Color Correction: A Walkthrough Information and Guide about It

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Most of the time, by just looking at the vibrancy of a video, you will be able to perceive the feelings in it. Do you also feel that by looking at a grayish video, you can actually get that it brings up a sad scene? And vice versa, for a video that has a colorful display mean a happy atmosphere? That is the essence of color correction in movies or even short clips. Whether you are working on a film or just want to record short clips as your hobby, you should know that the feelings of the scene depend on the color you obtain on your video. Therefore, it is very important to have a piece of knowledge on video color editing.

On this note, through this article, you will be able to gain more knowledge about this matter. So, stay tuned and continue to read the entire content below.

Color Correction Video

Part 1. The Definition of Color Correction in Video

So, what is color correction, and what does the color corrector do? The color corrector is responsible for the process of color correcting and grading the video. If this video were shot with the highest dynamic range of the camera, wherein it captured the lightest and darkest part of the display, then the color corrector would do its part. Furthermore, if your video looks dull, muddy, and grey, then the color resolution or correction enters. This color fixation or correction works to make the image display look natural, and it usually happens first.

To make the video natural, the corrector should balance the level of the black-and-white values of the image. In addition, it also adjusts the exposure and, at the same time, increases the contrast to support the assurance of the video’s consistency because that is what color correcting means.

Oftentimes, color grading and correction are compared and intertwined. Well, we cannot argue because both look the same at first glance and at apprehension. Hence, let us provide you with the information that will help you differentiate the two.

Color Grading

  1. It is a parameter that makes a huge manipulation of the color, making a big difference between the original video to the color-graded one.
  2. It involves a DP, for it is synced by it.
  3. It is often done with a finishing touch.

Color Correction

  1. Enough manipulation to make the video look natural.
  2. It is a process that happens first.
  3. It has no involvement of DP that much.

Part 2. How to Correct Video Color Easily

Now that you have an idea of what color correction means, does it give you a demanding-to-perform feeling? Surely not, if you use the right video editing tool like Vidmore Video Converter. With this editing software, you will have a smooth and swift process of correcting the color of your video. Furthermore, this one-of-a-kind Vidmore Video Converter holds powerful video enhancement tools that you will find in its toolbox. One of those prominent tools is the color corrector function which gives the smoothest procedure for correcting the vibrance of your video. Furthermore, this function allows you to manage your file’s brightness, saturation, contrast, and hue, resulting in super natural-looking output. Despite that, the same window function provides extensive video output settings, where you can modify your file’s quality, resolution, frame rate, zoom mode, encoder, and format.

Moreover, regarding the formats you need for color correction that this Vidmore Video Converter supports, you will be impressed with the more than 200 supported file types and more than 100 presets you can enjoy. What is more amazing about it is the advanced technologies that it works with to maintain high quality and high efficiency in processing the video.

Vidmore Video ConverterVidmore Video Converter

  • It comes with advanced hardware acceleration such as NVIDIA, AMD graphics, and Intel.
  • Losslessly works with 1080p and 4K videos.
  • It is infused with an array of features and powerful tools to tweak.
  • It has easy and swift transcoding and adjusting of video quality.
Vidmore Video Converter

Step 1. Open the Color Corrector

Quickly install the software to your computer by clicking the download buttons available above. Once done, open the tool and click the Toolbox menu at the center top of the interface. Then, hit the Color Correction option from among the tools available there. After that, hit the Plus sign from the next window to upload your video file.

Vid Color Correction

Step 2. Start Correcting the Video Color

Once the video is uploaded, you can already begin the color correction. Now, go to the brightness, contrast, saturation, and hue options parameters below the preview, and adjust them until you meet your desired correction. Don’t worry; this real-time preview will show you the real-time changes.

Vid Color Correction Parameters

Step 3. Adjust the Output Presets

If in case you need to modify your output’s formats, resolution, quality, and others, please click the Setting symbol. Then, feel free to adjust the video export as well as the audio settings according to your want, and hit the OK tab after.

Vid Set Output Format

Step 4. Set the Destination of Output (Optional)

After that, you can customize the file destination for your output. To do so, hit the Arrow down symbol in the Save To option. Then choose the Browse and Select Folder option, then choose your desired folder from your local drive.

Vid File Destination Export Option

Step 5. Export the Video File

Finally, you can hit the Export button at the interface's bottom. Wait for the quick exportation process, and check the video file after.

Part 3. What are the Main Factors of Color Correction

With the color-correcting palettes that come to your mind after reading the content above, we now bring you the main factors of color correction that you should also know. These factors mainly need to be recognized while doing the color correction.

1. Color Balance

First is the color balance, which refers to the amount of green, blue, and red colors recorded in the video. These colors must be balanced and graded to meet the spectacular quality of a video.

2. Dynamic Range

The next factor that needs to be considered is the dynamic range. It refers to the level figures of white to black and vice versa. This dynamic will allow your video, which was recorded digitally, into an analog film stock-like. Furthermore, please remember that the greater the dynamic range is, the closer the video reaches what your eyes can see.

3. Brightness

Brightness is the level of the light with white or black that is added to your video. This is why, when correcting video colors, brightness is often adjusted.

4. Saturation

Another main factor that is important in color correcting is saturation. This factor talks about the intensity of the colors that what being manipulated. The greys in videos are intensified when this factor is modified.

5. Curves

This factor is for the modification of the shadows, highlights, blacks, whites, etc., of the video.


Bonus: What is Color Shift?

As a bonus part, allow us to elaborate on the meaning of color shift. This method, from its name, involves a sudden change of color. Furthermore, it immensely changes the spectral light source of an output that results in the sudden transformation of the temperature and other rendering properties of the color. Depending on the operating conditions, this color shifting can happen temporarily or permanently.

Part 4. FAQs about Color Correction in Video

What is the meaning of color correction in animation?

Color correction in 3D animation plays a vital part. It uses more powerful tools to adjust the light, contrast, and color to optimize the animated scenes.

Does color correction damage the video quality?

It depends on the color correction that you will do and use. Many of the color-correcting tools were reported to damage the video quality. Hence, if you want a lossless color correction procedure, use Vidmore Video Converter.

Does color correction damage the video quality?

Yes. Correcting the color of your video will smoothen the video since it smoothens its color in the first place.


You have seen the meaning, tips, and everything you need to know about video color correction. We hope that you have also seen the importance of this video editing method, as it plays a very crucial role in making your video vibrant, powerful, and lively. Hence, if you need to correct the color of your videos, you know what to use, the most convenient and multipurpose video editing software, Vidmore Video Converter.

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