove button to clean up the background if the result is unsatisfactory. Then, outline the portion of the photo to remove or keep. You may follow the same procedure when trying to remove the white background from a picture on Word. Lastly, click on the Keep Changes button to save the changes.

Word Erase Background

Part 3. FAQs on Removing Background in Word

How can I add a photo background in Word?

Using Microsoft Word, you may fill the page with color or a graphic and make it the background for the photo you modified. Therefore, after you separate the foreground from the background of your photo, insert another picture and make it the background.

Does Microsoft Word allow changing the direction of a photo?

If you wish to change the direction of your photo, you may do so because the tool is integrated with a rotate function. You may rotate it at any angle according to your needs. Even better, photos can be flipped horizontally or upside down.

Can I adjust photo effects in Word?

Yes. There are a lot of ways you can modify your pictures in Word. One of which is editing the effects of your photon. With it, you may correct the brightness and contrast, use artist effects, crop, and more.

Can I crop a photo into a custom shape in Microsoft Word?

Yes. To do this, insert your target photo in the new blank document. After that, click on the picture you uploaded and select the Format tab located on the ribbon of the tool. Next, click the Crop option at the top right corner. Hover your computer mouse to the Crop to Shape option and pick your desired figure or shape.


Indeed Microsoft Word is a beneficial program. Therefore, you do not need a special tool to learn how to take the background out of a picture in Word. Besides, you gain access to lots of helpful photo editing tools like cropping. However, if you have no Microsoft Word or find it difficult to erase background in this program, our recommended alternative must serve you well. Still, choosing the app for your needs based on your preferences.