How to Combine Videos on iPhone to Create Compelling Video Stories

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Combining videos serves several purposes and can be helpful in different situations. It tells a story, preserves memories, saves space, and showcases creativity, social sharing, aesthetic appeal, and entertainment. Have you ever wished you could put different videos together into one? Well, you are in luck! Combining videos on your iPhone is like creating a movie with all your favorite scenes. Let's dive into how to combine videos on iPhone and make your videos play together seamlessly!

Combine Videos on iPhone

Part 1. How to Combine Videos on iPhone Camera Roll

Combining videos from your iPhone's camera roll lets you create one big video with all your special moments. This section will teach you how to combine videos on an iPhone camera roll. Let's start mixing and making your videos even more awesome!

Step 1. Search and open the Photos app on your iPhone's home screen. It looks like a colorful sunflower. Head to the Albums at the lower and select Videos. Then, click the video you want to start with.

Step 2. When the video opens, click the Edit button in the upper-right corner. It looks like three horizontal lines with sliders. In addition, you can trim the video by dragging the yellow handles at the bottom if needed.

Step 3. After editing the first video, click the (+) button at the lower left. It will allow you to select and add more videos from your camera roll. The added videos will pop up at the bottom. Tap and hold on to a video, then drag it to rearrange the order.

Step 4. When the videos are arranged in your desired order, click the Done in the upper-right corner. Then, click the Save Video button to keep the newly combined videos in your camera roll.

Step 5. The app will process the combined video. Depending on the length and number of videos, it might take a moment. When the processing is done, you will find the combined video in your camera roll, ready to be watched and shared.

How to Combine Videos on iPhone Camera Roll

Part 2. How to Combine Videos on iPhone with iMovie

Imagine making a video puzzle on your iPhone; that is what combining videos with a tool like iMovie is all about. The application lets you easily create, edit, and combine videos. Whether a beginner or a professional, iMovie is here to help you make your videos awesome. This guide will show you how to use iMovie to combine your videos easily. Get ready to transform your clips into unified and engaging video content. Learn how to merge videos on iPhone with iMovie below:

Step 1. Open the iMovie app on your device. It looks like a white star on a purple background.

Step 2. Select Create Project and choose Movie from the options. Then, click the (+) button and pick the videos you want to combine from your library.

Step 3. Your videos will appear at the bottom; please hold and drag them to arrange their order. If you like, click the Star button between clips to add transitions like fades.

Step 4. Click the Musical Note button to add background music if you want. Then, click the Play button to see how your combined video looks.

Step 5. Tap the Checkmark once you are satisfied. Then, go to the Arrow pointing downward to select the video quality and output location. The application will process the video. It might take a while, depending on your video's length. Once done, you will find the combined video in your Photos app.

How to Combine Videos on iPhone with iMovie

Part 3. How to Combine Videos on iPhone Without iMovie

If you want an alternative way to combine videos on your iPhone without using iMovie, you can use Vidmore Video Converter. This program is designed to be easy to use, making it suitable for those who want a hassle-free way to combine videos. Using this program, you can easily combine multiple videos to create one combined video. There are no complex steps involved. Besides combining, the Vidmore Video Converter offers additional features like cropping, rotating, modifying effects, adding filters, and more. If you want a different option to combine videos on your iPhone, try Vidmore Video Converter. It might become your go-to tool for video tasks.

Use the steps to discover how to combine videos on an iPhone without iMovie. Let's check out how Vidmore Video Converter makes your video combining super easy and fun!

Step 1. Visit Vidmore Video Converter's official website to download the program. After downloading, install the program on your computer for complete access.

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Step 2. Run the program, select the MV tab, and click the (+) button to import the videos you want to combine.

Note: You can import and combine as many videos as you want.

Run the Program Select the MV Tab

Step 3. Once the videos are imported, you can rearrange their position according to their order. To do that, hold and then drag the video to their corresponding order.

Rearrange Their Position According to Their Order

Step 4. Click the Edit button above your imported video files to edit your combined videos. Here, you can access the additional editing functionalities, such as Rotate & Crop, Effects & Filters, Watermark, and Audio.

To correct the position of your video and leave unnecessary video frames, you can do that on Rotate & Crop. If you want to modify your video's basic effects and apply a specific filter, go to Effects & Filters. On Watermark, you can embed a text or image watermark to add a mark or identifier to your video content. Lastly, on Audio, you can adjust your video's volume and delay based on your preference.

Note: Hit the OK button to apply changes to each editing feature.

Click the Edit Button t Above Your Imported Video Files

Step 5. Moreover, you can add Themes, Titles, and Background Music to your combined videos. Once settled, go to the Export button and click the Start Export to save your combined videos on your local drive.

Click the Start Export yo Save Your Combined Videos

That's it! You have successfully combined videos on your iPhone without iMovie. Enjoy your creation!


Part 4. FAQs about Combining Videos on iPhone

How do I combine videos on my iPhone without cropping them?

Launch iMovie, click the (+) to create a new project, then select Movie. Tap the (+) button again to add videos from your camera roll, and then select the video you want to combine. Your selected videos will appear as individual clips at the bottom of the screen. Hold and drag each video to rearrange them in their corresponding order. Once done, click the Play button to preview your combined video.

How to make 3 videos in one frame?

Open iMovie, import your video files and hold and drag each clip in the order you want them to appear. Use the pinch gesture to resize the clip and position it within one-third of the frame. Repeat this method with the other video clips, ensuring each is in a separate third of the frame. If you wish the videos to play simultaneously, ensure they start simultaneously on the timeline. Once done, click the Play button to preview the combined frame with three videos.

How do you cut and splice videos on an iPhone?

Run iMovie and click the (+) button to add a video from your camera roll. In the timeline, find the video clip you added. To cut it, click and hold the video clip until a menu appears, then select Split. It will divide the clip into two parts at the point where you click. You can drag the edges of the footage to modify their lengths. It helps with splicing and ensuring smooth transitions.

Can I combine videos with different aspect ratios?

Yes, you can combine videos with different aspect ratios. However, it might result in black bars on the top, bottom, or sides of some videos to maintain consistent framing.

Is there a limit to the number of videos I can combine?

With Vidmore Video Converter, you can add as many videos as you want without number limitations, which you can combine. With Vidmore Video Converter, you can add as many videos as you want without number limitations. After importing, you can start arranging the clips in their corresponding order. Moreover, you can edit each file using the program's additional editing features.


This post taught you how to put videos together on an iPhone on your camera roll and iMovie app. Besides, you can use Vidmore Video Converter to combine your videos hassle-free. You pick them, arrange them, and make them into a single awesome video. It is like telling a story with all your favorite scenes. Now, you can create, share, and cherish your combined stories. Remember, putting videos together is about merging clips and turning memories into something special. So mix, match, and make your videos shine as one!

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