How to Convert VOB to MKV on Windows/Mac

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I’m looking at digitalizing my collection of DVDs (mostly TV series), so I can carry them with me easily while traveling, and as ‘insurance’ in case the original discs get lost or damaged. But how do I convert a VOB file to an MKV?

It is very common that many people want to make their DVD movies digitalized so that they can watch these movies on their smartphones or portable media player. We know that the DVD file is saved as the VOB format that can't be played by the most popular devices. So here comes the question of how to convert a VOB to another format that can be played on the smartphone or portable media player. Most people choose to convert VOB to MKV, because MKV is a wonderful audio and video container format.

When converting VOB to MKV, people encountered some issues. For example, some converters are hard to deal with large-sized VOB files. Besides, even converting VOB to MKV successfully, VOB files’ data get damaged or lost. Luckily, in this article, you’ll find the way to losslessly convert VOB files to MKV files. Let’s move on to find the answer together!



Part 1. Best Converter to Convert VOB to MKV without Quality Loss

To convert VOB files to MKV files, the best converter is Vidmore Video Converter. Not only can it successfully convert VOB files to MKV files, but preserve MKV files as a smaller file size without quality loss. Vidmore Video Converter supports converting all popular video formats into a wide range of formats at 50x faster speed.

What else can it do for you?

  1. It can safely and easily convert video to over 200+ formats, including MOV, WMV, AVI, MP4, etc.
  2. It has 50x faster video conversion speed and high-speed video processing algorithms.
  3. It can convert video for any device, including the latest models of iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, etc.
  4. It is equipped with a built-in lightweight video editor to create your personalized videos.

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Steps to convert VOB to MKV

Step 1: Install Vidmore Video Converter

Free download Vidmore Video Converter for Windows or Mac. Launch the program after installation.

Step 2: Add VOB files to the program

Click Add Files or directly drag your VOB videos to the main interface. You can add several VOB files to convert simultaneously.

Add VOB videos

Step 3: Choose MKV as Output Format

Find Convert All to at the top right of the video list, then choose Video > MKV as the output format from the drop-down menu. Then select the video resolutions including Same as source, HD, 720P, SD based on your needs.

Convert all vob files

Note: When you want to set different output formats for each video file, you need to find the format selection drop-down menu at the back right of each video file. Then choose Video > MKV as the output format.

Convert vob files

Step 4: Start to convert VOB to MKV

After selecting the location of files, click Convert All to start converting your files from VOB to MKV. It may take you several minutes according to the length of your videos.

Convert VOB to MKV

That’s all it takes. If you seek for a free online converter for meeting your temporary needs, you may as well continue reading and try the powerful free online converter recommended below.

Part 2. Free Online VOB to MKV Converter You Should Try

When you don’t want to download the converter software and just want to solve your converting issues for temporary needs, I believe, Vidmore Free Online Video Converter is the best converter to help you convert VOB to MKV. It is easy to use and 100% free. Both Windows and Mac users can use it. Vidmore Free Online Video Converter easily converts all video & audio including VOB, MKV, MOV, WMV, MP4, AVI, FLV, MP3, M4A and more. Follow the steps below to finish converting VOB to MKV.

Step 1. Visit Vidmore Free Online Video Converter page. Click Add files to convert on the web. Follow the tips to install Vidmore Launcher. Then open the program online.

Install the launcher

Step 2. Click Add File to input the source VOB files and select MKV format as the output format. You can add several VOB files to convert simultaneously.

Add vob files

Step 3. Click the gear mark on the right. You can set video settings and audio settings, and then click OK. Then click Convert and select the destination. It will start the process automatically.

Select settings

After that, you will get an MKV file, and then you can watch your favorite movies on your smartphone as you wish.

Part 3. VOB vs. MKV

What is VOB?

VOB is a DVD storage file format. VOB files can contain one or several video and audio tracks, subtitles, and DVD menus, all of which are multiplexed together into one stream form. The VOB file has a .vob extension and is stored in the Video_TS folder at the root of a DVD. Usually, its size is large, like 4.7 GB for 2 hours of video.

Pros of VOB:

The VOB file ripped from DVD keeps original quality as DVD.

Cons of VOB:

VOB is developed for DVD distribution and it is not able to stream online. The VOB file is not so easy to open and play. It can't be played by the most popular devices. Only a few media players support VOB playback, including 5KPlayer, VLC media player, Apple DVD Player.

What is MKV?

An MKV file is an open-source audio and video container format, a format that competes to the popular AVI and MP4 formats. With its advanced design approach, it supports a vast number of audio, video and subtitle compression formats. Its abundant features are even better than those of AVI and MP4 files.

Pros of MKV:

MKV offers strong compatibility and high definition visual experience.

Cons of MKV:

MKV tends to be larger than most video formats. Therefore, a large hard drive is necessary.

Final Words

We find that converting videos is not hard. Just using converter tools, you will successfully convert VOB files to MKV files. Now you know how to convert VOB files to MKV files with the help of Vidmore Video Converter or Vidmore Free Online Video Converter, just go back again in a couple of clicks and you will get your MKV files. By the way, if you want to convert VOB files to MP4 or other video formats, these two kinds of converters will help you make it.


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