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Rip Blu-ray to Any Video & Audio Formats, Any Devices

Vidmore Blu-ray Monster offers you the complete solutions to rip Blu-ray movies. You can find a wide range of output formats, as well as optimized presets for different smartphones, tablets, TVs, etc. Equipped with the best ripping technology, this software enables you to watch your Blu-ray collection on any device and share the movies in the way you like. Any Blu-ray discs, regardless of region restriction, can be converted with this powerful tool.

Check out the full list of supported formats
  • Rip Blu-ray to VideoRip Blu-ray to Video

    Convert and rip Blu-ray discs to all 4K and 1080p video formats, including MP4, AVI, MKV, MOV, WMV, FLV, M4V etc.

  • Extract Audio from Blu-rayExtract Audio from Blu-ray

    Extract audio streams from your favorite Blu-ray movie and save them into common audio formats like MP3, M4A, FLAC.

  • Rip Blu-ray to DeviceConvert Blu-ray to Device

    Rip Blu-ray discs to compatible formats for different devices, such as iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Samsung Smartphone.

Various Editing Options

Edit and Personalize Blu-ray Movie Instantly

  • Cut out any clip from your Blu-ray movie

    A handy built-in video cutter makes the Blu-ray ripping software easier to use, when you only want a small clip from your Blu-ray movie. The trim function lets you cut out any scenes from the main movie, and save them separately or merge them into a new video file. You only need to set up the start and end time of each clip. Then the software will do the rest job for you.

  • Merge titles of a Blu-ray to a video file

    A Blu-ray disc always contains different titles including the main movie, trailer, BTS. If you want merge two or more title of the Blu-ray into a single video file, Vidmore Blu-ray Monster also comes in handy. You only need to select the titles you want and then activate the merging option. This software will automatically merge and convert them into a new video file.

  • Adjust the effects of the Blu-ray movie

    Is the old Blu-ray disc too dark or is the sound of the movie too low? Vidmore Blu-ray Monster offers you easy options to adjust these effects, such as brightness, contrast, saturation and hue. The customized filters allow you personalize the Blu-ray movie instantly. Besides, you can also increase the sound volume up to 200%, so that you can enjoy a better sound effect.

  • Rotate & clip the Blu-ray movie as you wish

    Sometimes, you may want to rotate or flip the movie picture of your Blu-ray from left to right to make it easier to watch. Here comes the rotate function into play. In the editing window, you’re able to turn the video picture 90 degrees to the left, or to the right. It’s also possible to flip or mirror the video both horizontally and vertically. This will fix angle problems of some old movies.

  • Crop any area from the movie picture

    When there’re black edges around the movie picture, you can simply use the crop function to solve the problem. With this Blu-ray ripper software, you can cut out any area of the movie picture and zoom it into a full picture. In this way, you can get rid of the black edges around the video, or focus on the main part of the movie without any quality loss.

  • Add watermark to the output Blu-ray movie

    If you want others to know that this Blu-ray copy is made by you, you can simply add a watermark to the output video. This Blu-ray software allows you to use a text (your name) or an image (a logo) as watermark, and place it anywhere on the movie picture. Then you can always see the watermark when the movie is played on any devices.

The Fastest and Easiest Blu-ray Monster

Rip Blu-ray Fast with 100% Original Quality

This Blu-ray ripping software supports Blu-ray discs of any kind. It adapts the most advanced transcoding and encoding technology, which makes the ripping process 6x faster than other competitors, without losing any quality.

  • Rip Blu-ray at Fast Speed Rip Blu-ray at Fast Speed

    With the help of hardware acceleration powered by Intel, NVIDIA and AMD, Vidmore Blu-ray Monster utilizes and balances recourses of the computer CPU and GPU. The conversion speed can reach up to 6x faster while keeping a low CPU usage.

  • Rip Blu-ray without Quality Loss Rip Blu-ray without Quality Loss

    The software can rip and convert your Blu-ray movies to 4K and 1080p videos. Compatible with various video codes like HEVC, H.264, VP9, VP8, the image quality of the videos remains high. The full movie copy mode even keeps the original quality.

An Intuitive Interface Makes Blu-ray Ripping Pretty Easy

Add Video Files
Add Files
Step 1: Load Blu-ray Disc

Connect the Blu-ray driver and insert the Blu-ray disc that you want to rip. Open the software and click “Load Blu-ray” to import the Blu-ray to the software.

Choose Output Format
Choose Target Format
Step 2: Choose an Output Format

Click the format icon and select an output format from the list. You can either choose a video format, an audio format, or a preset for device. You can adjust the settings by clicking the setting icon.

Start Converting
Convert Videos
Step 3: Start Ripping Blu-ray

Choose a folder for the output file and click the “Rip All” to start the ripping process. After the process is done, you can open the folder and find the converted file.

User Testimonials

Vidmore Blu-ray Monster has been recommended by the professionals. More than 50.000 users have chosen this Blu-ray ripping software to convert and backup their Blu-ray discs. Check out why our customers love it.

Rating: 4.7 - based on 196 ratings

I needed something to convert my Blu-rays to MP4. This product is so easy to use and converts all of my Blu-ray collection. I recommend it HIGHLY.

Austin Austin

I purchased this Blu-ray Monster in order to convert my Blu-ray movies for playing on TV and my iPhone. It does what it promised. I gave it 5-star rating.

Jane Jane

I am completely satisfied with this Blu-ray Monster software. It copies Blu-ray main movie into a video file without converting. Very easy to work with.

Matthew Matthew

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