Top 6 Ways to Flip/Mirror Video Clips with Detailed Instructional Guide

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Flipping a video essentially means reflecting the clip either horizontally or vertically without altering its position. You can think of it as mirroring the video within the axis constraints. Creating the mirroring effect will enable you to project a true-to-life selfie video. Say you took a selfie video using your left hand, the tendency is it will appear on your right.

Also, there are instances where words or tell-tale signs are involved in the scene. But they appear unreadable when it is recorded using a selfie camera. Therefore, the footage will appear in the right direction and will make the signs or words in the scene readable when you flip them. It goes without saying that flipping videos can make a significant transformation. Hence, we researched the best tools to help you flip video clips covering different devices and platforms.

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Part 1. How to Flip Videos Online using Clideo

If you spend most of your time browsing through the web, you can take advantage of an online tool to manipulate videos conveniently. With Clideo, you can flip videos upside down, and backward. Moreover, the program features a responsive and easy-to-use interface. That is why uploading a video will only take you a few seconds. The same goes when flipping a video. Performing this task is just a click away. On that note, here’s how to flip a video using Clideo.


Step 2. Upload the video by clicking the blue Choose file button and choose your desired clip. Wait for the upload to finish and you will jump right to the editing interface.

cideo access

Step 3. After loading the video, proceed on the right side of the interface. There are buttons provided to rotate horizontally or vertically. Select between the buttons to get your desired appearance of the video.

video clip

Step 4. Choose an output format for the video. To do this, click the Format drop-down menu at the bottom right corner and select an export format. Now click the Export button followed by the Download button to get the flipped video.


Part 2. Best Video Flipper for Windows & Mac

1. Vidmore Video Converter

Vidmore Video Converter is a multifunctional stand-alone software that offers useful features including the ability to flip a video horizontally or vertically. What’s so good about this app is that you can perform this task on multiple videos at the same time. Say you need to flip two or more videos upside down, you apply this to all videos that are loaded into the program. This is also applicable when you are trying to enhance a video. The filter you added to one video will be applied with the rest of the other videos precisely. To further assist you with how to flip a video, see the detailed guide below.

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Step 1. Install the Video Flipping Tool

On your computer, use your favorite web browser and download the program from its official page. Install it right away and launch the tool. Upon opening the program you will see the modern design interface of the program.


Step 2. Upload video clip(s)

Load the video clip that you need to flip by clicking the Plus sign button and locate your target video. You can optionally drag and drop the video to the program as you wish.


Step 3. Flip the video clip

After uploading, click the Edit icon and the video editor will appear. Under the Rotation section, you may access the Flip function. Then you can apply this to other videos you wish to flip by clicking the Apply to All function button. For the changes to take effect, simply click the OK button.

flip video clip

Step 4. Export the video

To export the flipped video, go to the Profile menu and select an output format. Set a file location where you desire the video to be saved and click the Convert All button.


Step 5. Preview the output

You can take a preview of the video by going to the Converted section under the Converter tab. Click the Folder icon and you will see all the videos that are processed by the software.


2. iMovie

If you choose to create flip videos on your Mac, iMovie flip movie maker is your way to go. This is a free video editing program for everyone using Mac or Apple devices like iPhone and iPad. Aside from that, you can also add some cool effects to your projects to make the video interesting to watch. To demonstrate the process of how to use this program, follow the tutorial below.

Step 1. Open iMovie on your Mac and then import the videos that you need to flip. Click the Plus sign and choose Movie.

Step 2. Import video by clicking the Import button or press the Command key + I for shortcut keys. Select the clips followed by the Import Selected button.

Step 3. Now click the Crop button to access the flip function. Click the Rotate button twice to flip the clip vertically. To flip horizontally, select the clip in the timeline and click the Clip filter and audio effect button from the toolbar. Open the Clip Filter drop-down and select Flipped.

Step 4. To export the video, click the Export button at the topmost right corner of the interface. Select a platform, type a file name, and hit Save.


3. Premiere

Another entry for the list of offline ways is Premiere. By using the program, you can quickly flip videos horizontally or vertically. You can also train yourself how to do a 180 flip on videos using this program. Admittedly, navigating the tool can be quite a daunting task but correcting a video in the wrong direction by flipping it is as easy as ABC. Below are the simple steps to guide you.

Step 1. Begin by loading a video in the timeline. Go to File , Import then drag the video to the timeline.

Step 2. Now open the Effects panel and go to the Transform tab. From the drop-down list select either Horizontal or Vertical flip effect.

Step 3. After that, drag this effect onto the video clip and the effect should reflect right away. You should see that the video is flipped either vertically or horizontally.

Step 4. Finally, to export the flipped video, go to File , Export , Media then choose format and preset according to your liking. Click the blue filename to open the Save As dialog box and create a filename. Then, hit Save followed by the Export button.


Part 3. How to Flip a Video on iPhone

You can also flip video right in its right direction at your fingertips. The good thing about the iPhone is that it has a built-in photo editor that lets you access basic graphic editing tools. Moreover, it’s relatively easy to use. To teach you how to flip a video clip on an iPhone, follow the simple steps below.

Step 1. On your iPhone, open the Photos app and select a video from your gallery.

Step 2. Tap on the Edit button at the top right corner of the screen and the Editing panel will appear.

Step 3. Next, tap the Crop icon from the toolbar then press the Flip icon at the top right corner of your screen.

Step 4. After that, tap Done once you are satisfied with the results.

flip video

Part 4. How to Flip a Video on Android

There is also an incredibly useful program developed for Android devices to help you turn, rotate, and flip videos vertically or horizontally. For Android users, you might not be able to flip videos using Android’s default photo viewer. But you can always rely on the mobile apps available on Google Play Store or Huawei GallerApp. For this specific tutorial, we will be using a simple flip movie maker called Flip Video FX.

Step 1. First and foremost, install Flip Video FX on your device by going to Google Play Store. Search for the app by typing its name on the search bar then install it.

Step 2. Tap on the Start Flip button and then select Choose Movie. After that, you will be asked to allow permissions for accessing media files from your device. Just tap Allow.

Step 3. Select your target video from your Android device.


Step 4. You can select a range or portion of the video that you want to flip before flipping the video. Press the Start button afterwards.

Step 5. Then the preview panel should appear where you can make some further adjustments like adjusting the speed. You may also share it to different platforms as you like.

fx flip

Part 5. FAQs of Flipping Videos

Can I flip videos on Google Photos?

Unfortunately, no. Google Photos is limited to rotating and cropping videos. It can only rotate videos sideways but the feature for flipping video clips is not supported.

Can I mirror a video with lossless quality.

Flipping/mirroring videos does not affect the quality of the video by any means. But if you want to improve its graphic quality, Vidmore Video Converter may help you get this job done through the upscale method.

How to do a 180 flip on videos?

180 flip on video will make it appear upside down. So by simply flipping it vertically, you will be able to achieve a 180 flip.


Now you’ll never have to worry about taking selfie videos or producing a mirrored reflection of any video. The above tools can help you flip videos in the quickest and simplest way possible. While online and mobile tools are practical and useful, most of them are limited in features. Yet if you are into video editing and enhancing videos, desktop tools like Vidmore Video Converter is your way to go.

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