Wonderful Tricks on How to Color Correct A Video Like A Pro

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Filming videos nowadays are normal. It is the best way to make memories with someone or something. But sometimes, some videos have a dark background or not satisfying colors. In this way, you need to enhance your videos by editing their colors. The methods we will show you are suitable for all users; that’s why you don’t need to think if the process is complicated. So, you must read this article as we offer you the best way to correct video color.

How to Correct Color


Part 1: When Do I Need to Fix Video Color

There are many reasons for you to fix the color of your video. If you want to fix your video color, it only means that you want a better video that will be more satisfying to watch. Suppose that you have a video with a dark background. Then the best action you can do is edit it using video editors. In this way, you can alter the color of your video by adjusting the video's brightness, contrast, saturation, etc. Also, you need to fix the video color if you are unsatisfied with what you are watching. Some viewers get easily bored because the video has no impact at all. Colors have a significant role. If the color is not lively, the video is not worth watching. Therefore, every user must consider video color when creating a film to produce an excellent and attractive video.

Part 2: Easy Ways to Correct Video Color

1. Vidmore Video Converter

If you want to know how to color correct on a PC, you can use Vidmore Video Converter. This offline tool is reliable for fixing the video color using the Color Correction Tool. You can adjust your video’s brightness, saturation, contrast, and Hue. Aside from fixing a video color, there are more features you can enjoy. If you also desire to adjust the speed of your video or remove any unwanted and disturbing objects from your videos, then you can rely on this tool for both Windows and Mac.

In addition, utilizing this application is easy because it has a simple and user-friendly interface that is understandable for all users. It also has an easy method you can follow. This offline application also offers a smooth exporting process.

Follow the simple guides below to fix the color of a video using the Vidmore Video Converter application.

Step 1: Download the Vidmore Video Converter on your pc. You can click the download button below. After the installation process, open the software.

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for Windows

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for macOS

Step 2: When the interface already shows up, navigate to the Toolbox panel. Then, click the Color Correction tool.

Toolbox Color Correction

Step 3: Click the Plus sign button. The folder will appear on your screen, and add the video file you want to fix.

Add Video to Fix

Step 4: In this part, you can adjust the video’s Brightness, Saturation, Contrast, and Hue using the sliding bar.

Proceed Video Color Correct

Saturation: It represents the color grays' amount in proportion to the Hue. You can change it to make the video color more saturated.

Contrast: By adjusting this setting, you can control the difference in color and brightness in different video parts.

Brightness: You can adjust this setting to customize the darkness and lightness of your video based on your preference.

Hue: It refers to the specific color of the video.

Step 5: For the last step, if you are satisfied with your video, press the Export button to save your video.

Click the Export Button

2. Filmora Video Editor

Another way to color-correct a video is using the Filmora Video Editor. This downloadable tool is one of the most popular video editors nowadays. It can also fix the color of your video by adjusting the video settings, such as Brightness, Contrast, Temperature, Tint, Value, and other parameters. Also, Filmora has more to offer besides fixing a video color. It also offers different effects to enhance your videos. However, this offline tool has some limitations, especially when using the free version. There are limited video effects you can use. To enjoy its unlimited features, you must purchase a subscription plan, which is costly. Utilizing this application is also complicated because it has many options that are confusing for beginners.


  1. Excellent for fixing the video color.
  2. Suitable for editing/enhancing videos.
  3. Easy to download.


  1. The installation process is time-consuming.
  2. Not perfect for beginners.
  3. Purchase a plan to enjoy more features.

Use the steps below to enhance the video's color using the Filmora Video Editor.

Step 1: Download the Filmora Video Editor on your computer. Then open the application after the installation.

Step 2: After opening the application, click the New Project button. Then, press the Import Media button to add the video and drag it to the video timeline on the lower part of the interface.

New Project Add Video

Step 3: Double-click the video to show the video editing window. Then, select the Color option. This way, you can adjust the video colors on the settings, such as Brightness, Contrast, Temperature, etc. Then click OK.

Filmora Adjust the Color

Step 4: If you are done fixing the video's color, hit the Export button to save your fixed video on your device.

Export to Save Video

3. Kapwing

Kapwing is an online tool you can use to fix the color of your video. With the help of this software, you can quickly fix the video color by changing the Opacity, Saturation, and Brightness. You can also blur your video. Also, this application prefers simplicity over complexity, which means it offers an intuitive interface with easy methods that are perfect for advanced and non-professional users. However, if you are using the free account, there are restrictions you can experience. You can only upload a video with a file size of 250 MB. It only means that you can’t upload a long video. It also adds a watermark on your video when using the free version, which is not good because watermarks are disturbing to the video. You need to purchase a plan to remove watermarks and enjoy unlimited features.


  1. Suitable for non-professional users.
  2. It has an intuitive interface.
  3. It can easily adjust the video colors.


  1. It has a limited file size when using the free version.
  2. It puts a watermark after editing a video.
  3. Purchase a subscription to get unlimited video file sizes.

Follow the simple steps below to fix the video color using Kapwing instantly.

Step 1: Go to the website of Kapwing. You can create an account or use the free account. Then, click the Upload button to insert the video you want to edit.

Step 2: When you upload the video, click the Adjust button on the right part of the interface.

Step 3: After clicking the Adjust button, you can adjust the video’s Opacity, Brightness, Contrast, and Saturation based on your preference.

Kapwing Done Adjust Color

Step 4: For the final step, press the Export Video button to save and download your video.

Export the Video Kapwing

Part 3: FAQs about Fixing Video Color

1. Why is color correction necessary in a video?

Color correction is necessary because it is the best way to enhance video colors. For example, if your video is too dark, you need to fix the color of your video by adjusting the brightness and contrast settings.

2. How can I improve the video quality color?

You can use the Videmore Video Converter. This application lets you adjust your video’s Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, and Hue. This way, you can improve the color quality of your video.

3. How important is color accuracy?

In terms of movies, colors play a significant role. It can have an impact on the audience. Inaccurate colors can make them unsatisfied and feel that something needs improvement.


We can conclude that using a color-correcting guide can make your video better and unique. This article gave you three ways to fix a video color. Two of them require purchasing a subscription to get unlimited video file sizes. So, if you want to upload a video without restrictions, use the Vidmore Video Converter.

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