Video Not Playing in PowerPoint: Why and What to Do To Fix

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Although PowerPoint is an efficient and practical application, you can still encounter occasional issues, like videos not playing during your presentations. Even though various media files can be integrated into PPTs, problems may still arise when inserted or embedded videos fail to play in your chosen presentation mode. Technically, the issue is caused by criteria governing video embeds, like the accessibility from the original source and activation in the presentation. Thus, this post will provide solutions to the “PowerPoint video not playing” issue and offer reasons to resolve the problem and prevent its recurrence quickly.

Fix PowerPoint Video Not Playing


Part 1. Why PowerPoint Video Not Playing

There are various reasons why PowerPoint videos may not play. The first common issue is the incompatible file formats or the absence of necessary video codecs. This is why ensuring the video file is in a supported format, like MP4 or WMV, is crucial. Another reason why PowerPoint videos do not play in presentation mode is if the video relies on external links or is not correctly embedded. It may not play if the linked content is unavailable or if your computer lacks internet connectivity.

Additionally, outdated software poses another challenge. If the essential codecs are not present or conflicts with third-party applications arise, embedded videos in PowerPoint might not function properly. To ensure seamless video playback and to address such issues in PowerPoint presentations, it is essential to keep software up to date, verify file compatibility, and assess internet connectivity for linked videos.

Why PowerPoint Video is Not Playing After Export

If, after you export the video, you find it unplayable, then there may be an issue with the use of incompatible codecs during the export process. This also leads to a format that external players may not support. For this reason, ensuring that the video file is appropriately embedded within the PowerPoint presentation and that the chosen export settings align with widely supported formats is essential.

Why PowerPoint Video Does Not Play Automatically

There are also several factors that could be contributing to the issue of why PowerPoint videos do not play automatically. It may stem from the specific settings of the presentation, the version of PowerPoint being used, or the format of the video file. Acknowledging and troubleshooting these factors can help you know the root cause of the automatic playback problem, and you will be able to address it effectively.

Part 2. How to Fix PowerPoint Video Not Playing [General Ways]

1. Check For the Video and PPT Compatibility

This is the fundamental troubleshooting or fixing measure that you must initially check, and it can save a lot of time if the problem comes from the video source. It is important to verify the integrity of the video file. Therefore, you must check the video to see if it plays with the other media players. If the embedded video in PowerPoint does not play, access the video’s URL through your web browser to see if it plays as intended.

PPT Compatibility

2. Set the Playback to Manual

PowerPoint configures the playback preference to 'In Click Sequence' as its default setting. This implies that the video will automatically play when you click the next slide button. Set the playback setting from automatic to manual video playback to estimate any potential collision. You can follow the steps that illustrate how to make this adjustment.

Step 1. Launch the PPT and add the video to your slide. Then, select the video to see the additional formatting options at the top.

Step 2. Click the Playback tab menu, hover over to the Start section, and click the drop-down button.

Step 3. Choose the When Clicked On option from the options to set it on a manual.

PPT Set Automatic Manual

3. Clear The Temporary Files

If your Windows operating system contains excess temporary files, Microsoft PowerPoint videos may not be playing in the slideshow. You can quickly clear these temporary files by following the steps outlined below to resolve this issue and play the video in PowerPoint.

Step 1. Open your Run app by pressing the Windows and R keys.

Step 2. Type the %temp% when you reach the search box and click OK.

Step 3. After that, start deleting all the temporary files.

PPT Clear Temp Files

4. Check the Video’s Fidelity

Consider checking the video file to see if it is really working well. Try to open it first, and then if it is unplayable, then it might be damaged, corrupted, etc. For that reason, you may use a third-party video repair tool such as the Vidmore Video Fix. It is a tool equipped with a user-friendly interface that works to cater to video challenges such as video playback errors, truncation, freezes, and other anomalies caused by file corruption. Moreover, it efficiently examines and reconstructs the corrupted video data to restore them and turn them into a playable condition. Another good reason to choose it is that it provides a preview function that you can use to assess the repair process's effectiveness before saving the file. This is why Vidmore Video Fix is the recommended software for handling your inserted video in PowerPoint that is not playing.

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Step 1. Launch the video repair tool, and begin importing the corrupted video by clicking the red Add button.

Step 2. Also, click the blue Plus button on the right to upload a sample video you want to copy. Then, click the Repair button.

Video Repair Tool Upload Repair

Step 3. After the swift process, you can click the Save button to export the file or the Preview button to check.

Video Repair Tool Save

Part 3. FAQs about PowerPoint Video

Is PowerPoint video not playing in Teams?

Yes. The possible reason why POwerPoint may not play video Teams is because Teams may not support certain video formats, or there may be compatibility issues.

Why Can MP4 not be played in PowerPoint?

This is because PowerPoint may lack the necessary codec to play MP4 video files. It may also be because the MP4 file is corrupted. Thus, knowing if the file is in good condition is important. Otherwise, use the Vidmore Video Fix to fix the MP4 video.

How do I enable video playback in PowerPoint?

It would help if you made sure that the version of your PowerPoint is up-to-date. If so, go to File > Options > Trust Center > Trust Center Settings > Multimedia Settings and enable the video playback.


So, those are the reasons and fixations to perform when PowerPoint video is not playing. Users must know the root of the issue, as it may vary depending on the settings we have on our PowerPoint. If the problem is on the video, then seeking the assistance of the Vidmore Video Fix is your go-to solution.

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