Top Methods and Tools to Convert MP3 to WAV for Free

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One of the most common audio formats when downloading songs from the internet is MP3. It is an incredibly flexible audio format allowing you to play your favorite playlist of songs on almost all music players. Not to mention you can save a lot of MP3 songs on your device since it is a lossy file format. Compared to MP3, WAV files can be easily edited. This better suits your needs if you are into editing podcast editing software or you have a lot of post-recording sessions. With the help of audio converters, you will be able to convert MP3 to WAV in a breeze. Explore more of these tools by reading the rest of the post.


Part 1. How to Convert MP3 to WAV with Freeware

1. VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is another good application that you can use to help you convert MP3 to WAV for free. It has available codecs that you can employ for both audio and video. For audio files, you will be able to convert your MP3 files, with WAV included, to AAC, MPEG audio, WMA 2, WMA 2, and so much more. To guide you on how to use this free MP3 to WAV converter, you may refer to the given steps below.

Step 1. Get the VLC Media Player installed on your device. Open the program after the successful installation.

Step 2. Now, click on the Media from the menu bar and select the Convert/Save option. Then hit the Add button to import the MP3 file that you wish to convert to a WAV file. You may also add more songs as you like. Just follow the same procedure.

Step 3. Click the Convert/Save button at the bottom of the interface followed by the Create new profile button on the next window.

Step 4. Go to the Audio codec tab, and put a checkmark on the Audio checkbox. From there, unfold the Codec drop-down and select WAV among the options. You may also change the bitrate, channels, and sample rate according to your preference.

VLC Media Player Create Profile

Step 5. Then type the name profile on the text field at the top of the interface and hit the Create button.

Step 6. Go back to the Convert panel and open the Profile menu. Look for the profile you created and select it. After that, click the Start button to begin the conversion process.

VLC Media Player Convert MP3 To WAV

2. iTunes

iTunes is also capable of converting MP3 files to WAV. There are not many complicated settings to tweak. All the MP3 files from your library can be converted to a WAV file in no time. Moreover, no matter the operating system your computer is running, this tool is compatible with Windows and Mac computers. Now here's how to convert MP3 to WAV in iTunes.

Step 1. First off, ensure that iTunes is installed on your Windows or Mac computer.

Step 2. Go to Edit from the menu bar and choose Preferences. Click the Import Settings and another window panel will appear.

Step 3. From there, open the Import Using menu and select WAV Encoder from the selection. Hit OK to confirm the changes.

iTunes Import Using Option

Step 4. Now select the MP3 file from the iTunes library and open the File menu. Hover the mouse cursor to Convert and select Create WAV Version. This will then convert the selected WAV file which you can play right from iTunes.

Part 2. How to convert MP3 to WAV Online

If you want a totally free MP3 to WAV converter online, look no further than Vidmore Online Audio Converter. With its simple user interface, you can navigate through the app in a jiffy. There’s also no need for you to sign up for an account and just go straight to converting files. The best part is, it comes with the batch conversion that enables you to process multiple files at the same time without so much latency. To know the entire process of how to convert MP3 to WAV using this tool, take a look at the steps underneath.

Step 1. Visit the official website of Vidmore Online Audio Converter and click the Add Files to Convert button. Install the launcher on your computer system and launch it afterward.

Vidmore Download Launcher

Step 2. Import an MP3 file by clicking the same button. In the conversion panel, tick on the WAV file format. Under the Audio Settings, you can also modify the bitrate, sample rate, and channels. Click the OK button to save the changes.

Vidmore Fac Modify Settings

Step 3. Click the Convert button to select an output folder then hit the Convert button once more to initialize the process.

Vidmore Fac Convert MP3 To WAV

Bonus. Best MP3 Converter for Both Windows & Mac

Vidmore Video Converter is your all-one audio and video converter that packs amazing and useful features suitable for all your multimedia needs. It allows you to convert MP3 files to various file formats including but not limited to WAV, WMA, M4A, etc. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy your MP3 files across different devices and media players. Aside from that, this also enables you to modify the output settings giving you the freedom to change the encoder, channel, and sample rate. Another notable feature of this tool is that you can use it to convert video to another video and audio format especially when you need to rip music from a video. Without further discussion, here’s how to convert MP3 to WAV.

Step 1. Acquire the Software

To begin, click one of the Free Download buttons to get the app. Have it installed on your computer and launch it afterward.

Free Download

for Windows

Free Download

for macOS

Step 2. Import an MP3 file

After opening the app, import an MP3 file by clicking the Plus icon on the main interface. You may also add a playlist of songs by dragging and dropping them on the program's interface and simultaneously convert MP3 to WAV files.

Vidmore Vc Add MP3 Files

Step 3. Set WAV as the output format

Now open the Profile menu and go to the Audio tab. On the left section of the panel, select the WAV audio format. Before the conversion takes place, you may adjust the output settings according to your needs.

Vidmore Vc Select Format

Step 4. Convert MP3 to WAV

Once everything is set, go back to the Converter tab and set a file location for where you want to save the converted audio files. Then click the Convert All button to commence the process. By the time the conversion finishes, you can get the audio playback instantly from the folder that will appear.

Vidmore Vc Convert MP3 To WAV

Part 3. FAQs of MP3 to WAV

Do WAV files have better quality after converting from MP3?

If you are asking if there's any difference regarding the quality, there is not. You will still gain the same quality from the original MP3 file.

Are MP3 files smaller than WAV?

WAV files are commonly used as a container or wrapper format to store other audio formats making them larger in size. Unlike MP3 which is a lossy format to make the file size smaller.

Which is better for music editing?

MP3 files degrade over a series of edits, unlike WAV files that do not lose any data after some edits.


Above are the solutions to help you convert MP3 to a WAV file. They are guaranteed to work in an effective and efficient manner. Meanwhile, if you need a functional tool that offers multiple functions for converting media files, Vidmore Video Converter is the obvious answer.


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