Review of 5 Leading Movie Makers Online: What’s Best

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Have a video you would like to improve? Want to link clips together or smooth off rough edges? Can you anticipate where this really clear line of questions is headed? Yes, you need a video editor. That is why we are presenting you this post that can give you enormous movie editors online. That is right, there are numerous options available online that do not require the installation of any software. And some of them are very good. Are you curious now? For that, we shall now start reviewing these incredible online editing tools with their features, pros, and cons.

Movie Maker Online


Part 1. Movie Maker Online

Adobe Sparks

First on the list of the best online movie makers is Adobe Spark. It includes a few complex tools. In this tool, you can make personalized images, web pages, and movies. More than that, this tool came from the developer of Premiere Pro and Lightroom, which is why we expect some features to be hard to use for the beginner. Yet, overall, this online movie maker is good and comes with high-quality outputs.

Adobe Sparks Online Movie Maker


  1. Professional features are available.
  2. Great video quality output.
  3. It supports the optimization of graphics.


  1. The full features are not free.
  2. It can be overwhelming with new users.


For the second online movie maker, Animoto is suitable for creating wedding slideshows, product demos, and birthday cards. Those easy and common videos can be wonderfully made as long as we are using Animoto. One great thing we can flex about this online editing tool is the fact that it has a vast music library that we can use to create interesting and fun videos. You can also partner with all of these by the use of more than 40 fonts to make your video lively.

Animoto Online Movie Maker


  1. It has free templates.
  2. Stock videos and music are available.
  3. Suitable for novice users.


  1. It does not support higher-quality resolution.
  2. Only two SD Resolutions are available.


The third tool is FlexClip. This online movie editor will allow you to create short films on your browsers. More than that, FlexClip's user-friendly interface and pre-made templates make it easy for beginners to get started making a video. In contrast, advanced functionality and beautiful effects make your short video more professional. Therefore, making a slideshow presentation will also be incredible here because the tool also offers different fonts and music that you can use.

Flexchip Online Movie Maker


  1. Availability of premade templates
  2. It offers cool transitions and various effects.
  3. An extensive media library
  4. Funny text and photo animations


  1. It works a little bit slower than others.
  2. The quality might not be inferior.


Next on our list is the incredible Kizoa. It is also a fantastic free video maker and editor that allows you to create movies from photographs and clips on your web browser. Simply, we only need to upload your footage and edit it online; no download is required. Furthermore, Kizoa, as an online editing tool, can allow you to effortlessly create movies by merging photos, videos, music, motion text, special effects, and more.

Kizoa Online Movie Maker


  1. Dozens of templates
  2. Hundreds of amazing effects.
  3. Multiple 3D effects.
  4. Add static or animated text.


  1. Watermark with the free version.
  2. Music resources are pretty scarce.


Last but not the list on our list of movie makers online that you can use. Biteable is unquestionably one of the simplest tools for making short films online. You can begin creating a movie using your images or video clips, or you can quickly integrate stock footage, animations, and soundtrack from the Biteable library. With Biteable, you can easily create gorgeous movies with music, text, and effects. One-click sharing makes it easy to share your finished short video. This tool is also similar to others above, which is why you can add it to your options.

Biteable Online Movie Maker


  1. Simple to use UI.
  2. Beautiful video templates.
  3. Multiple animations and footage
  4. Easy sharing functions


  1. Watermarks for your videos
  2. The free version offers limited features.
  3. Registration is needed.

Part 2. Bonus: Best Movie Maker Offline

All of these online movie makers above are fascinating, yet they possess one issue in terms of slinging all of your edited videos when the internet is gone. That is why, in the end, having an offline tool for editing your video is still the safest thing we can do. Like Vidmore Video Converter performs well in many aspects of media fields; this tool is primarily a converter but also offers tremendous features for editing your video.

With this tool, we do basic up to professional editing processes. For basic functions, it offers merging, splitting, cutting, and more. A simple function that we can use to form a great video in the beginning. After, you can also use Vidmore Video Converter to upgrade your movie by adding some presets, and adjusting its hues, brightness, and saturations to give mode on it. Lastly, the best part about it, you can produce your video up to 4K resolution. There’s so much more to enjoy about Vidmore Video Editor, and the only thing we can do to discover them is by using the tool now!

Vidmore Video ConverterVidmore Video Converter

  • High-quality video outputs.
  • Fast and multi-core processor optimization.
  • Adding subtitles.
  • It comes with a lossless transcoding process.
  • Tons of templates are available for free.
Vidmore Video Converter

Part 3. FAQs about Movie Maker Online

How can I make a movie for free?

There are various free programs for creating movies for free. Some prominent alternatives are: Shotcut is a free, open-source video editing software together with DaVinci Resolve provides a free version with advanced editing and color correcting capabilities. Yet, these two might be complicated to use. That is why Vidmore Video Converter is here to help us with its multi-functional features and easy-to-use tool.

Is Microsoft Movie Maker still available?

Microsoft has officially ended Microsoft Movie Maker, also known as Windows Movie Maker. However, it is still available on third-party websites or through other tools such as Shortcut, DaVinci Resolve, or Lightworks.

Does Google have a movie maker?

Google did not have a standalone movie maker. However, Google Photographs allows you to make simple movies from your photographs and videos. For more advanced video editing, consider using dedicated tools such as Adobe Premiere Rush or the previously listed free choices. Keep in mind that Google's products may have evolved, so check the most recent revisions.


Editing your video is now accessible, you can actually do it even without installing software on your computer. However, we need to know that online movie makers do not offer full-blast features to make your video much more incredible. For that, if you can afford and can download an offline video maker, then that would be great for you to have. With Vidmore Video Converter, there is no regret because you can expect a high-quality output with an instant process of editing.

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