5 Quickest Ways to Remove Emoji from Photo

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People often post photographs of themselves with various stickers and emoticons when they want to convey their emotions. Emojis are often included as comments when individuals upload their photos on social media. There are instances when we need to do away with these emojis and have the image in its original form. This article will provide you with the most reliable methods that you can use to remove emojis from a photo to assist you with your difficulty. See the explanation down below.

Remove Emoji from Picture

Part 1. Best Way to Remove Emoji from Picture (Online)

Free Watermark Remover Online is the most incredible program available for removing emoji from images on Windows and Mac computers. You can get it here. This software can remove not just emojis from your shot but also overlays, labels, dates, text, individuals, and any other undesirable elements in your photographs. It is because its functions are intuitively designed. And its user interface is intuitively laid out. It is an excellent choice for inexperienced users and experienced experts. Aside from that, it can do real-time batch processing on the photographs. It is the most excellent tool to utilize if you have many images that need to be processed at once.

Step 1: Please go to the cited URL for more information regarding free online watermark removal availability. To upload your picture, click the Upload Image button.

Click Upload Image Vidmore

Step 2: To cover up the watermarked region, you may use the Polygonal, Lasso, or Brush tool, depending on which one you prefer. After that, you should use the Remove tool to eliminate any parts of the selected area that aren't necessary. With the help of this function, it is possible to erase many watermarks all at once.

Remove Emoji Vidmore

Step 3: You may decide whether or not you should continue deleting based on this information to ensure that the quality of your output is at its best possible level. After that, you need to save your freshly crafted picture by clicking the Save option.

Click Save Image Vidmore

Part 2. How to Remove Emoji from Pictures (Apps)

1. AirBrush

AirBrush is another dependable program for users to erase emojis from photographs. You may get rid of the region by using the eraser tool, which, once used, will do it for you automatically. The eraser tool is convenient and enables you to eliminate a variety of undesired subjects or persons from the images you have taken. This program will completely revamp and improve the quality of your photographs in a few mouse clicks. The following is a step-by-step guide that users may follow to understand how to delete emojis from images using an intuitive smartphone app.

Step 1: Installing the app requires you to go to the Google Play Store.

Step 2: Afterward, go to the Tools menu and choose Erase. Then, highlight the parts of your picture that include the emoji you want to delete and click the Delete button. Wait for the considerable part to be automatically deleted by the program.

Step 3: You may save your newly processed file by clicking the Check symbol.

Remove Emoji Airbrush

2. Snapseed

Snapseed is mobile software for iOS and Android smartphones, allowing users to remove emojis from images. It contains a mending tool that makes it simple and fast for you to get rid of emojis that have been added to photographs. There are also vital editing tools, including filters and others, you may use to change your photograph. Suppose you want to develop your images on your mobile device. In that case, Snapseed is, without a doubt, the app that comes the most recommended. Here's how to erase an emoji using Snapseed.

Step 1: Get the application from the App Store or Google Play and install it on your device.

Step 2: Open the app after it has been installed, and then hit the Plus sign icon to add the picture you want to use in the collage.

Step 3: In the end, go to the Tools menu and then pick the Healing symbol.

Remove Emoji Snapseed

3. Photo Retouch Remove Objects (iOS)

Photo Retouch Remove Objects is the last tool that allows users to remove emojis from photographs. This software makes it very simple for iOS users to remove emojis from pictures taken. Additionally, this may assist you in adding and editing watermarks. It has an intuitive graphical user interface that even inexperienced users should have no trouble navigating. You may now erase the watermark from the photograph by following a few simple steps. Follow the instructions in the points below.

Step 1: You may get the app for your smartphone by going to the App Store and downloading it there.

Step 2: To upload a picture from your collection, choose the Remove Watermark item in the top menu bar. To remove the watermark, drag the rectangular shape out of the area.

Step 3: To finish, hit the symbol that looks like a checkmark, and then wait for the picture to be processed. You may locate your picture at the bottom of the screen by clicking the tab labeled Save Image.

Remove Emoji Photo Retouch

4. Remove Object from Photo (Android)

You can install Remove Object from Photo on an Android device. This app makes it very easy to get rid of emojis from photos. It can also help you remove any mark, logo, or date. If you install it, you'll see a simple interface that is great for people just starting. Learn how to remove emojis from images with this software by following the simple instructions below.

Step 1: Visit the Play Store on your smartphone, then download and install the app. The next step is to launch the application and go to the photographs stored on your mobile device by tapping the Object delete button. After that, choose the picture that you wish to alter.

Step 2: Make a selection inside the watermark using the primary tools, such as the paintbrush and loop tools.

Step 3: To complete the process and see the end outcome of your altered picture, press the Check mark icon.

Remove Emoji Photo Remove Object

Part 3. Comparison Chart

Free Watermark Remover Online AirBrush Snapseed Photo Eraser – Remover Logo (iOS) Remove Object from Photo (Android)

Part 4. FAQs About Picture Emoji Remover

Can you remove the emojis from Snapchat's screenshot?

There is much usage for Snapchat's filters and emoticons. Removing stickers and emoticons from a photo on Snapchat is simple. Remove the sticker off the picture by downloading it. You may get rid of the sticker in a flash using the Free Watermark Remover Online.

What is the best way to remove stickers from videos?

You may go to the Vidmore Video Converter if you are having trouble with the sticker that is on your video clip if you are having trouble. It is a watermark remover for video clips that is very simple to use.

Can Twitter remove emojis from pictures?

The watermark removal functionality is absent, which is a great disappointment. But use any of the programs above. You'll have no trouble removing the emojis you've added to your photographs on Twitter. And perhaps one of the most useful is the online watermark remover that is completely free.


Those are some of the picture emoji removers you can find online, App Store, and Google PlayStore. Removing any emojis on images will never be hard anymore with these tools!

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