How to Convert MKV to MOV on Desktop or Online for Free

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There are several reasons that you want to convert MKV movies to MOV format. First of all, an MKV file contains multiple video, audio and subtitle codecs, but not all media players and video editors support it. On the other hand, an MOV file can be dissected and edited without rewriting code. Moreover, MOV is more friendly to use when you want to embed MOV with program, such as PowerPoint. This article shows you the best ways to convert MKV to MOV without quality loss.



Part 1: Easiest Way to Convert MKV to MOV

Vidmore Video Converter is a flexible program to convert MKV to MOV. The intuitive interface makes it easy to master by beginners. For advanced users, there are extensive custom options and bonus tools to make unique effects.

Vidmore Video ConverterVidmore Video Converter

  • Convert MKV to MOV and other video formats quickly.
  • Batch process multiple MKV files at the same time.
  • Preview your video files with the built-in media player.
  • Optimize the video and audio quality during the process.
  • Available to Mac OS X and Windows 10/8/7.
Vidmore Video Converter

In a word, Video Converter is the best way to encode MKV to MOV for playing on your digital devices.

How to Convert MKV to MOV on Your Desktop

Step 1: Get the best MKV converter

Get the MKV to MOV converter installed on your PC. There is a dedicated version for Mac. Then launch it and click Add File -> Add File(s) to import the MKV files.

Add file to converter

Step 2: Preview and edit MKV videos

The media player on the right side allows you to preview the MKV files in the library area. Then choose your favorite audio and subtitle track from the Audio and Subtitle options. Moreover, you can edit the MKV videos with the video editor.

Convert video files

Step 3: Convert MKV to MOV

Go to the bottom area, choose MOV from the Profile drop-down list, and click the Browse button to set the destination folder. Finally, click the Convert button to start the process.

Quick finish

Part 2: Free Ways to Convert MKV to MOV

Freeware is another option to convert MKV to MOV. They are totally free with some drawbacks, such as unease to use, poor video quality and more. Here are two ways allow you to convert MKV files to MOV format for free.

Method 1: Convert MKV to MOV with Freemake Video Converter

Freemake Video Converter is an open-source program for video conversion. It has the capacity to convert MKV to MOV with asking you to pay a penny. It does not provide many custom options, so it is more suitable to beginners and average people.

Step 1: Open the free MKV to MOV converter and hit the Video button on the top of the window to add the MKV files.

Freemake video converter

Step 2: If you need to adjust bitrate or other parameters, click the Edit icon and modify them in the Preset Editor dialog.

Freemake custom options

Step 3: Locate the bottom and scroll right or left to find the to MOV option. Choose it to trigger the output dialog.

Step 4: Set a specific folder to save the MOV videos and click Convert button to begin it.

Method 2: Convert MKV to MOV via VLC

VLC is not only a free media player, but equips a lot of useful features including video conversion. However, many people complained that it is hard to use. Maybe the steps below can help you quickly convert MKV to MOV using VLC.

Step 1: Start VLC and click Media -> Convert / Save to launch the Open-Media dialog.

VLC convert

Step 2: Hit the Add button and add the MKV files that you want to save as MOV. Then click the Arrow icon next to the Convert / Save button and choose Convert.

Step 3: Unfold the drop-down list of Profile and choose MOV. Then click the Browse button to set the location for saving the results.

VLC profile

Step 4: Once you click the Start button, VLC will start converting MKV to MOV.

Part 3: Best Ways to Convert MKV to MOV Online

Web apps are attractive method to convert MKV to MOV without installing any software. If you do not mind the downsides, such as file size limit, learn the two best MKV to MOV converters online below.

Method 1: Convert MKV to MOV with Vidmore Free Online Video Converter

Vidmore Free Online Video Converter permits you to handle multiple MKV files online quickly. Another advantage is to keep the original video quality. However, you cannot find video editing tools or other advanced features.

Step 1: Access the online MKV to MOV converter in your browser and click the Add files to convert button to get the launcher.

Step 2: Next, click the Add File button at the upper left side of the launcher and upload the MKV files you intend to convert.

Open vidmore launcher

Step 3: The Gear icon can open the Settings dialog. Here you can find the basic options available to modify.

Step 4: Finally, choose MOV at the bottom and click the Convert button. When it is done, click OK.

Add videos

Method 2: Convert MKV to MOV by Convert Files

Convert Files is a collection of online file converters including an MKV to MOV converter. It can only process one MKV file per conversion, but there is no file side limit. Bear in mind that it may take a while to upload the video if your MKV file is very large.

Convert MKV MOV Convert file

Step 2: Make sure that mkv appears in the Input format box and mov shows in the Output format box.

Step 3: Click Convert button to initiate it and then download the MOV file when it is done.


You may be worried about quality damage when converting MKV to MOV. However, if you have read our guide above, you should master the best ways to do it on your desktop or online. Vidmore Video Converter, for example, is able to encode multiple MKV files to MOV format with the original quality. More troubles? Please leave a message below.


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