Reliable Ways to Compress MP4 on Mac, Windows, and Online

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An MP4 file is one of the well-known video formats used on videos these days. It has a high rate of compatibility on almost all devices. It can also provide video information or metadata. And with that being said, it has a high definition and quality that affects the size of the video. If your device contains ample storage, there will not be any problem. But of course, that doesn't apply to any operating system such as mobile devices.

Maybe you are speculating if there is a way to save your video clips without sacrificing all the space in your storage, and the answer is yes! You can preserve your favorite MP4 video by compressing it. The tools below will assist you in compressing MP4 files.

Compress MP4

Part 1. How to Compress MP4 Files Without Compromising the Quality

In this part, you will know the different MP4 compressors you can use to compress your video.

1. Vidmore Video Converter

Vidmore Video Converter is one of the adaptable programs you can use on Windows and Mac devices. It is an offline tool that works even without an internet connection. This program allows you to convert, enhance, extract, merge and compress audio and video files. That is why most users are fond of this tool due to its ability to perform multiple tasks.

Vidmore Video Converter offers many audio and video file formats. These are WAV, FLAC, ALAC, MP3, M4A, M4R, WMV, MP4, MKV, MOV, MP4, and many more. Aside from that, it also permits users to take action on the quality of their files. And they can modify it without having a lot of skills, thanks to the friendly interface of this program. Additionally, Vidmore Video Converter supports batch conversion. In that case, it saves the time of users.

There are different ways to compress MP4 videos using Vidmore Video Converter. First, by trimming the length of the video. The second is through reducing the video resolution. Lastly, use the video compressor of the toolbox directly. We will show you the different ways to compress an MP4 file below.

Choice No.1: Compress MP4 by Reducing the Video Length

Step 1: You need to download the Vidmore Video Converter and its launcher. To do this, you must click the Free Download button when you arrive on the tool's main page.

Free Download

for Windows

Free Download

for macOS

Step 2: Once the program is running, open it and see the main screen. Click the Add Files button on the side of the screen, or if you want, tap the Plus icon at the center and add your file.

Add File Vidmore

Step 3: After adding your file, you may go to the Scissor icon you will see below the video. Then, it will show you the trimming tools. To compress the size of your MP4 file, you need to move the sliders on the left and right. And once you are done, press the Save button.

Trim File Vidmore

Step 4: After saving the changes you made on your video clip, it will direct you to the main page. Click the Convert All button to download your compressed video.

Convert File Vidmore

Choice No.2: Compress MP4 By Reducing the Resolution

Step 1: After uploading your MP4 file on the main interface, you may proceed in the Profile tab.

Click Profile Vidmore

Step 2: After clicking the Profile, click the Video panel to see the other formats there. And on the right part of the MP4 format, you will see the Settings icon. After that, you will see the Custom Profile. Compress your MP4 by choosing a low resolution on the list of items. Once you have chosen, click the Create New button.

Lower Resolution Vidmore

Step 3: You may now convert your file by tapping the Convert All icon below.

Convert to Compress Vidmore

Choice No. 3: Compress MP4 with Toolbox

Step 1: Open the Vidmore Video Converter and go to the Toolbox section.

Go to Toolbox Vidmore

Step 2: If you are on the Toolbox section, tap the Video Compressor on the list. Then, click the Plus icon that will appear and upload the MP4 file you want.

Click Plus Vidmore

Step 3: By moving the slider to the left, the size of your video will be smaller. After that, tap the Compress button below.

Compress MP4 Vidmore

2. VLC Media Player

The VLC media player is a media player you can use for free. Aside from that, it can also convert and compress your files to save space on your storage. This tool supports different video file formats. It is helpful if you want to send a video on email, social media sites, etc. On the other hand, compressing a file in this program is challenging because it doesn't contain a friendly interface. If you want to use this program to compress MP4 files, here is a guide.

Step 1: Go to your browser, download the VLC Media Player and install it on your device. Next, open the Media and tap the Convert/ Save option from the list for you to see a new window. Then in the File tab, press the Add so you can upload your MP4 file. After that, click the Convert/ Save button again.

Step 2: After that, choose the file format you want your video to be saved. Select the Video -H.264 + MP3 (MP4) from the list. Tap the Wrench button and open the Video Codec tab to set the compression degree. The next thing to do is fix the bitrate but ensure that the value is lower than the original video. Once you successfully set the video, click Save.

Step 3: To choose the video's location, press the Browse and choose the destination folder. Ensure that .mp4 is included in the file name because your video will not play if you fail to input it. Finally, click the Save button again.

Compress MP4 VLC

3. QuickTime

QuickTime is the most prominent video player they rely on to watch their favorite movies or videos on Mac devices. This program supports a wide array of video formats, and one of these is MP4. Aside from being a multimedia player, it has another feature that allows compression. You can use this guide to compress on QuickTime.

Step 1: Install QuickTime on your Mac device. Once you open it, go to the File tab, choose the Open File option, and choose the MP4 file you want to compress. After that, proceed to the File, select Export, and tap the Options button.

Step 2: Next, click the Setting under the Video tab. And on the Compression Type, choose the resolution that you want. Aside from that, you can also control the bitrate, frame rate, etc. Additionally, you can change the size of your MP4 file by going to the Movie Settings.

Step 3: After all the settings and alterations are done, you may tap the OK button and click the Save button.

Compress MP4 Quicktime

4. Vidmore Free Video Converter

Unlike other software, Vidmore Free Video Converter is an online MP4 compressor that will help in reducing the size of a video. This tool is a pure audio converter and compressor, but it can never be beaten when it comes to convenience. Vidmore Free Video Converter doesn't have restrictions regarding file conversion. It supports tons of audio and video file formats. And if you want to compress your MP4 files here, you can navigate the settings and change the resolution.

Lastly, it can perform multiple file conversions that help users utilize their time.

Step 1: First, click the Add files to convert button and allow the launcher to have access to your device. After that, click the Add files to convert once again and add your MP4 file.

Add Files Vidmore Online

Step 2: After adding the video to the timeline, you will see the Settings button on the right side of the video to have control of the resolution.

Click Setting Vidmore Online

Step 3: Once you are on the video settings, you may start compressing your video by choosing a low resolution. Once it is set, click the OK button.

Navigate Resolution Vidmore Online

Step 4: Lastly, to compress your file successfully, press the Convert button and choose the Select Folder once you have chosen the destination of your file.

Compress Vidmore Online

Part 2. FAQs About Compressing an MP4 File

Can I compress a video without quality loss?

You can convert a video without quality loss. But be reminded that if you compress a video and don't change much about quality, the compression is not that visible.

Is my MP4 file compatible with a mobile device?

Yes, the MP4 file is a video format compatible with almost all Windows, Mac, and mobile devices.

What is the disadvantage of MP4?

It has a high compression level; therefore, it is a lossy format. The higher the compression rate, the more powerful audio and video quality loss.


Compressing MP4 video to a smaller size has now been made possible with the help of the MP4 video compressors above. You can choose the video compressor you think fits your situation. But suppose you want an easy-to-use video compressor. In that case, Vidmore Video Converter and Vidmore Free Video Converter are the most recommended tools.

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